The Incubus System

Chapter 26: Sweet yet Bitter (18+)

Chapter 26: Sweet yet Bitter (18+)

The Incubus System Chapter 26. Sweet yet Bitter

Her hands quickly moved to remove my shirt and throw it away. Her eyes immediately fixed on Pearl’s faint red suction marks that filled my body. Her hand moved to touch the mark slowly.

“She kisses your whole body? ” Then she turned her gaze to me. Her sadness and jealousy were clearly visible in her eyes.

I paused without knowing how to answer her.

She approached, her lips fell on me while her tongue began to lick the marks one by one. Her soft lips greeted my skin, her tongue tickling me while I pressed my back into the wall in submission, letting her do what she wanted, desperately holding back my incubus instincts and my desire. Slowly my body was soaked with her saliva while my face was getting red, my heart was beating fast, while my demonic instincts kept flaring up.

A few minutes later, her lips moved away from me, I thought she was finished but I was wrong. She peeled off her sleepwear showing her body that was only covered in her underwear and pressed her naked breast against mine.


Before I called her name her lips hit me, making me swallow my own words. Her tongue entered my mouth and swam wildly in my mouth while her hands began to move to take off my trousers. My hand quickly caught it and broke her kiss.

“Didn’t you say you won’t be overboard?” I said in a ragged breath. It’s more difficult for me to hold back my incubus instincts. Damian kept trying to take over me.

“I know she touched you there. I just wanted to erase it,” she insisted. Her eyes were still filled with jealousy.

“Then tell me what do you mean by your overboard?” I asked for a clear line with what she was going to do to me. Because if she plays with my cock, I won’t be able to hold myself anymore.

“We won’t get into the intercourse …”

I took a breath trying to calm myself down after hearing her answer.

“Okay, we won’t get into the intercourse,” I repeated.

My hand released hers, she took off my trousers and my underwear, showing my cock that was half-awake clearly to her. Her tongue immediately moved to licked the tip.

“Nggghh …” I moaned while my body trembled in pleasure.

Seeing my reaction, Celia swallowed my cock even though it was too big for her mouth and sucked it hard. Her tongue swirled around, playing with it in her mouth.

“Anghh …” I moaned once again. My face turned even redder while holding the pleasure that flowed from my lower part. My urge for mating is getting higher, my incubus instincts are starting to overwhelm me.

My knees felt weak even to support my own body, while I could feel my cock throbbing in her mouth. My waist began to move back and forth slowly as my eyes glued to her face that seemed to enjoy it. My body felt like it was burning, I knew I was within my patience limits. Damian will soon devour my consciousness, this will be the same as what happens when I do it with Mia and I don’t want it … I want to do it as myself, as Ethan.

As she let go of my cock, I pulled her hand, making her stand up and kissed her. Slowly, I stepped while pushing her toward the bed without releasing our kisses. We fell, my hands moving to peel off her underwear. My kiss dropped to her neck, her breast while my hands were fondling her breast gently.

“Brother …” she whispered as her hands hugged my head. My tongue swirled, playing her hardened tip in my mouth.

My mind felt blank, I crawled down to the front of her pink petal, my tongue licked her entrance and then entered into it. Feel her narrow and warm inner wall. My hands hugged her waist tightly while my mouth was busy sucking her wet petal with enthusiasm. The sweet taste of nectar filled my mouth as I continued to move my tongue inside her.

“Ahnnn … ahhhh … – hah – hah – ahh … brother …” her moan filled the room. Both of her hands grabbing the bed sheet, holding the pleasure from her lower part.

Hearing her moan, my suction grew stronger and my tongue moved wilder.

“Ahh … Ahhh … No … No … I’m gonna cum … Ahhnn… brother … Ahh … Anggghh!” Her body raised slightly as I felt her liquid fill my mouth. While I kept moving my tongue to finish up all of her liquid.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and crawled up. My lips crashed into her lips, moving my tongue wildly in her mouth, sucking her tongue like crazy.

“My turn …” I said breathlessly after I released my kiss.

She understood my words and pushed me aside to turn our position and then crawl down. Her tongue licked the bottom of my cock and slowly rose to the top then tickled the tip.

“Nngghh …” I startled with the stimulation she gave me as my mind sank into pleasure.

Celia swallowed my cock once again, and moved back and forth, banging the tip of my cock against her throat. A groan came out of my mouth as pleasure filled my entire body.

“Ugghhhh …!” My waist moved in tune with her while I placed one of my hands behind her head.

“Harder … – hah – hah – Suck me harder …” I demanded. My mating desire burns my body. I feel like drowning into insanity…

She did what I asked for, while her tongue kept swirling on my tip. I flinched when a wave of pleasure shot to the top of my head. My hand pulled her head to insert my cock deeper.

I can’t remember how long she played with my cock, what I remember was the pleasure that kept flowing from the lower part of my body while I continued to maintain my consciousness.

“Uh … Uh … ah … cum … ahhh …. ahhh … I want to cum …” I declared.

She sped up her pace, a minute later my cock twitched a lot.

“Ughhhh!” I jerked in pleasure as my sticky warm liquid sprayed out in her mouth and face. A wave pleasure swept through my mind, this is the first time I did it as Ethan.

An announcement appeared before my eyes.


[You have gained EXP!]

[You have earned a new title: Sprayer. Look at that white liquid on her face ~ AGI + 1 LUK + 1.]

[Congratulations! You have got a partner!]

[Celia Strongheart – Human (17)]

[Love Meter 5/10 – Dear heart, why him? ]

I took a glance to the announcement briefly while trying to catch my breath and calm myself. Then I glanced down and saw Celia still busy between my crotch, licking and cleaning all my semen without leaving a drop.

“Celia …” I called her name in a soft voice. My head feels heavy and I feel very tired after struggling desperately against my incubus instincts.

She crawled up and we kissed again. I could see her blushing face and her smile growing before my consciousness completely disappeared. I’m very sleepy…


Celia’s PoV

“Brother …” Celia whispered, staring at the man who closed his eyes slowly swallowed by his drowsiness. In just seconds, her brother fell asleep. Her smile grew while her eyes continued to look at her brother’s sleeping face. Her hand stroked his hair slowly and rubbed his tired face.

It had never occurred to her that she would go this far with her own brother, she didn’t even think that she would confess her feelings someday. From the beginning, she just wanted to keep this feeling in silence even though nothing was more painful than that.

She had tried so many ways to run away and throw away her feelings. Hoping she could return to think of him as a big brother, yeah … Only as a big brother, nothing more. But all her efforts were in vain and instead fired back at her.

When she was mad at him after their father’s death, she had used the opportunity to stay away and hope that her feelings would fade, hoping that another man could fill her heart and make her forget her forbidden feelings. Didn’t they say that one way to forget the old love is to replace it with a new love?

But it turns out it was all wrong, Bern treated her badly and their relationship did not go well. Meanwhile even though she treats her brother coldly, Ethan keeps paying attention to her and always does his best to protect her. Plus she knew Ethan was trying hard to take the responsibility of their father to raise her and silently endure all their difficulties just because he didn’t want to see her sad. The more she tried to stay away, her feelings grew bigger and it became more difficult to pretend that she was a ‘cold sister who hates her brother’.

After Ethan helped her from the incident that was caused by her own stupidity a few days ago, she decided to treat him better. She knew that her cold attitude had actually been inappropriate after what her brother had done and fought for her. Because of that, she decided to return to love him in silence and throw all her efforts. She decided to return as his ‘good sister’.

At least that’s what she thought before she saw that hickey on her brother’s shoulder …

At that moment she realized, through all this time Ethan had never dated or brought a woman. It did not mean he would never have it. Jealousy filled her heart even though she realized it was a stupid thing. Her feelings that had been suppressed, overflowed and exploded, her ego took over … She refused to return only as his ‘good sister’. She refused to give up on her beloved brother to someone else even though she knew she couldn’t have him either. At least not now … Just when she wants to fix their relationship …

‘Even if it’s only temporary … Even if this feeling is wrong I want us to be together … Until we need to take the different path, but for now … Let me be with you …’

She kissed Ethan’s forehead slowly and whispered to his ear.

“Good Night, brother …”

Then she placed her head on his chest and fell asleep.

Note : The intercourse that she meant here is vaginal intercourse.

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