The Incubus System

Chapter 4: Public Player (18+)

Chapter 4: Public Player (18+)

The Incubus System Chapter 4. Public Player

After a while I did not answer, she seemed to begin to realize that I was not a prostitute.

“I-I’m sorry if my words offended you,” she said while looking down in embarrassment and almost leave.

“1,000 Creds per hour. That’s my price,” I said out of blue. I mentioned that number randomly since I needed that amount of money to pay for my house bills and Celia’s tuition fee that had been in arrears for two months.

She paused as she looked at me for a few moments.

While the system is counting down before my eyes.

[50 … 49 … 48 …]

‘Ahhh! Why I’m so stupid? Free is fine than end up as a rapist at the police station. ‘

“Okay, I agree,” she replied.

Her answer surprised me.

“So where will we do it?” she said timidly.

“How about that hotel?” I said, pointing at the hotel across the street. I can’t be picky, my time is running out.

“Okay,” she replied.

I stood up from the bench and grabbed her hand. “Come on,” I said, taking her into the hotel.


“Sorry, sir. But our room is full,” said the receptionist woman at the check-in desk while looking down with a sorry expression. Her cheeks blushed, occasionally she glanced at me.

“Are you sure about that?” I said again. Even though my voice sounded calm but actually I panicked. I have less than 30 seconds.

“Forgive me, sir,” the receptionist said apologetically.

“How about we check another hotel? ” she said.

‘I can’t. My time is almost up… ‘ I swept my gaze around me trying to find anything that could be my way out. I saw the toilet sign not far from where we stood. I took her hand.

“Miss, please come with me,” I said as I led her. And she came with me without complaining.

We entered the women’s toilet, fortunately, there was only a half-sleepy cleaning service sitting in the corner of the room.

“Why did you bring me here?” she said in confusion.

I didn’t answer, my time is less than 10 seconds now.


After checked my remaining DP which turned out to still have 9 points, I shifted my gaze to the cleaning service.


I can only hope that what is written in the skill information is true. A second later the cleaning service’s eyes looked empty.

[Manipulation skill succeeded.]

“Leave and don’t let anyone come in,” I said. The cleaning service nodded and left.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Incubus Rage activated.]

Instantly, my heartbeat fast, my adrenaline racing in my veins. A wave of desire hit my mind. My body felt unbelievably hot, my urge for mating over me. My body screamed demanding to immediately channel my desires. I want to make love with her right now, I don’t even need foreplay anymore. My cock has erected on its own.

I clenched my fist trying to keep the rest of my sanity desperately. At least I want to keep my human side, I don’t want to act like a crazy lust demon.

“Miss, don’t you mind with public play?” I said in a ragged breath.

“Ah … I’ve never tried it,” she answered.

I hugged her, pushed her body and pinned her hands against the wall.

“Do you want to try it?” I said while giving her a seductive smirk, my eyes looked at her with extraordinary thirst, my breath felt heavy. I can feel my trousers getting tight, especially around my groin.

“Okay,” she answered with a blushing face.

Without further ado, I slammed my lips against her lips and entered her mouth with my tongue. One of my hands moved to open her coat, infiltrated the top of her dress and squeezed her breast. I could feel her soft, bouncy breast in my hand and her tip that peeked between my finger. My other hand infiltrated the bottom and pulled her panties down.

My fingers plunged into her heat and moved slowly. She jolted by my movements. “Mmpphh …” she moaned.

I could feel her liquid moisten my fingers. My mind felt empty, my sanity getting dimmer consumed by my urge of lust. My thirst increased after hearing her moan. I feel like I’m falling into madness. I pulled out my fingers and knelt down, my hands separating her legs as I slipped into her dress and buried my head between her crotch. My tongue began to move, licking her heat.

Her liquid goes into my mouth, the sweet taste of nectar flows into my mouth.

‘I must be crazy!’

I explored her inside, my tongue slips into it and starts to suck it. I sucked all of her liquid, allowing the sweet taste of the nectar to fill my mouth.

“Ahhnnnn — Ahhh… It feels … so good ….” Sweet sighs came out of her mouth.

After a short foreplay, I stood up and took off my trousers, pulled out my cock that had been fully awake from its cage. I was patient enough, if not, maybe I immediately penetrated my cock into her.

“Wa-wait …” she said.

No … I can’t wait anymore, it’s too late for that. I could not stop. I put my hard rock cock in her heat.

“Aggnnnn ….” she grunted.

I could feel her warm inner wall covering my cock perfectly.

‘Ahh dammit! It feels so good! ‘

I lifted her legs and warped it around my waist, while my hands gripped her round and seductive buttocks. She responded by putting her hand around my neck. My waist moved back and forth as I rammed her body against the wall. The sound of clashing flesh mixed with our moans echoed throughout the room. I completely lost my mind as my body demanded for more.

I kissed her, licked her neck, made her melt with my kiss. While her hands began to grip my back. I admit it, I did it like a professional even though I did it only based on my incubus instinct.

After a few minutes, she tightens her grip. I knew she was within her limits, and so was I. I sped up my pace.

“Ahhh … Ahh… I’m cumming … I’m cum — Annn,” Loud screams from our mouth filled the room as we shot our hot load inside her. A great satisfaction filled my body and my mind, a feeling I never felt before.

Suddenly an announcement appeared in front of me.


[Incubus Rage deactivated.]

[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Level Up!]

[You are now Level 2.]

[You have 5 unused stat points.]

[You have 1 unused skill point.]

[You have earned a new title: Public Player. Do you dare to do it in a public place? INT + 1 VIT + 1 LUK + 1.]

‘Huh? Besides filling my DP, I can also level up from doing this? And this title … I feel like a real pervert now. ‘

I decided to check it later, for now, I needed to focus on the situation before me.


I tried to regulate my breath as I returned to my senses. While she looked at me with a satisfied smile on her lips, she pulled the back of my head and kissed me deeply.

“It was the most exciting sex experience in my life,” she said as she broke her kiss.

I smiled at the compliment as I lowered her, my feelings mixed. There was a feeling of pride because this is the first time I did it and I did it well but there is also a feeling of guilt because I used her to fill my DP.

“Thank you. “

I put back my trousers while she also tidied her clothes.

“Do you still want to find a hotel?” I said when finished.

“Since we did it, I don’t think we need to look for a hotel anymore,” she said with a smile.

“Okay. We still have a lot of time, what else do you want to do?”

“How about accompanying me for a chat?” she asked.

Note: For incubus (Damian/ Ethan) female’s liquid tastes like nectar.

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