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The Invincible Full-Moon System

The Invincible Full-Moon System







The Invincible Full-Moon System

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The sinful act of Humanity brings forth a great calamity towards themselves, or so they thought.

Supernatural Creatures start to emerge and claim half of Earth, The Supernatural Creatures are way too powerful pushing Humanity into the corner. Humanity begins to counter the supernaturals when humanity accessed power blessed by the gods. Humanity calls them the Awakened.

Rex Silverstar has a traumatic experience on the day the supernatural emerges, he lost his family and his home. The only thing he has to keep going is his hatred towards the supernaturals.

Rex decided to join the military in hopes to help exterminate the supernatural.

On a fateful night, In a near-death experience, he is given a chance by the system where his life will be turned around.

He completes the system's quest and massacres supernaturals to become more powerful until he found another side of the supernatural.

"Blood Moon detected. Mental stats are too low unable to contain the blessing of the moon, transforming forcefully"

"WHAT?! I'm a human! What transformation?!"

"Sanity stat is 40%, Losing consciousness while in transformation state"