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Chapter 16 – Emperor (1)

Chapter 16: Emperor (1)



This Blue River was also like Lord Grim and had been announced by the system twice. His background wasn’t small. He belonged to one of the three great guilds, Blue Brook Guild. In the heavenly domain, he possessed the Blade Master, Blue Bridge Spring Snow, one of the five top experts of Blue Brook Guild. But as all veterans knew, peak guilds like Blue Brook Guild had a professional club backing them. The five great experts weren’t their best. The experts of the professional team behind them were.

Behind the Blue Brook Guild was the Blue Rain Club’s team. The number one player on their team was called Huang Shaotian. His account was a Blade Master called Troubling Rain. In the Glory community, he was known as the Sword Saint and was as equally famous as the Battle God One Autumn Leaf.

When the tenth server opened, Blue Brook Guild sent Blue River along with other helpers to be pioneers in the new server and help establish their power by absorbing fresh blood. No one else but a player from one of those three great guilds would dream of dominating the dungeon records in a new server. Who would have thought that their dreams would have ended already in the Spider Cave? Not only that but they were only off by ten seconds. His brothers were all depressed and Blue River wasn’t feeling good either.

“Lord Grim… …” Discussing the name, Blue River and everyone else were at a loss. The guilds that wrestled for power from Blue Brook Guild mainly did so in the heavenly domain. After competing for so many years, they all learned of each other’s experts. This time, all of the experts that were sent out to the tenth server had been scouted out. The information was thorough and accurate. But Lord Grim had never appeared in their list of names. Was it possible that it that he snuck in?

“Is there any information on his four teammates?” Blue River asked.

“None.” All of the brothers said.

Get in touch with all of our brothers in each of the villages. See if anyone knows him.” Blue River said. Beginners were put into villages randomly. Even their Blue Brook Guild people couldn’t meet up with each other easily, most of them were on their own. While they leveled up, they also dug out future prospects. When they reached level 20 and left beginner village, they would join together after establishing a guild.

The Blue Brook Guild players that came were headed by Blue River. And his side naturally became the command center. In reality, no big guild would go so far as to cover all of the beginner villages. The player distribution was too random so it wasn’t possible to be so precise. But when Blue River once again went into Spider Cave to quickly level up, the information they had requested finally arrived.

Only, this information not only didn’t tell them clearly who those players were, but instead made the situation even more chaotic.

The information report told them that outside of the Green Forest at some village, just then Sleeping Moon had slandered and criticized Lord Grim saying that he had intentionally tricked and robbed them of the hidden BOSS.

“What type of hideous mess is this?” Hearing this, everyone was puzzled.

This Lord Grim swindled a player to obtain the first hidden BOSS kill and then formed a party with that player to be the first to clear Spider Cave? This odd situation made these five experienced veterans to be extremely puzzled.

“Let’s not worry about this first. Let’s hurry up and train. There’ll definitely be an opportunity to meet them when we reach level 20.” Blue River said gloomily and continued to lead his party.

Outside of some village’s Spider Cave, Seven Fields and the others were still immersed in the excitement of being the first ones to clear a dungeon and couldn’t free themselves from it. They were lacking compared to Blue River and those experts by several grades. As a result, with regards to a first clear, it was basically a dream come true. Who would have thought that they truly had the chance to complete it? In that moment, they were excited beyond words.

And their great leader Lord Grim? He was still deathly silent. He only dully said a few words: “Pretty good experience!”

“Expert, it’s all thanks to you!” Seven Fields and the others all surrounded Lord Grim. After playing Glory for so long, today was the day they finally understood what peak expert meant. A peak expert could let novices like them clear a difficult dungeon with ease. Seven Fields felt that for this sort of expert, even leaving his guild to follow him was worth it.

In comparison to the other three in high spirits, Sleeping Moon’s mood was quite gloomy. What had originally been his hated enemy turned into his brothers’ hero. Not only that but just a moment ago in the dungeon, he himself looked like a vile person giving his brothers a bad opinion of him. Now, if he didn’t say anything, then his face really would just fall off. Sleeping Moon grinded his teeth and jumped in front of Lord Grim: “Your skill is really good. I admit to this. Only, I swear that there will be a day I catch up to you!”

“Are you serious?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Yes!” Sleeping Moon said in an extremely provocative manner.

“Go for it!” Ye Xiu replied back and left.

“D*mn… …” Sleeping Moon was about to go insane. You should look down on me. You should hate me! You should mocking me! Wasn’t this how experts were supposed to respond to challenges? To not care and just say “Go for it!” as if nothing had happened, what was that?

“Little Moon Moon, knock it off.” Seven Fields went over to ease him.

“F*ck, you’re the Little Moon Moon.” Sleeping Moon said angrily.

“Calm down, calm down. Let’s hurry up and train.” The other two brothers Sunset Clouds and Drifting Water called out. Then, they gladly and diligently caught up to Lord Grim to try make him their good friends.

“D*mn, why didn’t they call me over too?” Seven Fields immediately rushed over.

While Sleeping Moon grinded his teeth, he unexpectedly received a friend request from Lord Grim.

Decline. Sleeping Moon happily declined it.

If he asked again… … Sleeping Moon thought. But that sort of development didn’t happen. Lord Grim had already entered the dungeon. Seven Fields and the two others followed closely. Sleeping Moon had been swept to the side. Only after a long time did he receive an invite from Seven Fields. Sleeping Moon was depressed. When they entered the dungeon, d*mn, the four others didn’t wait for him at all. They slaughtered their way through and as if he weren’t there.

Sleeping Moon wanted to leave the dungeon, but Seven Fields invited him again. Sleeping Moon still enjoyed his brother’s concerns, so he had seconds thoughts thinking that he couldn’t ignore his brother’s concern just because of that guy. In the end, he still caught up with them. Seven Fields still had a good relationship with him. He keenly discovered that Sleeping Moon wasn’t feeling too good and sent another private message to cheer him up. Sleeping Moon’s mood improved a lot.

This time, they breezed through the dungeon just like before. In an instant, they slaughtered their way through. Without saying another word, they entered for a third round. But when they entered the dungeon they received a system prompt: You have mistakenly entered the Spider Emperor’s Cave.

“Hidden BOSS.” Seven Fields cried out in alarm and then looked to Lord Grim.

If they didn’t have this expert, they definitely wouldn’t dare attempt the hidden BOSS. The system also empathized on this point. The hidden BOSS wouldn’t stop players from clearing a dungeon. They could kill it or choose not to. Killing the final BOSS was still the end goal. Now, the players unanimously looked towards Lord Grim. They wanted to see if this expert had a way to defeat the hidden BOSS.

“Oh, there’s a hidden BOSS!” Ye Xiu said, “Heh, if it’s a hidden BOSS… …”

“We can’t kill it?” Seven Fields and the others were a little disappointed.

“It’s not that we can’t kill it. I just have a few conditions. The Spider Emperor should drop Strong Spider Silk. Can you guys give me this? I’ll give up on the other materials and equipment. You guys can have them all.” Ye Xiu said.

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