The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 12 - Help Me With Your Hands

Chapter 12: Help Me With Your Hands

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When Lu An’an heard it, her face flushed, and the hot air even spread to her neck. Her fair neck looked obviously red. “No … I’m not! Don’t slander me. If you’re done … let’s get out!” she stuttered.

Seeing that Lu An’an was so embarrassed, Yan Yunge did not intend to make things difficult for her any longer. He showed mercy and asked Lu An’an to take him out. Lu An’an finally let out a sigh of relief. She helped Yan Yunge lie on the bed and prepared to find a blanket to sleep on the sofa at the side. Lu An’an did not want to touch him again.

“Come here. Sleep with me.” Yan Yunge saw through Lu An’an’s intention. As he was expressionless, his handsome face turned cold. Lu An’an was a little scared and did not dare to disobey him.

She lifted a corner of the blanket and hesitated for a long while before lying down on the bed. The bed was spacious enough to accommodate two adults. There was even a wide gap between the two of them. The lights in the room were dim. Lu An’an looked at the ceiling above her head in confusion. “Mr. Yan, I want a divorce.” Lu Anan hesitated for a moment and said what she was thinking.

As they were separated by some distance, Lu An’an could not see the expression on Yan Yunge’s face even if she turned her head. She looked at Yan Yunge anxiously.

“I can choose to be widowed,” Yan Yunge replied calmly after a long while.

Lu An’an pursed her lips and did not dare to say anything. Being widowed? That was terrifying! It meant that she could only be free if she died. But she could not die. She still had her family, and her family needed her. “Forget it! Just wait and see,” she thought to herself. Just now, she had helped Yan Yunge wipe his body and accompanied him for such a long time. Now, she was tired. Even though she had a lot of thoughts in her mind, she fell asleep after a short while.

Lu An’an was sleeping sound. However, she felt something hard was leaning against her in her dream. She moved uncomfortably. When she opened her eyes, Lu An’an saw Yan Yunge’s handsome face. She was startled. Besides, she could feel the thing pressing against her thigh was very hot, and she knew what it was without thinking.

Lu An’an hurriedly backed up a few inches, but her movement woke Yan Yunge, who was beside her. Lu An’an looked at Yan Yunge with an embarrassed expression. She pointed at his penis under the blanket and asked shyly, “Do you need to deal with it?”

Out of her expectation, Yan Yunge got closer to her right away, and his hot penis also approached her. Lu An’an looked flustered. What should she do? She was just a pure and innocent college student. This situation had never happened before.

“You are my wife. Shouldn’t you be the one to deal with it?” Yan Yunge said to Lu An’an with an earnest look.

What? Lu An’an did not dare to say anything. If she said too much, she might be misunderstood. She should not have brought this up in front of Yan Yunge. Instead, she should have treated it as if nothing had happened and gotten out of bed to wash up.

Unexpectedly, Yan Yunge did not care about the nervous expression on Lu An’an’s face at all. He even moved closer and looked at her with a hint of mockery in his gentle eyes. “Honey, help me handle it. You know my health condition. Only you, my wife, can help me.” Yan Yunge revealed a pitiful look.

Lu An’an did not feel he was pitiful at all. She only felt like she was a poor little rabbit that had jumped into a wolf’s nest, unable to resist. Lu An’an picked up the phone on the bedside and gestured for Yan Yunge to calm down. “Wait. Let me check it on the phone first! Don’t worry. Just wait a moment!”

Yan Yunge looked at her and snorted. “Do you have to check? You’re such a fool! Give me your hand.”

Lu An’an was stunned. “H … Hand?” As she said that, she put her hands behind her back as if she was worried that someone would snatch them away. Her eyes widened in shock, “What do you want to do?”

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