The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 747 - 747 The Fierce Asura

747 The Fierce Asura

In Xixia Garden, Qing Yan and Yue Gou had packed up the things and the old man’s bag had been tied up. Qing Yan looked out from time to time. Shadow Six guarded the door tightly and stared at him with wide cow eyes.

“I’m not going out!” Qing Yan said. “Even if I go out, I won’t run.”

Shadow Six curled his lips. “Who knows?”

Qing Yan glared at him. Silly boy, can you stop the three of us with your little skills?

Qing Yan thought of something and said, “You don’t have to pack your things?”

Shadow Six crossed his arms and said proudly, “Shadow Thirteen will help me pack. He packs faster and better than me.”

He always liked to be careless when he packed his luggage. Shadow Thirteen did not have this problem. He was as meticulous as Young Master. He brought as much as he should and not too much as he should. He was clean and neat.

Qing Yan said in amusement, “When Shadow Thirteen gets married in the future, let’s see who can clean up for you.”

Shadow Six frowned. “Why does he want to marry a wife? I haven’t even married one yet!”

Shadow Thirteen had just reached the door when he heard Shadow Six’s ridicule. He stopped in his tracks and choked.

“You’re here?” Qing Yan saw him.

Shadow Thirteen said, “Young Master asked me to ask how you’re doing.”

“Yes, we packed…” Qing Yan said hesitantly and looked out again.

“Then what’s wrong?” Shadow Thirteen could tell that he was implying something.

Qing Yan frowned and said, “Jiang Hai didn’t come back.”

Shadow Six asked, “Could he have been captured too?”

Qing Yan shook his head. “I don’t know. He’s been acting suspiciously these few days, as if he has something on his mind. I don’t think he went out with Ah Wan. As for whether he met her halfway, I don’t know.”

Shadow Thirteen said, “We don’t have time to wait for him. Leave a letter for him.”

“Alright.” Qing Yan turned around, picked up his pen, and wrote a letter before leaving it in Jiang Hai’s room.

Two other letters were sent to Sishui Street. Then, the group got into the carriage and left the Helian Manor in a low profile manner.

Yan Jiuchao, Shadow Six, and Shadow Thirteen boarded the carriage. The old man and Old Cui rode in the same carriage, with Yue Gou and Qing Yan taking turns to drive the carriage. There was also a carriage for luggage, driven by Ah Wei.

“Eh? Where’s Ah Wei?” Qing Yan asked.

They looked around. Just now, they were only concerned about leaving the manor and had forgotten that Ah Wei did not follow them. That kid did not say much and was elusive. No one noticed that he had disappeared.

Just as Yue Gou was about to look for him, Ah Wei came over with his luggages.

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched. Wasn’t it just going back to the clan? Wasn’t it too exaggerated to have so much luggage? You even used a pole to carry it. It was heavy. Those who didn’t know better would think that you stuffed a few children in it!

Ah Wei placed the luggages on the carriage.

“Let me drive the carriage.” Qing Yan walked over. Ah Wei was the youngest among them. He usually ordered him around, but at the critical moment, he knew how to dote on him.

Unexpectedly, Ah Wei sat down on the carriage seat and grabbed the reins tightly. He said expressionlessly, “There’s no need. I’ll do it myself!”

“Hey, kid, it’s fine if you don’t appreciate it.” Qing Yan waved his hand and returned to his carriage. He leaned against the wall and leisurely went to sleep.

The wheels of the carriage turned and drove out of the quiet alley into the busy street. Soon, they left this bustling scene behind the carriage. No one knew what was waiting for them ahead, but they had never thought of retreating.

There was no snow at the end of the year in Nanzhao, but on a cold night, it was still so cold that one would cower.

“Young Master.” Shadow Thirteen looked at Yan Jiuchao, who was sitting in the cold and did not close the curtain.

Yan Jiuchao looked at the lights of the myriad families and said softly, “I don’t know if I can still see it in the future.”

Yes, you can, We’ll find the antidote once we find the Princely Heir Consort.

… .

On the other hand, after Yu Wan and Asura were kidnapped by the black-robed man, they boarded a carriage out of the city. In order to prevent them from escaping, Asura was put on foot cuffs to suppress his internal energy. There were also the black-robed man and four skilled black envoys watching him the entire time.

Although they had interacted with each other for a few days, this group of people did not interact much with Yu Wan. Yu Wan did not even know their names. She only knew that they had walked all the way west and had already walked out of the border of Nanzhao three days ago.

After leaving Nanzhao, they continued west.

Yu Wan lifted the curtain and looked out. Could it be that they were going to the Western Heaven to get sutras?

Asura kicked his feet in boredom and played with the shackles on his feet.

The black-robed man’s goal was the “Eldest Princess”. The black-robed man was not interested in capturing the escaped Asura, but no matter how much the black-robed man abandoned Asura, Asura could always catch up soon.

Although they could deal with him, they really could not kill him. Helpless, the black-robed man could only accept the fact that he had to bring this big troublemaker back to the Ghost Clan.

Knock knock knock!

Yu Wan knocked on the wall of the carriage with her knuckles. The black-robed man rode his horse over and asked, “What’s wrong now?”

Yu Wan lifted the curtain and said, “I’m hungry. Let’s find a place to eat.”

The black-robed man’s face darkened. “You just ate.”

Yu Wan crossed her arms and said, “So what? I’m just hungry.”

The black-robed man said coldly, “There’s nothing to eat here. Continue on your way.”

Yu Wan raised her eyebrows and said, “If you don’t let me eat, I won’t leave.”

“Why don’t you leave?”

As soon as the black-robed man finished speaking, Asura stomped his feet and fiercely stomped through the carriage!

The corners of the black-robed man’s mouth twitched. Why else would he say that he wanted to get rid of this guy? He couldn’t be killed, couldn’t be chased away, and even smashed seventeen to eighteen carriages!

Yu Wan met his cold gaze fearlessly and said word by word, “I’m! Hungry!”

The black-robed man clenched his fists.

Yu Wan said, “The King asked you to bring me back, but he didn’t ask you to let me go back hungry, so hungry that I’m only skin and bones. It’s hard for you to answer, right?”

Your face has gained weight. Where did you get the confidence to say that?! The black-robed man took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart. “There’s a tea shed a mile ahead. I’ll find food for you there.”

Yu Wan closed the curtain! After a while, the curtain was lifted by Asura. He imitated Yu Wan and closed the curtain! The black-robed man was furious at the two of them. He rode his horse to the tea shed with a cold expression.

Yu Wan wanted to ask around what kind of territory this was, but there were not many people in the tea shed and they were all chased away by the black-robed man. Yu Wan rolled her eyes at him and found the most shady place to sit.

After heading west, the temperature seemed to have dropped a little, but Yu Wan was not afraid of the cold recently.

Asura obediently sat beside Yu Wan. The owner of the tea shed brought over two baskets of buns, two plates of steamed cake made of glutinous rice, a large bowl of dried fish, and a few pickled radishes and pickled vegetables.

“It’s all here. Eat,” the black-robed man said.

Yu Wan said critically, “I don’t eat these.”

“This is all we have here,” the black-robed man said.

“But I can’t eat,” Yu Wan said.

The black-robed man’s eyes turned cold. “Didn’t you say you were hungry?”

Yu Wan raised her eyebrows and said, “I said I’m hungry, but I didn’t say I’m that hungry. I don’t like these things. You guys keep them for yourselves.”

“Then let’s go!” The black-robed man said.

“I haven’t eaten yet,” Yu Wan said.

The black-robed man stomped his feet in anger. “What do you want?!”

Yu Wan pointed at the mountain range behind her. “I want to eat rabbit meat. Let your subordinates catch it.”

The four black envoys glared at her angrily. Along the way, she was always ordering them to look for food. They were annoyed to death! They were holy and powerful black envoys, used to kill people, not to kill chickens and rabbits!

“Go catch them,” the black-robed man gritted his teeth.

“Don’t look at me. I caught the bird at noon.”

“Don’t look at me either. I was the one who killed the snake this morning.”

“Hey, hey, hey, I ran dozens of miles to buy the roasted duck in the middle of the night, okay!”

The fourth black envoy felt wronged. But he was the one who dug the bamboo shoots yesterday, caught the fish, and picked the wild vegetables!

The fourth person left silently. Not long after, he caught two fat hares and threw them to the owner of the tea shed. They gave him some money to stew the hares.

Yu Wan stopped after eating two bites. The rabbit meat basically entered Asura’s stomach. Everyone gritted their teeth in anger when they saw her extravagant appearance.

The black-robed man said angrily, “I advise you to eat a few more bites. There will be no villages or shops on the way later, and there will be no forest for us to hunt in. If you don’t eat your fill, I’m afraid you’ll starve.”

“That’s true.” Yu Wan nodded and looked at the four black envoys. “Then catch a few more rabbits and bring them along!”

The black envoys who wished they could die on the spot: “…”

The rabbit was caught, and the group continued on their way.

The carriage swayed for a while before Yu Wan began to feel sleepy. Recently, for some reason, she wanted to eat everything, but she couldn’t eat much. She was lazy and would doze off from time to time. She seriously suspected that she had been drugged.

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