The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 1115: Ten Thousand Years in One Glance!

Chapter 1115 - 1115: Ten Thousand Years in One Glance!

Ascending to the Immortal Emperor Realm

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The blood in his body was boiling, and the demonic energy seeped into his bones like a baptism of karmic flames. The intense pain gradually made Ye Qiu go crazy. His eyes were red, as if he had been possessed by a demon.

Ten thousand years passed in a flash. As the demonic energy in his body gradually took shape, it nourished the blood energy in his entire body and formed a supreme Dao.

Boom! The world trembled, and a powerful force was instantly expelled. The entire demon pool was turned upside down, causing chaos.

“What a powerful aura! Immortal Emperor?” In the demon hall, Bai Yunfei’s expression was solemn. He looked at the chaotic sea of clouds with a burning gaze and was incomparably shocked. Breaking through to the Immortal Emperor Realm in ten thousand years! Since ancient times, there had never been such a heaven-defying result. “This guy actually succeeded!”

He was incomparably shocked. As Ye Qiu broke through, the entire demon pool was stirred into chaos. Demonic energy began to leak out in all directions. The Nine Heavens and Three Thousand Worlds in the outer realm were vaguely affected.

“My king, do you want to take the necessary measures?” A priest said.

Bai Yunfei waved his hand and said, “It’s fine! Letting it leak might be a good thing for my demon race.” He then said with a solemn expression, “Has there been any big movements on the side of the strange source recently?” “According to the reports of the demon descendants from all over the outer realm, Tian… seems to be undergoing a blood refinement in a Small World.”

“Blood refinement?” Bai Yunfei frowned slightly. Clearly, that Tian wasn’t idle while Ye Qiu was in seclusion. He plundered and killed everywhere, walking through various small worlds.

Bai Yunfei had a feeling that once he recovered to his peak, the outer realm war would begin. This chaos was about to arrive! Bai Yunfei had his own thoughts. Then, he said, “During this period of time, tell the people below to restrain themselves and pay attention to every move in the outer realm. In addition, speed up on my emperor’s side. Let her receive the baptism of the Demon Emperor’s inheritance as soon as possible and reach the peak.”

The situation in the outer realm was tense. A great chaos might erupt at any time. The Heavenly Dao disciples in the Land of Hidden Life, the ancient Immortal Palace, the Moon God Hall, and so on all moved. Once the chaos erupted, it would definitely be an unprecedented battle, enough to cleanse millions of worlds of life.

“Yes!” The demon priest replied respectfully, then said, “My king, there’s one more thing. Now that the Demon Emperor has returned, shouldn’t we take action? The Demon Lords scattered in the various domains back then have yet to return. Could it be that… they don’t want to acknowledge the emperor’s position?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Bai Yunfei’s eyes instantly revealed a heaven-defying killing intent. The air instantly turned cold. He was the one who pushed Mengli’s position up. No one could deny it. If they didn’t respect her, he could only send them on their way!

Bai Yunfei looked coldly at the demon priest and said coldly, “Inform them one last time. If they still refuse to return, I’ll personally visit them. If I don’t give them some pressure, they will think that I, Bai Yunfei, can’t make it!”

The demon priest’s body instantly trembled. He had followed Bai Yunfei for many years, so he knew better than anyone how terrifying the sharpest sword under the Demon Emperor was. Once he was really angry, it would be the result of blood dyeing the sand river.

“Yes!” The high priest did not dare to disobey and went down to do it. He hoped that those Demon Lords could successfully return. Otherwise, there would be an internal strife among the demons before the chaos.

In order to help Mengli ascend to the Demon Emperor’s position, Bai Yunfei’s methods could be said to be ruthless. No one dared to go against him.

Ye Qiu, on the other hand, had already successfully reached the Immortal Emperor Realm and stepped into the extraordinary realm. However, this seclusion was far from over. He used the Nine Nether Chaos Profound Demonic Qi to cleanse his entire body and the enhancement of the Chaos Immortal Sage Pill to attack the last step.

The blood in his body was boiling, and the intense pain stacked endlessly. Ye Qiu truly felt what hell was. He gritted his teeth and deduced all the techniques in his limbs and bones. His body was aging bit by bit, but he quickly reborn. Under the continuous transformation, Ye Qiu crazily baptized the blood in his body. “Using blood to plant the Dao! Melt all techniques. Is this what Teacher meant by longevity?

Ye Qiu finally deduced the final path of the Dao of Blood. It was to use all the blood in his body to fuse all the techniques in the world. He executed all the blood energy in his body and formed supreme Great Dao techniques.

In these ten thousand years of tempering, he kept deducing, and the blood in his body kept transforming. From old age to new life, then through countless cycles of baptism.

There was a loud bang in the Nine Heavens. Ye Qiu seemed to have entered a holy moment and fused his entire body with the Nine Heavens technique. Every drop of blood in his body was like a brand new life with supreme immortal energy.

The path of the Dao of Blood completely appeared in front of Ye Qiu. It was no longer a world enveloped in fog.

Immortal Emperor!

Above that, there could still be a supreme Heavenly Path.

“What kind of path is that?” Ye Qiu was overjoyed as he looked at the misty path that gradually appeared.

This path had been cleared! Did this mean that as long as he followed this Dao, he could transcend the mortal world and directly reach the path to longevity? That was a realm above the Immortal Emperor realm!

Although he didn’t know what realm that was, Ye Qiu could already see a rough outline. Time passed bit by bit. Ten thousand years passed in the blink of an eye. When Ye Qiu woke up again, his cultivation finally stopped at the Immortal Emperor Realm.

There were no other minor realms. It was collectively called the Immortal Emperor Realm, but there was a distinction between old and new Immortal Emperors.

“This strength is still not enough! Looks like I have to exert more strength.” Ye Qiu was a little disappointed as he looked at the inner world in his body. Under the crazy impact of the Chaos Immortal Sage Pill and the demon pool, he could only barely step into the Immortal Emperor Realm.

What a pity! However, it did not matter. In the following period of time, he only needed to properly comprehend that Heavenly Great Dao to comprehend the so-called longevity path. As long as the Immortal Emperor of the older generation didn’t attack, Ye Qiu was invincible in the world.

Moreover, after reaching the Immortal Emperor Realm, Ye Qiu finally comprehended the true meaning of the last strike of the Cursive Sword Art. In the past ten thousand years, he had been constantly deducing the profundities of the Cursive Sword Art.

He then deduced this sword technique again according to his comprehension and understanding. In the end, he unlocked an ultimate sword technique that dared to change the color of the world.

This strike was nameless. Because it was too domineering and destructive, Ye Qiu felt that no name was enough to evaluate it.

“Whew,” After ending his seclusion, Ye Qiu slowly heaved a sigh of relief. He had successfully stepped into the Immortal Emperor Realm in this seclusion. He was no longer a small ant at the mercy of others in the Nine Heavens Foreign Battlefield.

Not only that, apart from the Immortal Emperor realm, Ye Qiu also opened another path that could directly pass through the Immortal Emperor Realm. That was another legendary realm, the realm that countless people had searched for their entire lives.

Perhaps the final profundity of the Longevity Calamity was above that last realm..

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