The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 1 Morning Light

[Meer Calendar, March 13, 2 Years of Demon War]

[The Morning]

The morning sun shines through the dense leaves of the Bog Forest.

The shimmer of the sun’s rays reflected from dews that were trapped on the leaves. The Bog Forest seemed to shimmer like green pearls.

The birds were chirping and calling each other in the clear blue sky that morning.

They greet the beauty of the morning.

The wind from the east brushed the thick leaves of the Bog Forest, revealing the horror behind that beautiful scenery.

The sounds of iron clanged against each other. The sound of monsters’ roar and cries of human pain, competing with each other to determine which is louder.

These voices come together to form the tone for the orchestra of death.

Bold saw his comrade thrown far away after being hit by a blow from the green monster’s club.


That was the sound he heard as his comrade’s iron armor collided with green monster’s club.

Not a sound of wood meet iron, but the sound of pounded soft meat. That green monster’s club didn’t feel resistance of human iron armor.

With a height of 2 meters, a green body, and muscles that are as hard as iron. This green monster was one of the species that ruled the Bog forest, Orcs.

After the demon’s declaration of all-out-war, the Human, Elf, and Warbeast Alliance focused all its attention on confronting them.

Making them not have enough troops to deal with these monster pests.

The orc is known for being a warlike race, attacking like a hurricane with their powerful bodies and rapid regeneration, making them advance into enemy formations without fear.

It takes more than 5 ordinary soldiers to kill one orc without casualty. If less than that there is a possibility of soldiers suffering severe injury and even death. If only half of that number then the death of all soldiers is confirmed. If someone still live after that, he is very lucky one.

Even so, with good preparation and formation, orcs are easy enemies to deal with.

Their still primitive weapons and armor make them vulnerable with hit and run tactics. With long spears and shields possessed by warriors, they only needed to surround the orcs and take turns to attack, causing the orcs to die from stab wounds.

A strong body and rapid regeneration were not enough to make them avoid death from blood loss.

If there was a mage in an army, then the orcs would only become nuisance flies.

The way they attacked without fear allowed the mage to kill hordes of orcs with a single [Fireball] or [Lightning Chain] spell.

‘Orc are stupid creature who only know how to attack’, thats how historian’s book describe it.

But in this morning Bold wanted to strangle and piss on the historians who recorded that.


[Last Night]

Bold was staring at the bonfire. Wait until the boiled potato soup is cooked.

The light from the bonfire shone on his face.

Bold was an ordinary soldier. He had neither mana flow nor good swordsmanship.

The war forced him, who was only a farmer, to join the fight.

He is young and unmarried.

He has a simple face. Far from handsome, but not ugly. Just simple.

Bold pensively stared at the bonfire. A boisterous voice suddenly sounded in his ears. Bold turned.

A red light shone from the center of the camp. Bold’s face turned serious. The light came from the food carriage.

The Alliance wanted to hold the demon army outside of their territory’s borders. For that they made a defensive line at the foot of the Wolf Slopes mountain.

But to achieve it requires a long journey from the human kingdom. Therefore they divided into several logistics troops.

This small number of troops will take a much closer route, namely the Bog forest. and This camp is one of those logistic troops. Their job is to bring food to the front line.

So that when the food carriages burns, the soldiers immediately panicked, they didn’t have time to put on their armor and immediately rushed to put out the fire.

The commander looked pale then his face turned red.

“What are you guys doing! Water! Water! Get some water! GET IT QUICKLY OR I CUT OFF YOUR LEGS!” The commander shouted angrily.

If the fire is not immediately extinguished and the food carriages is burned down, then the commander’s career will be over. Being homeless is the best fate or he will end up on the gallows, as the worst fate.

Campsites are made so that the most important things are close to a water source. Therefore the route of the soldiers to fetch water was very close to the food carriages, but the fire that burned the dry rice and wheat was too great.

The carriages are arranged in a row of five adjacent rows. Soldiers’ tents were built around it. There were more than ten food carriages on fire, the flames spreading rapidly engulfing the nearby cart.

Bold was one of the soldiers who rushed to put out the fire. Drops of sweat kept dripping from Bold’s forehead. He had gone back and forth eight times to fetch water.

Their troops were actually required to rush to the defensive line. However, the uncertain condition of the Bog forest made the journey hampered.

One of them is the road that was cut off due to landslides. They were forced to dig it, they did not choose another way because of the steep hill on their right and the ravine on their left.

It was evening when they finished digging. Night is a dangerous time in the Bog forest. Not only the abundance of wild animals, but also the fog covered the path.

The commander decided to set up camp in this place. He didn’t want to lose the food carts by falling into the ravine.

‘Is this an enemy attack? But who can attack without the guards knowing?’ Bold’s thought while running.

There was the sound of hurried footsteps. The direction of his arrival from the guard post.

“orcs… enemy attack!! Orcs are attacking!” The guard reported with still hurried breaths.

“Damn it! How many?” The commander asked.

“There are only five of them, sir!” The guard answered.

“only five??” The commander looked astonished, because if the burning of the Food carriages was the enemy’s plan, the five orcs to attack the soldier-infested encampment camp would be a foolish strategy.

“Just keep the guards against them, report if anything strange happen. The other soldiers stay here and put out the fire!” the Commander’s order.

The commander only thought that this orc was only interested in seeing the fire and started attacking without thinking anything else. Prioritizing the Food carriages over eliminating five orcs was the right decision.

But something happened that gave Bold a bad feeling. When the fire was almost extinguished there was still no word from the guards about the five orcs.

The Commander’s forehead wrinkled, he also felt something strange. But seeing the fire that was burning the food carriage was about to go out, he ignored that feelings.

A few minutes later, from behind the fog, Bold saw a silhouette walking towards them.

‘who is that? Why is he walking from that direction?’ Bog’s feeling is getting worse.

The silhouette came down the steep hill. He walked as if he was on level ground. Like he can walk on walls. The silhouette drew closer.

He didn’t walk alone, another silhouette that was much bigger appeared. Bold’s face paled.

The face of the first silhouette appeared, It was a young orc.

“Orcs are attacking from the hill!!” the other soldier who also saw it, shouted in a trembling voice.

“Make a for—” before the commander could give the command, the young orc had lunge forward.

“UUUURHAAAAA” the young orc shouted.

He lunge forward with a large sword in both hands. The other orcs behind him joined the attack with club, Log, bone or use whatever they could find in this forest.

The people in front of them were thrown flying. Screams and broken bones were heard.

Things became chaotic, the orc hordes rampaged through the crowd of people. Human skin, flesh, and bones were unable to withstand the blows of the orc power. It’s a massacre.

The young orc, swung his sword nimbly. His movements are not like ordinary orcs who only use power but use sword techniques that are not inferior to elite warriors.

The twin great swords that he swung were like tornadoes that slaughtered his enemies. There was no mercy from that swords. Every time he swing his sword, one warrior’s head was cut off. His precision and speed made the soldier who had time to pick up his weapon unable to parry before losing his head.

The commander’s face turned red when he saw his troops being slaughtered. He was furious, his army was crushed and his food carriage burned by pests like orcs.

He wanted to attack but the crowd of soldiers blocked his view. The commander is a magician.

He has an attack that can inflict massive damage. But this spell has a wide attack area.

If he took it out in the crowd, the soldiers would be killed along with the orcs. He didn’t want a shortage of soldiers who could help him carry the food carriages.

“Retreat! Retreat! Pick your weapon, you dumbass!” He shot angrily.

The orcs began to push forward into the crowd of soldiers.

These orcs didn’t attack individually but entered slowly in an orderly formation. No orcs came out of formation and were finally surrounded, they were like the elite troops of Stonhold Kingdom.

Even so, they were only eleven. They were not able to slaughter dozens of soldiers quickly, in the end the other soldiers managed to retreat.

As the human army retreated, the orcs did not catch up. They also retreated neatly.

Seeing the orcs retreat the commander charged forward. These orcs are very smart they are able to read the situation and know if humans are no longer easy to kill.

But the Commander will not allow this horde of pests to retreat just like that. They had to pay for soldiers lives they took.

“[Reinforce Speed]” The commander cast a spell.

His speed is getting faster. In the blink of an eye he was in front of a horde of orcs. The commander looked into their green eyes, they look astonished. The commander smirked thinking that this stupid creature was afraid of meeting a mage.

“It’s too late you idiot! Die! [Fire Ball]” The commander opened his arms and announced the death of these pest.

A fireball the size of a human head formed in front of his chest. The fireball shot swiftly towards the orc horde.

Even though it looks small, the fireball from the [Fire Ball] spell will make a big explosion when it hits its target.

The explosion would burn everything in five meters around it. The heat from the explosion can even melt iron.

The target of this spell, will not be able to dodge with a fireball that shoots as fast as an arrow released from its bow.

The only way to defend against this spell is to use a spell from the [Wall] faction or block the user before casting this spell. While the orcs who are creatures without mana flow will end up turning into ashes.

The commander smirked as he waited for the burning orcs’ screams of pain. But the young orc at the very front did something that made his eyes widen.

The young orc slapped a fast-moving fireball with his greatsword, that slap make the fireball turn to the left. His movements were so fast that the fireball seemed to turn on its own.

The commander gaped.

The soldiers gaped.

The crickets stopped creaking.

The wind stopped blowing.

The fireball hit the hill and exploded. The explosion shattered half the hill and made a deep hole. The heat that was felt from the effects of the [Fire ball] spell made them aware that what had happened wasn’t an illusion.

Their eyes rolled from the exploding hill to the young orc’s figure.

The young orc made a throwing stance. Then waved his hand. The sword in his left hand shot out at the speed of sound.


The commander felt a touch on his chest. He looked down.

There is a hole in his chest. The hole was as big as a human head.

His heart, lungs, ribs, and all the internal organs that should have been there were gone.

All that was left was blood dripping from the ceiling of the hole to the bottom of the hole.


Then he felt his back hit something hard.

“Eh?” The commander is confused.

Blood dripped from his mouth.

“Eh? Eh?” his brain was trying to process what had just happened.

His body gradually become stiff.

“Eh?” His voice was getting smaller.

The commander closed his eyes, he didn’t realize what had just happened until the end of his life. Maybe even when he arrives in hell he won’t even realize he’s already dead.

Bold saw what was happening, when the young Orc threw the sword in his right hand, the ground on his left foot step cracked.

Then in the blink of an eye, the commander’s chest disappeared along with the heads of three other soldiers behind him.

The commander continued to sound ‘eh?’, until his body fell to the ground, and the light in his eyes faded.

The soldiers were confused by what had just happened. Their brains still haven’t processed this strange and miraculous occurrence.

Their commander was a Mage. From a noble family, he has a bright future.

With his status as a mage, his noble blood, and his achievements during this war, the Commander would probably become a famous mage.

But he ended up pitifully, killed with just one hit from a young monster.

“Petjah!!” The young orc gave the signal.

The other ten orcs behind him moved forward. They split into three groups.

The first group attacked from the right side, the second group attacked from the left side, and the young orc naturally took the center position.

He threw away his last greatsword and pulled a small knife from his waist.

The knife curved into a crescent moon and was sharp on both sides, with a pointed tip, the small knife was like the claws of a beast.

“AJJJAARE!!!” The young orc gave the signal.

The orc army surrounded the human army.

The commander is the only mage of this army. The human army that had no command, confuse, and fear turned into panic.

They fought in panic.

The massacre started again.


[The Morning]

More and more human casualties. The orc army was patiently killing humans one by one. The human army that was continuously retreating arrived at the guard post.

When Bold saw the deserted guard post, his feeling got worse.

The smell of blood wafted everywhere, the bodies of the guards lay lifeless. The wounds on their bodies indicated death from blunt objects and arrows.

Five orcs were seen standing waiting for their arrival. Behind the five orcs, a herd of no less than 30 goblins aimed their arrows at the sky.

“eggaang…!!” a goblin command voice


wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss! wuss!

Hurled arrows filled the forest ceiling.

Even so, the rays of the morning sun still shine through the sidelines.

The sun’s rays hit Bold’s face which was covered in mud, sweat and blood.

The human army was very tired, almost half the night they were slaughtered and ran for a way out to live.

Until they know, that hope to get out of this forest alive is gone.

Bold just pensively saw the dozens of arrows that were approaching.

He was so tired.

He wanted to return to his village.

How’s the field?

Is his crush married?

or become a noble concubine?

Bold missed her smile.

I wish my body could make it home.

The arrow pierced Bold’s forehead and pierced his brain.

In a split second the pain disappeared along with his consciousness.

Bold felt lucky to have died so quickly.

At least he wasn’t groaning in pain.

The sun shone through his fading blue eyes.

Bold breathed his last in that forest.

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