The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 31 The Young Orc Group

In the morning Anna returned to training with the orcs. The orcs no longer made fun of her and considered Anna as one of them, many of them even invited Anna to talk.

Anna could only nod as she didn’t understand the language of the monsters. The day’s training started again.

Anna is getting used to Tagak footwork and rarely gets hit when Moku corrects her. She had now easily changed the step combination without any errors.

Then Moku taught Anna how to punch and kick, for Anna who was an expert in the sword she felt that she didn’t need to learn it.

But Moku said that the body is the main weapon of silat, while other weapons such as swords, spears, and others are just additional weapons.

Moku did not teach Anna about asceticism, although it could increase the amount of time she can practiced before fainting but the side effects of asceticism could harm Anna and the fetus in her stomach.

Unlike the male orcs, Anna’s current body needed more nutrition because even though she had a fast metabolism, the only source of nutrition for her and the fetus came from Anna’s body.

Then Moku taught her breathing techniques. Anna is very eager to learn this technique, she knows if one of the reasons for Moku’s evolution is due to breathing techniques, she wants to know if her human self can also use breathing techniques.

Moku just smiled and thought, silat and breathing techniques came from the martial arts he learned as a human.

Moku only slightly changed it so that it matched the orc’s body. So it can be said that the silat being studied by orcs today is a silat that was made specifically for their race,

Day after day Anna continued to follow the orcs’ training routine. Her body gradually began to transform slowly.

Not only from the inside of her body but the change can also be seen on the outside of her body.

Anna’s height has reached 180 cm, her lower canines have become sharper and stronger, her muscles are large, and her skin is a thin green.

She woke up from fainting together with the other orcs, the training she went through had also become as heavy as the orcs, and her strength was also gradually become as strong as the orcs.

Until on the twentieth day since Anna joined the training, she managed to enter the first level of the breathing technique.

Anna managed to break the record previously held by Boku and Goku, making her the fastest person to enter the first level of breathing techniques.

“Congratulation Nevare!” An orc patted Anna’s back hard as he usually did with other orcs. But Anna didn’t fly like a human body would and remained standing straight as if she received a regular pat.

Anna and some of the young orcs were currently in training break, the exact time is between after waking up from their stupor and before going hunting.

“Thanks Swa!” Anna answered in a monster language.

Although still stammering, Anna began to understand the monster’s language and was able to pronounce it.

After finding out that she was trapped by Moku, their relationship became distance. Anna refuses to eat with Moku or sleep next to him.

Even during breaks Anna refuses to eat next to Moku. She wanted to eat alone, but the orcs are not creatures who understand about social cue. Several young orcs approached her and began spoke to her.

At first Anna put on a scary face to keep the young orcs away, but they didn’t seem to see it and began to talk to Anna in a friendly way.

Anna could only surrender and nod even though she did not understand what these young orcs were saying.

Gradually for some reason Anna was able to understand what they were saying, like the memories that were once buried and forgotten began to resurface.

Anna is not a quiet girl, she has a great curiosity and likes to ask questions. But because she has an ambitious nature makes Anna shunned by girls her age make her become a loner.

Even so, Anna not typical person who shy away from conversation. So it didn’t take long for Anna to join in the conversation with the young orcs.

“Now that you’ve surpassed Goku and Boku’s records, the adult orcs won’t underestimate us anymore!” Kagan said with clenched fists.

“Well, Nevare can be categorized as a young orc, even though she is 17 years old but at the age of an orc she is still 8 years old” Laya agreed.

“Of course! Nevare is still very young, she will get stronger quickly. Maybe one day she will challenge Moku Palaka! HAHAHAHA” Swa burst out laughing.

Almost all orcs both young and old nowadays want to be as strong as Moku and evolve like him. Even though Moku had explained Dragon Breath Cultivation was very dangerous and would threaten their lives, the orcs weren’t afraid at all.

The only way to save these suicidal creatures is to make them train harder, until they reach his body, spirit, and mind level before Moku tries to start cultivating dragon prana.

However Moku’s achievement for body, spirit, and mind was what he trained during his previous life and 8 years of his life in this world. So that if the orcs want to reach his level they would have to catch up with 86 years of training.

“Palaka?” Anna did not understand the word that were spoken by Swa.

“Palaka is a traditional orc ceremony to resolve conflicts within the tribe” Mige who just kept silent answered.

“Yes. The last Palaka happened when the battle for the position of Ku and the chieftain between Goku and Moku” Torgan nodded.

“Previously the chief of this tribe was Goku?” Anna astonish.

“That’s right, you didn’t see Goku’s fight against Moku, Wow!! It’s really fun you know!! I still get goosebumps thinking about the technique Moku used when knocking Goku down” Swa hugged his shivering body.

“That’s Snake Form, Tiger Form, and Eagle Form, right? You’ll learn them at the third level of the breathing technique if I’m not mistaken.” Laya held his chin.

“Third level?? Isn’t at the second level we already learned combination techniques?” Torgan asked curiously.

“Heh! What do you know, the three forms are very complex and require very difficult power control. I’ve heard from Goku that when using the three forms, Moku’s body can change shape.” Kagan answered.

Seeing the direction of the conversation getting further away from Palaka, Anna decided to ask Mige who wasn’t with the young orcs arguing about Moku’s three forms.

“Mige, is Palaka only used for the struggle for the position of orcs chieftain?”

“Of course not, orcs are a fighter race, so we respect the strong orcs. Even though we are brothers and have a close relationship, there will still be conflicts of interest between the orcs.

Right now you don’t see it due to the small number of orcs and Moku is so detailed in his leadership that no orcs are complaining.

Moku focuses all the attention of the orcs on surviving and becoming stronger. It leaves us with no time but to train, hunt and sleep.

However, based on the story of adult orcs, in the past Palaka was often chanted to resolve conflicts between orcs.

For example, if the chief of the tribe already has too many women or he is bored with some women, he will return the women to the tribe.

The woman’s possession will usually be settled with Palaka” Mige explained.

Anna nodded and fell silent. She held his chin and thought of something.

Not long after, Moku’s voice was heard, “All the orcs are ready to go hunting.” The orcs immediately stood up and lined up.

“Nevare, you are also come with us” Moku pointed at Anna who was lost in thought.

“Huh? eh?” Anna, who woke up from her daydream, was confused about what had happened.

“Nevare, come on you also join our ranks. You better stay in the middle of formation, Bog forest is very dangerous for Noob. hehehe” Swa grabbed Anna’s hand and led her into the formation.

The orcs set off to hunt. Anna who was flanked by the young orcs also came down the Green Caping Hill.

They continued walking until they passed the tribal gate. Gradually the tribal gates drifted further apart and the tall and dense trees drew nearer.

As they were about to enter the forest, Moku’s voice was heard giving the command “ORCS, FOREST WALK FORMATION.”

“YES, KU!” suddenly all the orcs answered.

They moved to their respective positions. Some walked to the very front of the formation, some climbed trees, some ran away and spread out, and some formed a box formation.

Anna was in the center of the square formation and was flanked by four young orcs on each side of the right, left, front, and rear.

“Hmm… Swa what’s going on? Why are the orcs scattering and someone climbing the tree?” Anna asked Swa who was in front of her.

“This is our formation when we enter the Bog forest, as I said before the Bog forest is very dangerous, especially the deeper parts of the forest. There was a lots of dangerous plants, wild animals and mutated animals.

Previously we didn’t use a formation like this because Moku didn’t want to scatter orcs who were still weak, with us gathered in a line we could take care of each other and fight together.

As a result, we were often attacked on our way to and from the hunting grounds, although Moku was able to block it, our movements became slower.

So when many of us entered the first level of the breathing technique, Moku decided to change formations.” Swa replied.

Mige who was behind Anna added, “The purpose of the orcs scattering is to determine which path we will choose.

Bog Forest can change at any time, the movement of dangerous mutated animals and the growth of poisonous plants cannot be precisely ascertained.

Those who climb up the tree are tasked with making sure there are no attacks from the sky.

The trees in the Bog forest were so dense that we couldn’t see the sky. However, some mutated animals have the ability to see prey through the thick leaves.

Those standing at the very front are to receive information and surprise attacks that escape the scrutiny of the scattering orcs and tree-climbing orcs.”

“This is your idea right Mige?” Torgan who was on Anna’s right side asked.

“Hmm, no really, actually I was just saying that our journey would be faster if the orcs could spread out. But the details of the formation itself are mostly thought of by Moku and Boku” Mige humbly.

“Well, Boku is known for his wisdom, but Moku… I can’t believe we used to think he was crazy.” Kagan ashamed.

“I told you my brother is actually smart!” Swa puffed out his chest arrogantly.

“Hmm…then what’s the use of this square formation?” Anna is actually curious about the story of Moku who was once considered crazy orc, but she still feels annoyed with him, and asks other things.

The orcs glanced at each other and Kagan who was to Anna’s left side replied, “To protect you of course!”

“Well, this formation is precisely designed to protect young orcs while they are learning to hunt” Mige added once again.

“Is this also Moku’s idea?” Anna asked with a surprised face.

Swa replied, “Yes he told us to protect you, so in this hunt you will have four personal bodyguards, hehehe. Are you flattered? hehehe”

“Of course not! I don’t need protection!” Anna replied curtly with a flushed face.

The orcs laughed at Anna’s answer, “Well said Nevare, Well said! You really an orc don’t you!” Swa patted Anna’s back hard.

‘At least that bastard still cares about me! hmm.. but I will not forgive you’ Anna grumbled in her heart.

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