The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 37 The Link

Anna was panting, Her legs kept moving as fast as she could, her sword-bearing hand felt cramped, and her waist ached.

“Nevare Focus! Swa is overwhelmed with three bison who trying to get out of the group, help him!” Yagnar gives orders.

“YES!” Anna answered with a hurried breath.

She turned around and ran as fast as she could. There is no slow word when hunting.

In front of her, seen Swa facing three bison at once.

They surrounded Swa from three different directions. A bison tried to gore him but Swa nimbly dodged and hit it in the head.

The bison changed direction and hit the friend beside it.

However, the other bison attacked Swa from behind.

“AHHH!!” Anna drew her sword and shouted for the bison’s attention.

The bison stopped, changed direction, and attacked Anna.

With its horns lowered, the bison ran fast, and blew dust behind it.

Anna lowered the handle of her sword and tried to block the bison’s header with a body weight of nearly 700 kg.

However, Anna’s smaller body couldn’t stand it and ended up being thrown backwards.

“Nevare, don’t compete strenght with them, they are much stronger! Use the wind step pattern to make them fall!” Swa advised.

The two bison that he managed to knock back rose again. With anger overflowing, they attacked swa with their sharp horns.

“I know!” Anna got back up and shouted angrily.

The bison lowered its horns again and ran at Anna. Learning from her mistake Anna changed the position of her sword and legs.

Anna’s sword and bison’s horns met again, she lowered her body, crossed her legs behind her back, then turned her body.

Anna’s movement made the bison’s horns spin downwards, plus the speed and weight of it body made the bison front body heavier than it’s back.

The 700 kg bison overturned by itself due to loss of balance.

Two other bison were chased away by Swa, they retreated and ran back into the tall grass.

“Nevare, the barricades at this position have been completed, you should find another place that is still urgent. I’ll be back to help Mige build the other barricades!” Swa said.

“Okay!” Anna nodded.

They parted again. Anna looks for another team that is struggling to keep out the bison hordes and Swa gets back to his barricade build task.

The orcs managed to lead the bison colony into the Tall Grass, currently they are building barricades to keep the bison colony in the Tall Grass.

At the time of herding process Anna was overwhelmed. They are required to run for tens of kilometers while staying focused on keeping the bison colony from getting off track.

The SF team that served as a reserve force was required to help each team that was overwhelmed. As a result, Anna had to run back and forth to help the other teams who were overwhelmed.

The orcs made the process of herding as perfect as possible so that it looked like the bison colony was being fenced in with a stone wall that had only one way out.

They moved so fast that not a single bison got out of their way.

Anna had a hard time keeping up with the orcs’ very fast movements, making her look like a chicken that had lost its head.

Yagnar as the SF team leader often scolded her because she was late to move or was in the wrong position.

Even so, Anna didn’t feel annoyed, instead she was very excited.

Anna learned a lot about coordination and cooperation. The orcs could even tell the movements of other orcs just by looking of their positions.

The herding process went smoothly until the bison colony saw the Tall Grass. They ran amok and tried not to get into the tall grass.

The bison colony thinks the tall grass is a trap or a green wall.

They tried to turn around but the orcs couldn’t let that happen.

The fight beetwen16 orcs against 1000 bison at once ensued.

The orcs pulled out their weapons and hit hard the bison who tried to turn around and sending them flying into the tall grass.

But the bison colony’s resistance didn’t stop there, dozens of other bison tried to turn around so that one orc had to fight 8 to 10 bison at once.

At first they were overwhelmed but they quickly regrouped and fought together.

They were like one body moving with each other filling the void and weakness of another orc.

Anna was overwhelmed she didn’t know what to do, she just swung her sword and hit anything in front of her.

As a result, Anna’s body is often thrown and covered with injuries. She kept getting up and going again to keep the bison in the tall grass even if it was just one.

Gradually Anna’s fighting instinct awakened, her body began to move according to the Tagak footwork on its own.

She slowly began to understand the use of each step pattern and why silat was so focused on footwork.

Until Mige commanded “Form Phalanx Formation!!”.

The hunt was in its final stages, building barricades.

Moments later the orcs managed to build barricades and the bison colony was no longer attacking.

“hah.. hah.. hah ..” Anna sat breathlessly. Her head felt dizzy from irregular breathing.

“Nevare, you’re pretty good for your first hunt too” Yagnar came over and tossed the drink bag.

Anna caught it and drank, she was very thirsty “Thanks” Anna nodded.

“You’d better hurry to find food before it runs out” Yagnar said.

“Food?” Anna looked around her.

The orcs were kneeling and tearing apart the bodies of the dead bison.

They ate voraciously and bison blood splattered everywhere.

Anna frowned “I’ll just eat in the tent” said Anna.

The young orcs group came and brought a bison carcass that was still intact.

“You’d better eat here. There will be meat rationing for the next few days to conserve available meat and reduce hunting.

You are now an orc, you need more food than a normal human girl, and coupled with your pregnancy, you need even more nutrients.

If you eat in the tent then you will take meat rations from other girls. So they will definitely be short of meat.” Laya said.

Anna could only nod. She did feel that the amount of meat consumed by her was increasing day by day.

Anna sat down near the bison carcass and cut it with a sword.

At first she only cut a small part of the bison meat and then ate it, but the pieces of meat got bigger and bigger until Anna threw out her sword and bit the bison carcass with her teeth.

This first hunt was very exhausting, Anna’s body couldn’t wait to restore the energy she used.

In the end Anna ate the same way as the other orcs.

Anna ate voraciously until her stomach was full. She sat up and looked up at the sky which was starting to turn red. They must return to the tribe immediately.

Suddenly she felt a jolt in her stomach, “ouchh!!” Anna groaned in pain then gasped.

“Nevare you okay?” Mige asked but Anna didn’t answer.

Her empty eyes then turned towards the place where the swamp was.

“Moku” she whispered softly.


The Bhimasuta belt that was on Moku’s waist glowed, the light spread like a snake wrapped around his body.

Starting from the stomach and thighs to the face and toes. Moku’s body is covered in glowing tribal white tattoos.

His broken bones reconnected, his injured organs healed again, and his body was filled with a burst of new energy.

This form is the change that Moku gets after evolving. In this form he can control dragon prana at will.

He can envelop any part of his body and form a barrier or accelerate his regeneration ability to treat wounds.

Stugo felt a dangerous aura overflow from Moku.

He felt threatened, Stugo quickly charged forward.

“It’s different game now buddy hehehe” Moku smirked.


The tribal tattoos that spread throughout his body glowed and flowed swiftly over his legs.

His feet then glowed and a white mist appeared that covered the knees to the soles of the feet.

The form of dragon prana that comes out of the body is called a biofield.

In contrast to the biofiled in ordinary prana, the biofield in dragon prana can eliminate or neutralize whatever the user perceives as something negative.

In Padakakarma’s stance, Moku eliminates all the frictional power on the soles of his feet.

When he will increase his speed he will remove the biofield effect, but after that he will activate the biofield effect.

So at this time Moku is not running but he is sliding at an infinite speed.

With the power of the feet to propel the body and the soles of the feet that have no friction against the ground, Moku can glide faster than a rocket ice skater.


Moku and Stugo collided creating a loud bang that could be heard across the swamp.

The birds flying, they sensed the danger from the two individuals who were fighting.


They both flew backwards and crashed into the trees around them.

Stugo shook his dizzy head. He got back up and looked for his challenger.

“From above the stupid gorilla [Brajamusti]!” Moku’s voice sounded from above.

His hands clenched into fists and the white biofield covering his feet flowed into his hands.

Unlike Padakacarma, which disappears friction, Brajamusti is a move that strengthens friction.

The friction between the biofield and the air will set the fist on fire, but before the heat can touch the skin Moku dissipates the friction force.

The released fire will slide forward and create a strong pressure due to the trapped air.

This makes Moku’s punch look like it can hit the wind and attack its enemy from afar.

“UUUUOOOHHHH!!!” Moku swung his arms and showered Stugo with blows.


Moku’s punch was so hard and deadly that Stugo’s massive body couldn’t move.

He could only defend and endure the deadly blow with his bone armor.


Stugo’s body was unable to stand up anymore, his trembling knees finally gave in and knelt down. Even so Moku’s punches didn’t stop raining down on his body.

Until in the end Stugo could only lie down and receive Moku’s rain of blows.


Slowly his bone armor started to crack everywhere, the cracks getting bigger and bigger making Stugo feel an great danger.

His breath started to feel tight and the moment Moku’s punch was about to pierce his bone armor, he went berserk.

His chest swelled and enlarged. The air was absorbed quickly into his mouth.

The air didn’t go into his lungs but into a bag formed by Stugo’s last mutation.

The air then rotates rapidly to form a whirlwind. The abundant mana mixed in the vortex and created something new, ultrasonic waves.

Stugo opened his mouth wide and roared.


The roar of the ultrasonic waves causes the air to vibrate.

The tremor traveled at the speed of sound and shattered everything in its path.

The air pressure that Moku punched broke and shattered.

The ultrasonic waves continued to propagate rapidly and in the blink of an eye hit Moku’s body.

Moku uses all of his biofiled energy to defend. But the biofield layer quickly disintegrates.

Luckily he had managed to leave the attack area.

However, due to the attack of the ultrasonic waves, blood flowed from his nose, ears, and lips. If he didn’t dodge immediately, his heart and lungs would definitely burst.

His body bounced high and hit the ground hard before rolling away.

“hah.. hah.. hah..” pain pierced his chest with every breath he took.

Moku almost died by the attack.

Stuga pushed his body to his feet. Even though he was unscathed, his ultrasonic wave roaring attack seemed draining.

It can be seen from his gasping breath. His bone armor had already been shattered into pieces and would no longer be of any use to protect his body.

Stuga climbed a tall tree nearby quickly before clinging to a large tree branch.

He swung his body, then jumped from one tree to another.

Moku didn’t come closer because he didn’t know how many times Stuga could let out a roar attack like that earlier.

He couldn’t gamble with chance that Stuga could only let out a one-time roar attack.

If he was hit by such an attack one more time, Moku could die or be seriously injured and become incapacitated.

Stuga kept swinging and moving from one tree to another. His movements grew faster with the number of trees he jumped.

Until only a black shadow was seen snaking from one tree to another.

Then suddenly Stuga lunged down.

One hand forward and the other hand kept behind, his forearm swollen and ready to explode, he flies through the air like superman.

“[Padakacarma]!” Moku re-flow biofield to his feet and dodge quickly.


Stuga’s fist hit the ground and sank, but his attacks didn’t stop there, his swollen forearm then exploded causing a shockwave to spread around him.

Moku was once again hit by the shockwave and made him vomit blood. His body was thrown far back.

Stuga was also hit by a shockwave but the result was not as bad as Moku felt, his body was thrown backwards, he reached out his hand, grabbed a tree branch, and again swinging from tree to tree.

Moku’s body landed on the ground and rolled around.

He quickly got back on his feet and mounted his stance. Moku saw Stuga was already swinging and moving from one tree to another quickly.

“What the fucking technique is this?!” Moku wiped the blood that dripped from between his lips.

At this moment he realized that he was being beaten badly by a gorilla that he called stupid.

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