The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 6 Killer Dance

Goku’s groan of pain was heard, the orcs watching the match were dumbfounded.

They never expected that the strongest orc would be bent over in pain.

Goku’s current body is in its weakest state. With a broken rib, it makes it difficult for Goku to take a breath.

With irregular breathing, the body will find it difficult to recover energy.

Moku stood up and caught his breath. His hands are still in front of his face, ready to dodge if his enemy attacks suddenly.

Goku doesn’t seem to be able to attack, he just groans in pain, but Goku hasn’t given up he only needs a few minutes to recover.

Moku won’t give him a chance to recover.

Moku lowered his stance, the next move was a closing move.

Fifth move, Rear Naked Choke.

This lock move is the most effective and most used in MMA fights. It works by cutting off blood flow to the brain.

This lock works deadly because of its nature that affects the blood vessels. When the brain is deprived of oxygen-rich blood with this technique, the enemy will quickly faint.

Moku moves behind Goku quickly and climbs on his back.

Moku’s right arm wrapped around Goku’s neck with his left arm pulling his right wrist as hard as he could.

The reason why martial arts athletes are considered dangerous is because they master some deadly moves. They practice these movements until their bodies remember them.

In combat the practitioners would use this move reflexively. Punches, kicks and pins that they trained will come out automatically under the control of their instincts.

However, to face Goku, an orc whose height, weight, and attack range exceeds Moku’s, he is unable to fight as usual.

In martial arts, athletes will be distinguished by weight class, this is to avoid an unbalanced match. Someone who has a heavier body mass will be able to hit harder.

In the fight between Moku and Goku, Goku’s body weight far exceeds Moku’s body weight. One hit from Goku can knock Moku to death.

The conclusion is Moku can’t give Goku a chance to hit or he will die.

Moku makes a plan to ensure his opponent’s next move.

First move, bait. Goku’s body will bend down for a tackle, making his head position parallel to Moku’s.

If Moku doesn’t make Goku crouch then he will have to aim his punch higher, which will reduce the power of his fist. But with their position parallel, he can deliver a straight punch with full power.

Moku’s punch in the second move makes Goku lose his sight. This will make it difficult for Goku to predict the movement of his enemy.

The third move to stop Goku’s movement. The fourth movement also has the same purpose, coupled with the disturbance in his breathing making it difficult for Goku to gather energy.

Moku will finish this fight with his fifth move. Goku will pass out with cuts to his eyes, swollen knees, and broken ribs.

This is how a professional martial artist fights.

The fight does not start after the bell rings, the fight has already started when they find out who their opponent is. Athletes will watch videos of their opponents’ fights and make strategies to deal with them.

Combat is not like a game of tic-tac-toe.

Goku, who was finding it harder to breathe, tried to free Moku’s hand from his neck. But with a broken rib he couldn’t muster up the strength.

His trembling knees finally fell to the ground.

Orc Spectator fell silent. Their faces showed the admiration in their hearts.

Swa and Laya smiled proudly at their friends.

But unfortunately.

Goku is not human.


Goku who almost lost consciousness growled in anger like a monster disturbed from sleep.



He dropped his back hard on the ground. Moku who was on his back was pinched and squeezed by Goku’s 200kg body. Air jolted out of Moku’s lungs, causing the lock of his arm around Goku’s neck to loosen.



Goku grabbed Moku wrist and threw him hard. Moku who was thrown like a baseball hit the arena fence.

Moku’s back which collided with the fence creaked and his internal organs shook.

Moku almost lost consciousness, he saw through his half-closed eyes.

Goku stood up slowly.

The bleeding from his eyes had stopped and Goku’s vision was slowly recovering. His right leg which was originally paralyzed began to move again. The pain from the broken ribs began to subside. His breathing slowly became regular.

The crowd saw the fight was not over yet hit the fence, jumped, and cheered loudly.

Their race is like being created to love fighting.

Orcs belong to a species of monster,

With monster power,

With monster endurance,

With monster recovery ability,

And Goku is the strongest monster in this tribe.

No human martial arts techniques, punches, kicks, and locks can defeat this monster.

“Your fighting techniques are really strange. but at this rate, you underestimate me, the strongest orc!” Goku grinned defiantly.

Goku stood up straight, with his back to the sun, and looked at Moku with his bloodshot eyes.

The shadow of Goku’s huge body, blocking the light that fell on Moku. Moku body seems to shrink under his shadow.

Moku vomited blood, grabbed his knees, and make it a support to stand up.

Looking into Goku’s eyes, Moku smiled.

“I’ll show you what ‘the strongest’ is” A voice came out of his bloody mouth.

Moku bent his knees, bent his shoulders, opened his palms, and turned them to the sky. It’s like the opening move of a dance.

This is a martial art that Moku learns more deeply than any other martial art. This martial art comes from his hometown.

But he never wanted to use it when competing. The reason?

Moku doesn’t want to go to jail for killing his opponent in a match. This is not self-defense but a killing move.


Goku who saw Moku’s strange movement, held his breath. It was as if there were wild beasts around that would be disturbed by the sound of his breathing.

‘what’s this?’

Goku got goosebumps. No killing aura was felt from Moku.


So calm like the deep ocean harboring monsters.

Like a tall green grass hiding a tiger that settles behind it.

But Goku’s instincts told him to immediately run away from that place.

He’s scare.

The strongest orcs were scare.

Moku is no longer an MMA champion but a ‘Pandeka’. The aura around his body changed. Moku stepped forward.

Moku walked with strange movements, every time he stepped forward his hands were like dispelling water and his feet were like stepping on fire.

Moku dances.

Goku and the audience who saw this were confused. Swa and Laya wanted to pat their foreheads.

Silat is divided into two, Mancak and Silek.

The word mancak or also known as the flower of silat is in the form of silat dance movements that are exhibited in traditional events or other ceremonial events. The movements for mancak are strived to be as beautiful and as good as possible because they are for the show.

While Silek is not for performance, but an art of fighting. So that the movements are attempted as little as possible, fast, precise, and paralyze the opponent.

Each attack of silek aims to immobilize or kill his opponent. Silek teaches its practitioners to attack the vulnerable points on the human body or what they call the ‘Hampal’ points.

The use of these two types is very different. Mancak is a movement commonly seen in silat performances and silat is a fighting art that is only issued to the enemy.

When Moku learns silat for the first time, he feels like something is missing. After studying this martial art Moku knows what is lacking.

Intention to kill.

Every martial art is born to injure or hurt the enemy, but silat has a movement that aims to avoid a fight and not hurting the enemy.

The silat movements he learned were like dance moves. Beautiful but meaningless. After realizing it Moku felt disappointed. Martial Arts from his hometown only limited to this.

Moku reluctantly went to his teacher with the intention to stop practicing.

When he expressed his intentions. The teacher asked back what he had learned so far.

Moku replied that all this time he was learning to dance. The teacher laughed heartily while holding his stomach. Then said with a sentence that made Moku confused.

“Yes, obviously you learn to dance. If you are in the arena you must learn to dance!”

The Teacher smiled then gave him a letter and ordered him to deliver the letter to an old man who lives in a mountain.

Moku, who wanted to devote one last time to his teacher, agreed and promised to complete the task.

Moku took public transportation and started his journey. During the trip, Moku kept thinking about what his teacher’s words meant.

Moku arrives at a village located at the foot of a mountain. The people of this village have fair skin and small noses, their bodies look fit but there is calm in their every move.

Moku asked one of the old man who was sitting in the coffee shop. The coffee they drink smells very good and the coffee cup is made of coconut shells.

The old man only wore a sarong with a sleeveless shirt, in his hand was a freshly burned cigarette. He looked relaxed despite the cold mountain air.

“Sir. Sorry to interrupt, I want to ask, where is the address of this house, sir?” Moku asked politely.

The old man read the address on the letter and smiled.

“Whose student are you?” The old man asked.

Moku was confused by the question, he had elementary, junior high, and high school teachers. But Moku understood that the old man was asking about the name of his silat teacher.

“Datuak Sri Maharajo, sir,” Moko replied.

“Ohh, it turns out the coastal people. The house you are going to is on that hill.” The old man answered after being enlightened.

He pointed to a valley filled with tall trees. From where they sat they could see a hill in the middle of the forest like a skyscraper in the middle of the city.

“Thank you very much sir!” Moku cupped his hands in gratitude.

The old man smiled, took a deep breath of his cigarette, then exhaled the smoke at Moku. Moku who wasn’t used to cigarette smoke coughed.

He looked at the old man with a questioning face. ‘Why is this old man suddenly so rude’ he thought annoyed. Moku felt he was being polite while he was talking, so there was no way he could make the old man angry.

“So that you don’t get eaten by ‘Inyiak’. HAHAHAHA” The old man answered and laughed loudly.

Moku’s hair stood on end, he just nodded gratefully, and immediately walked away.

In the afternoon, Moku arrived at the top of the hill after passing through the wilderness. Moku didn’t know if it was because of the old man’s cigarette smoke or because he was lucky, Moku didn’t meet any wild animals during his journey.

He saw a small house. The walls are made of woven bamboo, the pillars are stuck in stone, and the roof is made of straw and palm fiber with both sharp ends forming the image of a buffalo horn.

Moku was stunned to see this building, simple but majestic.

Moku continued to walk, in front of the house there was a bucket of water, Moku took off his shoes and washed his feet there. Then he climbed the steps and came to a door with an engraving he didn’t understand.

Moku banged on the door, but after a long wait no one came to answer. Moku banged again. He did the same thing three more times, until the door opened.

A grandpa with white hair and a white beard came out of the door. He wore a turban rolled up on his head and a white robe made of cotton.

Seeing Moku, the grandpa immediately asked angrily. “Don’t you know manners!?”

Moku was shocked and confused.

His face full of question marks, making the grandpa curious.

“Where do you come from?” He asked.

“Eh.. Ah.. um… here I come with a letter, Grandpa. This is the address according to the letter, right?” Moku replied stuttering.

Moku gave a letter from his teacher to the grandpa.

The grandpa saw the letter in Moku’s hand, didn’t take it immediately, he looked back at Moku’s face, then took the letter.

The grandpa opened the letter and read it.

It wasn’t long before he saw Moku’s face again. Exhale then start talking.

“Heeh.. City kids don’t know their customs anymore. Come in!” The grandpa shook his head and told Moku to come in.

After that day, Moku learned a lot from that Grandpa. The grandpa was named Datuk nan Sabatang, he taught Moku not only silat but also about customs, manners, and morals.

After learning some silat moves, Moku realized what his teacher meant. That in the arena you can only learn to dance, namely mencak. But silek is not for show.

Moku who remembered his two silat masters smiled.

“what the fuck are you doing?” Goku was embarrassed from being scared by Moku’s strange moves, growling furiously.

Moku responded with a smile. Pull the index and middle fingers of the hand that is floating forward. Invitation to attack.

Goku feels belittled and attacks forward. His swift punches aimed at Moku’s head with the intent to crush him.

The first move, Snake Form.

Moku neither dodge nor parry Goku’s punch, but he catches Goku’s hand and lets his body be carried away by the force of Goku’s punch.

Goku’s punch, which is very fast and strong, slowly changes direction, decreases, and passes through Moku’s left body until the power in Goku’s punch is lost.

However, the power from the blow did not disappear but was absorbed by Moku’s body. The energy was channeled into his arm and released in the form of a punch.

Moku’s body is like rubber under pressure, the elasticity of the rubber will absorb the energy from the pressure and throw it back with the same force.

Moku doesn’t form fists by clenching all his fingers. He just bent his finger until it touched the base, Muko’s fist looked like a snake’s head.

​ Swusshh



The punch went fast and hit Goku’s neck. His throat was cracked. Goku’s breath hitched.

Moku made Goku’s arm a grip, climbed on him, and dropped to the ground with his head down.

Moku uses the gravitational pull of the earth to fly his feet into the air, doing a hard kick to Goku’s chin making his head tilt hard upwards.



Goku’s fractured troath opens. His face was pale from lack of blood in the brain.

Moku who fell, stretched out his hands and gripped the ground. Moku’s ten fingers stretched out like tiger claws.

The second movement, Tiger Form.

Moku pushed his body forward with his claws, his legs that were floating in the air pulled down quickly. But before his feet touched the ground Moku’s body charged forward quickly.

Moku passed through Goku’s two exposed legs, his body spinning like a bullet passing between two adjacent tree branches.

Moku curled up in the air and kicked his legs to the ground. When his feet touch the ground, Moku bends his legs again, and absorbs the shock that comes from his jump. He landed silently.



Moku who crouched down, stepped back, and elbowed the back of Goku’s knees. He channeled the force he got from the impact on landing and channeled it into both elbows.

Goku’s knees creaked, Goku fell to his knees with his back still straight.

The third move, Eagle Form.

Moku then turned, jumped, his legs back into a squat position, and his arms spread wide. Moku jumps high above Goku’s head.

In midair, Moku lowered his right leg, and his body was pulled down again by the gravity. Moku looks like an eagle pounce on its prey.



Moku drops a flying kick right behind Goku’s neck. His throat, which was already open, was broken in two by the hard kick.

Three hits with the same target.

These three strokes are like a lumberjack to chop down a big tree.

The first two strokes are to make the notch.

One last kick is to make the feeling cut.

To explain it took a long time, but this incident only lasted for 2 seconds.


Goku’s body fell on his face with his face facing the sky, Goku’s eyes were still wide, not understanding what had just happened.

Moku landed on a crouch. Then kneel down.

Place both palms on his ears and lower them to the ground.

Moku repeats the same movement to the four corners of the front, back, right, and left.

Moku stood up and walked over to Goku’s body.

After feeling his pulse. Moku is surprised, Goku is still alive.

The endurance of the orc body never ceases to amaze Moku. If these movements are targeted at humans then Moku can decapitate them.

“Oi! get a knife, a twig, and bring your leather or cloth!” Moku gave the order without looking at the crowd of orcs.

But no one answered. Moku turned his head towards the crowd of orcs.

Their faces were still frozen.

Saliva dripped from their gaping mouths.

Their wide-open eyes had long since become dry.

Seeing their stupid faces, Moku became furious.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING THERE LIKE A DUMB ORCS! Didn’t you hear my orders? I AM YOUR NEW ‘KU’!” Moku shouted angrily.

“Yes, Sir!” Answer the orcs.

The Orcs who woke up with Moku’s angry scream immediately rushed to look for wood, cloth, and leather.

While searching, they just realized that this tribe has a new ‘Ku’ and he is not yet 8 years old.

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