The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2276 Escape from Misthall

As Maximillian and Minos began to fly through the sky above Misthall, several powerful auras appeared around the city.

It didn’t even take a minute from Minos’ departure from where Atar was for the mainly Silverdawn forces to realize the action of enemies in their city!

“Shit! Several mid-level Sovereigns are appearing one after the other.” Maximillian said as Minos carried him, as he was the faster of the two.

“I think we’ve poked a bloody hornet’s nest,” Minos said in a pessimistic tone.

“Did you at least get the proof we needed?” Maximillian looked at him as he could already see a dozen Sovereigns chasing them.

Minos’ speed was excellent, so they would have a few minutes’ respite before their problem became serious enough for them to try another strategy.

Unfortunately, the amount of energy Minos had at his disposal was much less than the level 104, 105, 106, and even 107 individuals chasing them!

Minos confirmed. “As soon as I had asked the questions we had to confirm, I transmitted that recording to Officer Rhett.

After I said goodbye to Atar, I sent the recording to all the nearby guild groups.

There must already be some group moving. If we can hold off the pursuit of the enemies for a few minutes, we can get away with it.”

“Tsk! We won’t last more than five minutes at the current rate.” Maximillian said in a highly pessimistic tone. “But you did the right thing. That was our only alternative.

Use my energy to prolong our escape as long as you can.”

Minos quickly did as his long-haired black companion suggested, using the Devouring Art to absorb Maximillian’s energies, who had much more energy than him despite their differences in strength.

As they flew over this city, Minos dodged many attacks launched in his direction, which tried to prevent them from fleeing the area. Meanwhile, the enemies pursued him with hatred in their eyes.

“Shit! The wretch has a great absorbable weapon!” Shouted Atar as he flew after Minos, but without managing to reduce the distance between him and his opponent.

In fact, as time went by, Atar felt he was falling further and further behind!

“What exactly happened, Atar?” Asked a fellow sect member who had just joined the chase.

“The wretch knows about what the young master has achieved. He’s fleeing towards Armhands’ forces to harm us!” Atar said without giving the details that he had informed Minos of such a thing.

“What?” The level 107 being almost felt his eyes pop out of his face. 𝘦.𝘤𝘰𝑚

That was terrible!

If anyone else knew about this, their sect could soon become the target of powers of the same level intent on eliminating it or of stronger organizations intent on dominating them!

They didn’t want any of that because now, with someone who had obtained The Scroll of Hearts, they could develop to the next level and reach the first Supreme of their organization.

That would be revolutionary for their organization, and they couldn’t accept the risk of being dominated by a more powerful force or being destroyed by opponents of a similar level to theirs!

The men near Atar hurried their movements, once again faced with this problem after meeting their young master on that fateful day weeks ago.

With news spreading from man to man of Silverdawn, soon, the first high-level Sovereign would join the chase and become the first to manage to close the distance between himself and his enemies as he moved.

“Shit! A fucking level 110 Sovereign!” Maximillian shouted at Minos as he saw the being that was chasing them, clearly intent on killing them both!

Minos felt goosebumps all over his body as he looked back, still flying in an irregular trajectory to dodge the many enemy attacks coming his way.

However, that wouldn’t last long. Shortly after they left Misthall, the level 110 enemy came close enough to them that they could no longer run away without counterattacking or defending themselves.

“Let’s defend ourselves together!” Minos said to Maximillian as the being made a gigantic insect leg appear out of thin air, charging towards them like a building about to crush them.

Maximillian used all his energy to make several layers of shield around himself and Minos, while Emperor Stuart allocated all his remaining energy to his wings before covering himself and Maximillian with those golden wings.

Then, as the two stopped flying away and tried to defend themselves, that gigantic insect’s paw reached them, destroying all of Maximillian’s barriers as if they were nothing.

The man collapsed in Minos’ arms before the powerful feathers of Emperor Stuart’s wings were hit.

Minos’ eyes opened wide at the same time as his mouth dropped open, and a high-pitched cry of pain erupted from him.


Then Minos and Maximillian were thrown with great force towards the ground. Neither of them could withstand the enemy’s attack, and they fainted before they even reached the ground.


When they hit the ground, a loud explosion sounded, with the two of them destroying many stones in the ground where they fell, creating a huge crater due to the size of their Soul Avatars.

The two avatars disappeared while the bloodied and unconscious bodies of those two stopped moving, covered in dirt and debris.

Two seconds after they fell there, the level 110 being stopped in mid-air, 12 meters away from them. He looked at them for a moment, then aimed his legs in the direction of the two targets, prepared to eliminate the enemies of his sect right then and there.

He moved, making his menacing legs attack those two, giving them no chance.

From that distance and with the difference in powers between them, there was no way Minos and Maximillian could survive that!


The space collapsed with the attack of this individual, the first to come so close to killing Minos!

A voice suddenly came out when he was only 3 meters away from Minos.

“Trying to kill members of my guild, Stin?” A winged being suddenly appeared in front of Minos and Maximillian while putting one of his hands forward.

Then, using only one of his hands, the newcomer defended Minos and Maximillian from the brutal attack of the level 110 Sovereign!


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