The World Conquest: Giving Birth To Become A God

Chapter 289 Unrivalled Will

Chapter 289 Unrivalled Will

Thinking of the massive amount of system points he needed, he could only shake his head.

Now, even his money is almost depleted.

He had thought that he could achieve financial freedom after accumulating almost a sextillion crystal merits.

Who knew that just condensing his domain would cost 700 quintillion crystal merits?

Furthermore, there were also about 200 quintillions for his advancement and another 50 quintillions for his family.

All in all, the 990 quintillion he had shrank to a mere 40 quintillion.

Now that he reached tier 8, a mere 40 quintillion was simply not enough.

Like the ultimate treasure, tier 9 books and knowledge, training resources, weapons, etc.

40 quintillion is simply a pocket change for the money he needed.

“Looks like it’s time to sell those tier 8 books…”

Although he hadn’t sold those tier 8 knowledge in recent years, he was not idle.

He had already bought the tier 8 printer to print various knowledge into books.

Now, in his ever-expanding Storage Dimension, a galaxy with the printer as its ‘sun’ began to rotate.

His storage dimension was truly turning into the dimension of knowledge comparable to the river of knowledge that flows through all the dimensions.

“System, list all the available books in the shop. It’s time to earn the money,” Maximus commanded.

Although his system didn’t have any spirit, it was still pretty intelligent.

His shop, the storage dimension, and real-time monitoring of his body were all on its task.

His system managing the Dimensional Library in the Myriad World Mall prevented others of weaker tiers from peeping.

As a tier 12 treasure remnant, anyone under it was not worthy of peeping on it.

However, to be on the safe side, Maximus wanted to separate the dimensional library from him.

Although he didn’t know if those tier 12 beings would be interested in him, it’s better to be careful than regret later.

As for the storage dimension, printing and sorting were under its management.

After all, he can’t let all those precious equipment and resources collide with each other.

It needed to be categorized efficiently, which is just appropriate for the system to manage.

Regarding his body’s real-time monitoring, it’s a preventive measure.

Although he is confident in his own strength.

Who knows if there is someone who can curse him or something?

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Soon, his system listed all the available knowledge already printed in the Dimensional Library.

“I wonder how much money I can earn this time…”

In the Immortal Dimension:

In the cultivation capital of the dimension, a young man was in a slump, thinking of his dark future.

“Sigh, when will this end…”

In the Immortal Dimension, one of the most powerful tier 12 dimensions in the Omniverse, competition is never-ending.

All those who fall would descend into mediocrity, losing the chance to live an immortal life.

For Atlas, he didn’t care if he lived long or not, but he loathed living a life of mediocrity.

He would rather die than accept it.

However, from the beginning of his birth until now, all kinds of results have shown that he is average.

His physique, talent, comprehension, luck, and such are all average.

Perhaps he can even be the median for others to compare in all of the Immortal Dimension.

Fortunately, he was gifted with an incredible talent that the whole dimension, or perhaps even himself, was unaware of.

It’s the will.

The will to never give up.

The will to never stop.

The will to never accept what he is not satisfied with.

Atlas was prepared to do anything to achieve his goals.

“Huh? The Dimensional Library updated?” Atlas said in surprise.

This dimensional shop can be said to be his go-to.

Even with his mediocrity, he can still find something that can make him advance.

Even so, average is still average.

No matter what he did, it’s average.

It seems that he was cursed by it.

Even the heaven-defying cultivation manual in the library was of no use to him.

“Let’s see if there is something new this time.”

Browsing from top to bottom, he looked at those powerful manuals.

Reading those incredible introductions, Atlas could only look in envy.

“Unfortunately, I’m barely tier 3…”

“Huh, what is this?”

Unconsciously scrolling, he saw an unranked book.

Like fate guiding him, he unconsciously tapped on the book.

[Unrivaled Will: (Unranked)

The most dominating condensation method; Compressing every particle of your being to condense the most powerful body.

lightsnοvεl Caution: it hurts like hell, Pain level 100 quintillion]

Looking at the simple description, Atlas’s eyes lit up.

As for the caution that it’s painful, who the hell cares?

But in reality, a pain level of 10 can already kill a mortal.

As for a 100 quintillion pain level, it could probably kill a tier 9 being.

Even Maximus, who created this, just made it for fun.

After chatting with Malgron, Malgron bragged that nothing in this world could make him frown.

Eager to make this arrogant person scream like a girl, Maximus accidentally created it.

Initially, it was just a prank.

However, when Malgron tried the manual, although he didn’t scream like a girl as Maximus intended, they saw an amazing phenomenon.

The more painful something is, the faster the training.

It seems like the origin of the Omniverse wanted to pity these fearless individuals for their efforts.

Furthermore, this kind of speed is regardless of all the obstacles.

A mortal, a robot, a plant, water, and such can train with this manual.

However, the pain inflicted is also regardless of all.

Any treasure, medicine, special physique, etc., can’t be used to ease the pain.

Such an amazing manual.

Maximus felt that it could even reach the ultimate dimensional level if it were not for its pain.

Feeling pity for such an amazing manual to be buried with him, he sold it in the Myriad World Mall.

To avoid being connected by Malgron in the future, he edited and upgraded the manual.

First, the pain threshold was increased to 100 quintillion.

If not for his limited ability, he would even increase the pain a notch.

After all, although he didn’t want the manual to be buried, he also didn’t want others to find it easily.

Second is the difficulty of the manual.

It’s more stupid proof than stupid proof.

Even a rock with a brain can comprehend it in a few days.

Anyway, as long as one had a spirit, one could comprehend the manual.

After buying the manual, Atlas studied it for a few days.

“This is quite easy!” Atlas felt enlightened, not believing that he could study a manual in just a few days.

Even the fool-proof manual he bought previously in the dimensional library took him a few decades to barely understand. ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs, ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴠɪsɪᴛ NovᴇlFirᴇ.ɴet

“Let’s see if I really mastered it…”

Sitting cross-legged, he started to circulate the energy inside him as told in the manual.

As soon as he started, he felt like he was being bitten by ants all over his body.

The second passed, and he felt his body being hammered all around.

Another second, and he felt he was being boiled in lava.

As each second passed, the pain level skyrocketed multiple times.

100 thousand pain level…

200 thousand pain level…

400 thousand pain level…

800 thousand pain level…

1 million pain level…

As soon as the million reached, even with his amazing will, Atlas felt his body was no longer his body.

His thoughts also couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Should I give up?’

‘Anyway, it’s not bad to live a life of mediocrity…’

‘With my amazing will, I can probably reach immortality…’

‘Why do I need to struggle so much…’

‘I should stop; otherwise, I will really die…’

‘I should stop…’

‘I have had enough of this pain!’






As Atlas’s will started to collapse, the pain level also reached a billion.

Even then, without reaching the 100 quintillion set in the manual,no energy or advancement happened.

All of this made Atlas’s will, which was already cracking, almost burst into pieces.

As Atlas felt his life passed by, a thought couldn’t help but pop up in his mind.

‘I’m dying…’

This time, he was going to die.

Just because of his will, even with all the pain, his body is still functioning.

Now that his will is collapsing, his body is also beginning to collapse.

‘Is this what I wanted?’

‘Is all my effort worth it?’

“NO!” Atlas roared unconsciously.

“I don’t want to die!”

“I want to live!”

“To hell with this pain!”

“To hell with everything!”

“There is nothing in this world that can stop me!”

“No matter who it is!”

“No matter what it is!”

“It can’t stop me!”

“Come, pain!”

“It’s not enough!”




Atlas continues roar, kept his collapsing body alive.

As the pain increased, instead of complaining about it, Atlas felt alive.


“Pain is but a fleeting feeling…” Atlas muttered as the pain reached its peak.

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