Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 10 - Horrifying Nightmare


Yvonne jolted awake from her slumber by a loud noise. 

The last thing that she remembers before she lost her consciousness was falling from a height and crashing into something soft.

She opened her eyes and found herself all entangled in her comforter and when she tried to get out, it just got more messed up and complicated.

She could feel the floor's coldness seeping into her butt because she was right now on the floor.

'I must have fallen down in my sleep.' She guessed the reason and immediately ceased trying to release herself from the web that was her comforter and just laid right there on the stone-cold floor.

'I can feel the floor and my comforter! This means that everything that happened was just a dream. A twisted and horrifying nightmare that I hope to never ever get in my entire lifetime!' Yvonne shut her eyes and took deep breaths in to calm her thumping heart.

She calmly raised her hand and ran it through her hair and tried to clean up the messy hair that she often woke up with.

'Huh?' She frowned when she felt that her hair was smooth as ever and completely tangle-free.

That was also fine, but what caused her to panic was when her shoulder-length hair just kept going on and on.

"Did I get extensions in my sleep?" She cracked up at this but soon stopped.

'Was that my voice? Why did it sound so cringey?' She opened her eyes once again but still couldn't see her surroundings because of the comforter over her head.

Though the sunlight seeped through the material she couldn't make out anything that was on the outside.

She slowly lifted her hand to try getting herself out of this super annoying comforter but froze.

'What the heck is happening to me?' She gawked at her hand and tried turning it around to see if this was her hand or someone else's.

The tiny milky white and fleshy hand turned to show the sight of a soft-looking pinkish palm.

'This definitely isn't mine!' She lifted her other hand and found the exact same thing.

She weighed her fingers and joined them together. She finally noticed that all the commands that she was giving to her brain, these two hands were following in the exact same way.

'Okay, now it's officially the time to freak out!' And with that thought, Yvonne screamed at the top of her lungs and struggled to get the damned comforter off her head.

She heard shallow footsteps moving towards her and knew exactly who it might be.

"Vince, you son of a bi-" Her colorful language came to a halt when the comforter was quickly yet carefully removed from her.

The light finally hit Yvonne's eyes and this made her flinch. 

She hurriedly lifted those weird hands of hers and covered her sensitive eyes.

"Young Miss Yvonne, how did you get off the bed? Did you tumble while rolling around in your sleep?" She heard a voice speaking to her in a sugary sweet voice.

'Geez is she talking to a grown-up woman or to a dog? Even dogs would cringe at her tone!' She opened her eyes to give this woman a piece of her mind.

She saw a woman who looked like she was in her fifties looking down at her with gentle eyes. 

'Who is this?' She couldn't recognize the woman before her. 

Yvonne was in charge of hiring people in the St. Claire mansion and she was sure that she had never seen this woman before in her entire life.

Round face with wrinkly eyes and auburn hair tied into a bun. 

'Nope, never seen her before!' Yvonne tried to recall who she was but she couldn't.

"Who are you? How did you enter my room?" She roared, but what came out was a child's cute voice.

"Wait, what?" Yvonne held her throat and spoke again but the outcome was the same.

"Miss, are you okay?" The woman asked in a concerned voice and placed her hand on Yvonne's forehead.

"Dear God! You are burning up! Let me get you off this cold floor!" Yvonne heard her panicky voice and saw that the woman leaned forward.

Yvonne raised her hand so that the woman might pull her up but she was instead picked up like a child by that woman.

"Let me go! How are you so strong?" Yvonne yelled as she kicked the woman.

"What's the strength needed to lift a soft little child like you?" She placed Yvonne on the bed then tapped on her nose and covered her with another comforter.

'Child? Who the fuck is she calling a child!?' Yvonne screamed in her mind.

But those words never came out of her mouth when she noticed her surroundings.

The room was large and had everything one needed to survive but this was most definitely not her room.

'Where is this? Everything looks so old and rickety!' She grimaced.

'Have I been abducted and injected with sedative?' Her eyes flashed understanding because only this reason would explain the bizarre dream she had, coupled with her weakness in struggling with this woman who lifted her up and also the hallucinations about her arms and voice.

"Who has ordered you to kidnap me and how much are they demanding for the ransom?" She fiercely glared at the woman who stood by her bed, folding the comforter that was on the floor.

'I won't go back if they ask for even a cent lower than 5 billion!' She puffed and stared at the woman who was now panicking.

'Oh so now she's anxious that I know the truth?' Yvonne smiled at her in a sinister way and that made the woman run away.

Looking at the woman bolting from the room, Yvonne shook off the comforter and moved quickly to get off the bed.

'I better find a way to escape. Just because I have the money doesn't mean that I would be willing to spend it on a ransom. That too on such unprofessional kidnappers. Hmph!'

This was not Yvonne's first time being abducted, so she knew that the first rule was to find out about her surroundings.

She just needed to get out of this place safely and find a way to contact her grandpa who would send her a chopper and successfully rescue her.

She calmly jumped off the bed but she found one major flaw in her super easy and well thought out plan.

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