Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 13 - Live The Life

When Yvonne woke up from her slumber, the sun was already setting outside and the room was filled with bold orange hues that made it look magical.

She sat up straight and looked around her.

'Still in the same place huh?' She sighed and thought of the stuff that had exploded up in her mind.

When she was asleep, things that she had no knowledge about earlier were now clear and evident in her mind.

'The capital of the Kingdom of Rosenhyde is Amarthea.'

'The Earldom of the St. Claire's family is to the Northeast of the capital.'

'King Ophire ascended to the throne 6 years ago, after his father's death.'

Random information suddenly appeared in her brain. 

Information, she was confident that she was not aware of prior to today.

Getting out of the huge bed, Yvonne dawdled over to the huge silver mirror placed beside the window.

She looked at her reflection and was once again stunned by what she saw.

Fair skin with big expressive amethyst eyes, well-shaped brows and big pouty lips.

She blinked her eyes and they turned watery which could make any person who saw her want to give her the entire world.

'Even for a child, this cuteness is devastating!' She pinched her bulging rosy cheeks and they turned a deep red with the slightest pressure that she had applied.

'What a weak body!' She clicked her tongue and continued scrutinizing herself.

She was petite and slightly chubby. She had the overly cute form that you would expect any four year old child to look like, but the deep furrowed brows and the frowning lips made her look like a grumpy garden gnome.

She stroked her long violet mane and suddenly thought of something in the back of her mind.

'The hair that looked raven under the shade of the oak tree was concealing the actual violet tint that she was blessed with.' Again she recognized something that made her frown.

"Where did this worthless nonsense come from?" Those words earlier had appeared in her mind out of the blues.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate and figure it out.

'Yvonne St. Claire, the beloved daughter of Rutherford and Raylene St. Claire. The woman who shed uncontrollable tears when she saw the man she loved dearly, showing his concern and anxiety for the other woman lying unconscious on the bed.'

Those words rang in her head and she widened her eyes.

'I've read those exact words before!' She grit her teeth when she recalled why the newfound information in her head felt so familiar.

"ASMODEUS DEL OVIN!! You shitty bird brain! What have you done?" She roared in her fury.

Her body swayed and she quickly supported herself by holding the windowsill. She was panting hard because she had used a lot of her energy to yell just now.

"What did you just call me?" 

As she held her tiny hands over her chest, she heard the familiar squeaky voice that she never ever wanted to hear, right above her head.

"Ouch!" Yvonne clutched her head when she felt a hard peck on it.

"You dared to call me a bird brain?" The tiny blue bird hovered before her eyes.

It's beautiful blue body and grey eyes were the same, only this time they had shrunk into a miniature size.

"What else would I call a bird's brain?" She challenged him and saw him pause to ponder on her words.

'Idiot!' She smirked gloatingly for having tricked him but winced when she realized that he could read her thoughts.

"Looks like my punishment wasn't enough!" He smiled wickedly.

"So this was your work!? What did you do? Where am I?" She glared at him as she waited for his answers.

By now, Yvonne had realized that this was not the world that she once knew. The information swarming in her brain implied that this was a whole new world, a world that she did not belong to. 

"You said that my work was worthless, right?" He chirped happily.

"Huh? Are you a masochist?" She looked at him in suspicion.

"What? No?" The blue bird squealed loudly.

"Then why do you keep asking me to trash talk your script?" She innocently tilted her head with her hands on her hips.

"You...!" He frowned deeply.

'Dammit! That adorable face does not match the demon residing in that body!' Asmodeus cursed himself for putting her inside this cute little girl's body.

'I should have put her in some old hag's body! She acts like one anyway!' He harrumphed.

"Since you insulted my story so easily, let's see how you handle living in this world." His grey eyes glowed eerily.

Yvonne's eyes widened when she heard this and Asmodeus was clearly enjoying her panicked expressions.

"What was that you said? 'Worst punishment', right?" He flew around her body then he stopped again at her face and glared at her.

"Live the life that you mocked! I want to see how the high and mighty Yvonne St. Claire copes with the life that she deems as punishment!" His miniature body glowed and slowly became translucent.

"Maybe then you will come to appreciate my work." With those parting words echoing in her ears, the nasty bird god vanished from her sight.

Yvonne was gritting her milk teeth hard at his words and wished to throttle that tiny little neck of his.

'I know that hurting animals and birds is bad, but what can you do when the bird is literally asking to be trampled underneath my foot!' She stomped her foot on the cold floor imaging it to be that stupid bird god.

After enjoying her fantasy of squishing him alive, Yvonne trudged back to her bed and tried to pull her annoyingly tiny body upon the high bed.

'Stupid baby body!' She grumbled and wiggled her butt to try and jump up.

After many trials, she finally succeeded in getting herself back on her bed.

"According to what that idiot bird said, this is my life now? Life inside a mind-numbing romance script?" She cursed all the people who had let that stupid script to even reach her desk.

"Just wait till I see them again! I'll fire them all!" She pumped her fists but suddenly halted.

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