Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 27 - Marquess Samed

"So, Yvonne, I heard you fell off a horse and lost all your memories?" The man sitting before her chuckled when he thought about the letter that he had received from Earl St. Claire.

"That is what I have been told." Yvonne was not in the least bit amused by his cheerful face.

It was the next day and her first class of the day was history class.

The beautiful man sitting before her was the tutor that her mother had spoken about yesterday.

Sullivan Samed, the smartest man in the kingdom.  A young Marquess with long silver hair and red eyes, a deadly combination.

'That bird really does like beautiful things.' She remarked because everybody she had met until now was gorgeous. 

"I see that you have changed quite a bit," Sullivan smirked at her.

"A good change, I would hope." She calmly replied.

She looked like a small stubby statue with no emotions on her face as she spoke.

"Hmm… Certainly good." His answer pleased her greatly.

'People can't help but be impressed when they meet me.' Her narcissistic tendencies were acting up.

"After all, you greeted me in the proper way, you walked elegantly rather than rushing in and most importantly, you did not pick your nose." He mocked her smilingly.

Yvonne's ears turned red and her calm appearance shattered when she heard him.

"And then wipe it on the couch." He finished his words and was enjoying the furious look on her face.

"I did no such thing!" She yelled at him in her adorable voice.

"A tutor needs to always speak the truth to his pupil and not mislead them with such absurd lies!" She criticized him.

"Oh-ho… So I'm being taught how to be a proper tutor huh?" He narrowed his eyes.

'This seemingly innocent man is not so innocent after all!' She watched how he looked at her without blinking.

Not wanting to back down, she too stared right back at him challengingly.

Out of nowhere, he burst into peals of laughter and wiped the tears that formed at the corners of his eyes.

"When Earl told me that you had matured overnight, I did not believe him. But it seems that I was wrong." He nodded his head.

"You know what that means?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

'I feel that I just dug a pit for myself.' She warily looked at him.

Sullivan was pleased with her vigilant eyes and proudly announced what his words meant.

"This means that I can increase your workload. Instead of one hour every day we will be studying for three." He clapped his hands excitedly.

In this world, it was believed that women did not need to get an education as long as they could properly serve their husbands or popularly known as their 'masters'. 

But the new King had a progressive mind and encouraged the women to also get an education, though they couldn't go to Academies like the rest of the boys in the kingdom. They could get tutors to come home and teach them the lessons necessary to survive in this world.

It might be a small step for the women but they all were overjoyed by this tiny effort made by their King.

Being known for his wit and wisdom, Marquess Samed was called to tutor a large number of young ladies from noble families. 

But he only had a chosen few pupils and Yvonne St. Claire was the best among them even though she was a wilful spoiled brat at times. 

What intrigued him was that she always aced his tests even when she did not give her entire attention to his classes.


The only problem was that her parents did not want to overburden her with many things at such a young age. So they limited her study time to just one hour per day.

'What!? I have to see this smug face for three hours continuously?' That was what she was worried about the most.

"Starting from today." He beamed at her while she scowled.

'She really does give out a different aura from before. This is going to be so much more interesting than what I had thought.' Sullivan smirked and placed two big fat books on the table between them. He kept one with him and passed the other to her.

Yvonne glanced at the book and rolled her eyes. It was the same book that she had read in the library of her summer mansion.

"Let's start our class, shall we?" Sullivan flipped the book open.

"Page one. Our God and Prote-" He began reading.

"Yea... Yea... I know. God and protector. Almighty Asmodeus Del Ovin. Benevolent and merciful." She repeated what she had read earlier.

Sullivan frowned because her book was not even open and she was reciting the exact words from the first chapter.

Noticing his questioning eyes, Yvonne explained that she had already read this book and its next edition as well.

"Oh-ho… Looks like I have to improve your reading schedule." He closed the book and thought of what to teach next because the lesson that he had planned for today was already completed.

"So let's talk about something else then?" He proposed and Yvonne just shrugged her shoulders.

'Whatever.' She was playing with the tassels on her pink flowery frock.

"What do you want to become when you grow older?" He questioned her seriously.

"A businesswoman." She replied without even a second's hesitation.

After all, that was her occupation in her previous life and also what she was the best at. 

'Why would I want to do anything else when making money is the best feeling in the world?' Her greedy eyes shone.

Sullivan observed how her eyes twinkled and he chuckled loudly.

"So you don't want to be a princess anymore?" He mocked her.

Previously, on the first day of his class, he had asked her the exact same question and her answer was 'To become a princess'.

"Why would I want to become a useless princess when I can become the queen of my own business empire?" She crossed her hands over her chest and raised her brows.

"Shhh...! What would you do if someone heard that you just insulted the princess?" He shushed her and glanced around the otherwise empty room to see if someone had heard her.

"There's no one here other than the two of us, Marquess Samed." She shook her head at how Timid this man turned out to be.

'Though her words are true, we can get into so much trouble if that crazy King hears that someone just disrespected his precious daughter.' Sullivan wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Did you change your future plans because of your brother?" He asked after he calmed himself down.

Yvonne tilted her head in confusion when she heard his query.

'What does this have anything to do with that brat?' She furrowed her brows.

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