Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 31 - Knights Of Rosenhyde

Her mind wandered about as she recalled the other things she learned from Marquess Samed.

"I don't really want to know about the Royal family because there's absolutely no chance that I will be meeting them in the future." She shook her head.

In fact, this was more a prayer than a fact that she mentioned.

"You never know, because the King is searching for a playmate for the princess and I think you qualify for the position." Sullivan informed her about the latest rumor going around the social circles.

Yvonne's eyes widened and she hurriedly shook her head.

'That was exactly how the Yvonne in the story met Princess Felicia and her other best friend, Glennise!' She was worried that things would repeat once again if she went along with the flow.

"I apologize, Marquess. I do not think that I would make a good playmate for the princess. I am a year younger and I am presently unwell. I wouldn't want the royal princess' studies to be hindered due to my presence." She gave him a logical and valid excuse to avoid any encounters with either of her so-called friends.

"Why are you refusing it as though you are already sure that you would get selected?" Sullivan was amused when he heard her confident rejection.

'That is because I KNOW that I will be selected!' She just smiled without explaining herself.

"Being conceited is a vice, Miss St. Claire." He clicked his tongue at her.

'And clicking your tongue at someone, especially at such a young child is considered to be uncouth. But that did not stop you, now did it?' She held her thoughts back.

"I just think that I am not even qualified to study alongside the royal princess, Marquess. Nothing more than that." She smiled at him and waited for his reply.

'The other young misses are fighting to gain that position and here this student of mine is rejecting it even before she tries.' He sighed because she could have gotten a strong ally in the royal family if she applied for it.

"If you say so. Let's move onto the other families." He shrugged and began speaking again.

"Let's learn more about the different Ducal families." He then told her about new things that weren't mentioned in the story she had read.

There were two Ducal families in Rosenhyde apart from Grand Duke Roschester.

Each Duke had his own knightly order which they managed and trained but they all served the Royal throne with utmost loyalty.

The Grand Duke was master of the Royal knights which were commonly known as the Black Shadow knights.

They specialized in stealth and were present at all times around the royal family to protect them in times of danger or threat.

No one had ever seen the black shadow knights and people always said that it was better to never see one, if not you might end up dead.

The next in line were the Blue Dragon order and the Red Scorpion order of knights.

The Blue Dragon order was managed by Duke Brodie, the right-hand man of King Ophire. 

'That's the main villainess' father.' Yvonne commented when she heard about them.

Duke Brodie had only one daughter, Glennise and he hated the fact that his wife could not give birth to a son after their first child. 

So he always brought her along whenever he went to visit the King, this way she could make acquaintance with the princess who was the same age as her.

'What that foolish father did not know was this move of his brought Glennise closer to Prince Fritzen. Making her fall hopelessly in love with him which was the cause of her eventual doom.' Yvonne felt bad thinking of the things that would happen in the course of this story.

His plan to get Glennise closer to Princess Felicia worked and recently she was called to be her first playmate. 

The second seat was still empty which was supposed to be Yvonne's but right now she had no plans of fulfilling that role.

Marquess Samed then spoke about the next order of knights, The Red Scorpions.

The Red Scorpion order was managed by Duke Tanner.

'That's a name which was never mentioned before, ergo they are safe and have minimum contact with the main characters.' She rejoiced.

Because they might be one of the few families she could freely mingle with if she wants to become a successful businesswoman in the future.

Duke Tanner had two sons. Topher Tanner, 12 years old and Taylor Tanner, 8 years old.

Both of them attended the Royal Academy and were knights in training.

'Howard might be attending the same academy, right?' She wondered.

The Red Scorpions and Blue Dragons always fought for the higher position among the orders. 

But everyone was aware that at the end of the day, Blue Dragons won because they were in charge of the safety of the nobles whereas the Red Scorpions were responsible for law and order among the commoners.

The borders of Rosenhyde were protected by a different and elite order of knights called the Silver Snakes. The information about these knights was limited and sparse.

Marquess Samed had to end the class because his three hours were up and he had to leave for official business.

Thinking about these details that made this world a real and living world rather than just a script that was written by a vengeful god made her feel surreal.

Deep in her thoughts, Yvonne did not notice the silent shadow that was moving in her direction at a high speed.

She was jolted out of her reverie when she was suddenly floating in the air with her feet dangling without any support.

"What the fu-" She yelled out in a panic.

"What is the next word?" She heard a voice right next to her ear.

Looking back, she sighed when she saw that it was just Rutherford and not some kidnapper.

"Nothing. Could you let me down?" She requested softly but her words were ignored as she was carried inside.

"How long have you been out here?" He asked as he wiped the sweat off her brows and led her through the door.

Butler Limo served them glasses of refreshing watermelon juice which Yvonne gulped down greedily.

"Butler informed me that you have been out there for almost an hour now." He stared at her admonishingly.

'Wow! I really was lost in my thoughts.' She made an 'O' face.

Butler Limo chuckled when he saw her adorable face but instantly shut up when he saw the two faces, one big and one small with the exact same scowling expression.

'Is that what people mean when they say 'cut from the same cloth'?' He respectfully bowed and exited the room.

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