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Chapter 567 Touring the Royal Capital – Maria Square

Chapter 567 Touring the Royal Capital – Maria Square

“Hey, you lot, don’t look so depressed. How about a visit to the food stalls?”

Even though I was gratified by the thought of them wanting to eat my cooking, I still felt a little bad about seeing my familiars looking so sad.

Mu, I guess…”

“It won’t be as good as Master’s cooking, but it should be different.”

“”Hey! Who knows, we could probably get something good!””

“”Yummy food ~ Yummy food ~””

Well, luckily everyone seemed quite interested in visiting the food stalls. They wanted to have Supersaurus meat for breakfast, a suggestion which I immediately shot down. I would have to start prep work the day before at least if they want to eat the ‘Super Soft Supersaurus Steaks’.

Not to mention…

“You guys, you want to eat more, but have you forgotten? Our stock of Supersaurus meat is limited because guess what, you guys have wiped out the entire population. They are gone. No more. Once you’ve eaten up our stock, you will never get to eat it ever again.”

For some reason, the Gluttonous Quartet looked horrified by this little nugget of wisdom.

Hey, you guys were the ones that wiped them out. Do you understand the pain of causing an entire species to go extinct now, huh? Looks like my Super Soft Supersaurus ‘Chaliapin’ Steaks project to make them sorry for their actions worked a little too well.

The Gluttonous Quartet appeared a little gloomy even as they ate their Dungeon Pork Mince Bowl for breakfast. Although they were looking forward to visiting the food stalls, their enthusiasm was a little dim.

Eh, I don’t really care one way or another, since my true purpose today is shopping! I’m going to enjoy a great shopping trip today!

Since meat is collected by the Gluttonous Four, and Alban provides me with some of the best vegetables in the world, my aim is for fruits and herbs. Anyway, the plan is to grab whatever looks delicious.

Oh, and flour. I heard that each region has their own variety of flour, so I should get the many varieties as I could for Theresa.

Thanks to Fer and the others, I have a lot of money. Loads of money in fact. I’m looking forward to spending that money on the Royal Capital shops!

“I’m going to eat a lot,” said Fer in a vaguely threatening way.

Umu, I am looking forward to it.”

“”I wonder what the food stalls are like in a rich place like Royal Capital.””

“”Yummy~? Lots~?”

So, you want to eat lots. That’s fine, I have plenty of money~~

By the time our party arrived at Maria Square, we had already stopped by six food stalls.

I wanted to come to this Square because it was a place where the people of Royal Capital came to rest and relax.

Speaking of which, Maria Square is named after the wife of the previous king to commemorate their 20th or 30th wedding anniversary.

The location was pretty great with a panoramic view of the royal castle and very well maintained with lots of people around.

“Woah, there’s even a fountain here?”

I think this was the first time I saw a fountain ever since coming to this world. As expected of a Royal Capital.

I had just started wandering through the square when a rough voice said, “Oi, I’m going that side.”

Wait, did you just talk out loud?!

Ah, well, I guess there’s really no need to keep things quiet now since we have revealed the presence of Fer and Grandpa Gon…

“I’m going to eat now!”

“Let’s eat!”



“Hey, you guys have nothing but food in your minds…”

Knowing that I would get no peace until my familiars had their way, I trailed after the Gluttonous Quartet towards a little row of stalls situated at one side of the Square. Speaking of which, my familiars bypassed all the non-meat stalls towards stalls selling meat skewers, meat wraps and other meat-related products.

It was amazing how they all seemed to pick and choose each stall. I felt sorry for the unchosen ones, but I know that stalls chosen by my familiars tended to be some of the better ones. More importantly, thanks to the Leviathan incident, although the stall owners looked a little nervous at the sight of dragons and other legendary creatures, nobody had run screaming away yet.

Instead, we have more people looking at us with interested eyes.

“That meat looks delicious,” said Grandpa Gon.

Umu, I want that one,” said Fer.

“Yes, yes, coming through,” I muttered as I made my way towards an ordinary-looking skewered-food stall. “Hi, um, I’ll have 71 skewers, please.”

Ordinary-looking or not, it’s best to just go with whatever stalls they have picked out.

“71 skewers coming up! It is an honour to have you here!”

At least the owner seemed quite cheerful and confident. He must have been grilling up his skewers even before we arrived because the 71 skewers were soon ready. After collecting the skewers and putting them away in my [Item Box], my party went to a nearby empty lot and I got everyone’s plates ready.

Let’s see, that’s 20 skewers for Fer, 20 for Grandpa Gon, 20 for Sui, 10 for Dora-chan and 1 skewer for myself.

It didn’t take long for me to remove the meat from 40 skewers onto 20 plates. Sui and Dora-chan insisted that they could eat (eat off) their skewers by themselves.

Even though they had already eaten from 6 stalls, my familiars still chomped down on their grilled meat with great appetite. While the Gluttonous Quartet were occupied with their food, I picked up my single skewer and took a bite.

“Oh, this is delicious!”

I was not sure what kind of meat was used, but there was no question about the quality. It was not something one usually expects to find in street food. That said, what really impressed me was the herbed salt seasoning with garlic as the main flavour matches well with this meat. There was also an underlying fragrance of citrus that gave it a refreshing finish.

“Bro, you have a great nose, eh?”

I jumped at the voice. It was the stall owner. He was grinning at me with arms folded over his chest.

“Oh, um, yes, this is very good. Did you make the salt blend yourself?”

“Ou, it was created by yours truly, it took me a year to perfect it just for this meat,” boasted the stall owner.

“Speaking of which, what kind of meat is this?”

“Heh, what do you think it is?”

“I… don’t know?” I asked you about it because I don’t know, sir.

It was different from Porc, it was definitely not any bird meat, and too lean to be any kind of cow-type monster.

Was it, sheep?

“It’s Horned Rabbit.”


I was shocked.

Truly shocked.

Horned Rabbits are monsters with high reproductive capability and can be found in most grassland areas in abundance. They were monsters that new Adventurers hunted every day just for the experience points.

A very common meat that is readily available to the masses. I have tried it once at a tavern and found the meat to be rather tough and gamey.

Fer turned up his nose at Horned Rabbits and never even bothered to step on them.

“Hey, isn’t Horned Rabbit meat kind of hard and kind of stinky?”

The man grinned, obviously happy that he had shocked me to this point, “Well, if you prepare it properly, all that gaminess will disappear.”

“So, there’s some kind of special preparation?”

“That’s a trade secret.”

“Ah, well, whatever it is, you’re definitely on the right track. I can’t believe Horned Rabbits could be so delicious.”

“Hehehe, it is my greatest joy to hear that,” the stall owner rubbed his nose shyly.

“Oi, I want more of this meat!”

“Here too,”

“”Same here!””

“”Sui wants more too~~””

“Yes, yes, please give me, hmm… 100 skewers please!”

“Ou! Coming up!”

By the time we left the stall, there was a long line waiting to buy from him.

[Gumihou: I wonder what he did to the meat? Yogurt marinade? Saltwater marinade?]

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