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Chapter 689 - 689 Earth Dragon Turns Around 2

689 Earth Dragon Turns Around 2

After he gave the order, the people who were discussing quietened down.

They knew that there was no chance of resting on the spot. They might as well save some energy and rest more.

Under the suppression, many people felt the pain in their bodies after traveling for an entire day.

Even though Zhou Zhi had spoken and many people remained silent and saved some energy, some people were indignant and still wanted to rest.

“In my opinion, the sudden change in this foreign land is strange to begin with. It’s not good to travel at night. Instead, it’s easy for problems to arise. Anyway, it’s calm now. It’s fine to rest for a few hours and recharge before traveling.”

“That’s right. If we travel until dawn and encounter any danger, everyone will be tired. How can we have the energy to deal with unexpected situations?”

Such a conversation entered everyone’s ears in the quiet night.

Zhou Zhi did not speak. When the time was up, he immediately stood up and said coldly, “Those who are willing to leave, continue on our way. Those who are not can form teams themselves.”

Zhou Zhi spoke decisively and left.

He didn’t give anyone time to decide.

Some people hesitated, while others gritted their teeth and followed.

Su Xiaolu looked around. There were still a few blurry figures who did not follow them in the dark.

“The few of us might as well rest well. If anything had happened, it would have happened long ago. There’s nothing even after an entire day. It must be fine.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Everyone, rest and recuperate on the spot. Tomorrow at dawn, we’ll continue on our way. We’ll recuperate and walk quickly. We might catch up in half a day.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I’m so tired… This foreign land is really strange. It’s weird.”

Their conversation came from behind, making the people traveling even quieter.

Many people looked up at Zhou Zhi. If Zhou Zhi stopped, they would definitely be happy.

However, Zhou Zhi did not stop.

Gradually, they could no longer hear any discussion. There was only the heavy breathing of a group of tired people.

After a long time, Old Wu couldn’t take it anymore. Su Xiaolu heard his breathing become heavy and immediately bent down to say, “Master, come up. I’ll carry you.”

After all, Su Xiaolu was at the Foundation Establishment realm. No matter how she suppressed it, her strength was still there.

Old Wu sighed and finally lay down carefully. He sighed. “Girl, you’ve worked hard. Master is old.”

His martial arts were still not good enough. Once he was suppressed, his heart felt stuffy. He was really too tired after a day of traveling.

He could enjoy Su Xiaolu taking care of him as a matter of course, but what he could not pass was the hurdle in his heart.

While Old Wu was in a daze, Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Master is so light.”

“When I entered the city when I was young, Master carried me. Now that I’ve grown up, it’s my turn to carry Master.” Su Xiaolu smiled. This was probably the circle of life.

Old Wu smiled and sighed. “Girl.”

She looked heartless, but in fact, the girl knew everything. These words sounded like the warm winter sun, making him feel comfortable.

He didn’t dote on her for nothing.

Old Wu looked at Gui You and raised his head proudly. “Kid, be envious. However, it’s useless even if you’re envious. After all, you’re only half a Master. I’m her real Master.”

Gui You chuckled. “Childish.”

Although they were bickering, they did not stop walking.

Vision was obstructed at night, and traveling was different from during the day.

Walking and stopping gave the exhausted crowd time to catch their breath.

After dawn, Zhou Zhi let everyone rest and eat some dry rations.

Then they continued on their way.

Some people complained that there was clearly no danger, so there was no need to rush.

Zhou Zhi’s face was also a little pale. He would not stop in his tracks, but he would not stop those people who wanted to form their own teams.

At noon, Su Xiaolu ate dry rations.

Old Wu handed over a packet of insect powder and said to Su Xiaolu, “Get some on you to repel insects.”

There were especially many insects today. Everyone was already tired from traveling and were even bitten by insects, so many people vented their anger on the insects.

They would stomp on them until they exploded or slap them to death.

After resting for a while, they began to travel again.

At dusk, the sunset was like fire and very dazzling.

After dark, almost all the people who participated refused to travel anymore.

Zhou Zhi did not say anything. He continued to rush out with his men.

They were very deep into the mountain to begin with. It would take them seven to eight days to get out in a hurry.

Now that they were at least three days away from getting out, many people could not tolerate such a rigorous journey. They thought that since nothing had happened up till now, perhaps Zhou Zhi had misjudged. Although the Earth Dragon’s turnaround was terrifying, it would only be terrifying if it was a big turnaround. However, how could a big turnaround happen so easily? It might just be a small one, and the commotion might be in a valley.

With this wishful thinking, many people automatically formed their own teams and took their time to leave slowly.

The number of people in the team decreased again and again. Su Xiaolu looked over and saw that there were only ten people left in the martial world. When they came in, there were more than 200 people. Now, only ten were left to follow Zhou Zhi.

At night, there was only the sound of everyone’s footsteps and breathing.

As the light lit up on the horizon, Su Xiaolu heard someone sigh.

“Rest on the spot for 30 minutes.”

Zhou Zhi ordered coldly without saying a word.

After Zhou Zhi gave the order, almost everyone sat down to rest.

Su Xiaolu circulated her internal breath and realized that the suppression she was feeling was not that great anymore.

Zhou Zhi walked towards her and sat down beside her. Neither of them spoke.

Su Xiaolu thought that he wanted to rest beside her, but after a while, Su Xiaolu felt her hand being touched. She was stunned for a moment and a cold fruit was stuffed into her hand.

Su Xiaolu pushed it back almost instantly and shook her head at Zhou Zhi.

Even at times like this, Zhou Zhi was still thinking of her. It wasn’t like she couldn’t see his pale lips. Such fruits were what he needed.

Su Xiaolu smiled at Zhou Zhi. She opened her mouth and said silently, “You eat—”

Su Xiaolu was afraid that Zhou Zhi would give her the fruit, so she had already raised her hand and hugged her knee.

Zhou Zhi looked at Su Xiaolu’s side profile and smiled slightly. He leaned against the tree trunk and closed his eyes.

The sky grew brighter, and the light of the morning sun sifted through the trees.

Half an hour passed. Zhou Zhi opened his eyes and ordered everyone to continue on their way.

The ten people looked at each other. One of them walked out and said politely to Zhou Zhi, “Greetings, Wisdom King. We’ve decided to rest here. Thank you for your care, Wisdom King.”

In any case, they were only two days away from leaving. There was no need to be in such a hurry.

“Okay, help yourself.”

Zhou Zhi replied calmly. He set off again. Apart from Su Xiaolu and her masters, there was no one else they had recruited remaining.

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