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Chapter 1229 - Why Not Take The Opportunity Tonight

Chapter 1229: Why Not Take The Opportunity Tonight

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Lu Liangwei nodded and said sincerely, “Congratulations on the promotion, Senior. Your hardship has finally come to an end.”

Zhang Yu was now the Commander of the palace cavalry. He was the leader of the troops and was in charge of guarding the Palace and ensuring the safety of Beitang You.

When Lu Liangwei and Long Yang arrived at the Palace, Beitang You was being instructed by Yuan Zheng on the routine practices and procedures of his imminent coronation.

This child had suffered a lot in the past, which was why he did not behave like other children of his age, who were more pampered. Moreover, he was a talented and intelligent kid. He learned things very quickly and did not complain.

Youyou looked like a completely different person when he put on the imperial robe. His handsome face now carried a tinge of a dignified presence.


Lu Liangwei stood at the door and observed him.

One day, this child would grow up to be a powerful person.

Youyou was wearing a serious expression, the boy looked as though he was working on an important task, but when he noticed the person watching him from the door, a child-like smile immediately appeared on his face. He left Yuan Zheng behind and ran straight toward Lu Liangwei, looking extremely happy.

“Big Sis.”

However, he was still a step away from Lu Liangwei when his head was forced back by a big hand, and he could not move any further.

“I think it’s better that you just call her ‘Aunt’.”

It was the deep voice of a man.

Yuan Zheng quickly walked over and his expression changed when he saw Long Yang pressing down on Youyou’s head. He was about to say something when the little Emperor said obediently, “Aunt.”

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s face and he released his hand.

Lu Liangwei glared at him with a slightly coquettish look and then took Youyou’s hand, asking him concernedly, “Have you gotten used to all of this, Youyou?”

“Yes. I’m getting familiar with it,” Beitang You replied.

Yuan Zheng fell into deep thought when he saw the two speaking to each other in such a friendly manner.

He suddenly understood that Minister Lin was only willing to give them a hand because of Madam Lin.

Long Yang beckoned Beitang You to the side to tell him something.

When Beitang You walked back after that, there was even more confidence and determination seen on his little face.

Lu Liangwei knew what it was about. She was going to ask Long Yang to give Beitang You some pointers, but it looked like that was no longer necessary.

The next day, Yuan Zheng informed the world about the late Emperor’s will and the truth about Beitang You’s identity as the late Crown Prince’s only son. On the same day, Beitang You officially ascended to the throne as the Emperor and became the youngest Emperor in the history of the Yan Kingdom.

Once everything was settled in the Yan Kingdom, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang made preparations to return to Great Shang.

On that day, Beitang You held a farewell banquet in the Palace and invited Yuan Zheng’s entire family as well as Beitang Rui and Yuan Xin.

Yuan Xin was filled with melancholy at the thought of Lu Liangwei leaving the next day. She sat next to Lu Liangwei and clinked her wine cup to hers. “I wonder when we will be able to see each other again after this.” With those words, she gulped down her wine in one go.

Lu Liangwei took a sip from her cup and reached out to hug Yuan Xin around the shoulders. She smiled and said, “There’s no need to feel so sad. If you miss me, just come to Great Shang to visit. If I have the time, I will come to see you at the Yan Kingdom too.”

Yuan Xin felt much better when she heard this. She asked, “Since you’re leaving already, are you still planning not to reveal your real name to me?”

“Yuan Xin, actually, I wasn’t really lying to you when I told you my name was Lu Er. I’m the second child in my family and before I got married, I was known as Second Miss Lu. My surname is Lu, and my given name is Liangwei.”

“Lu Liangwei?” Yuan Xin contemplated the name because she found it somewhat familiar. However, she could not pinpoint where she heard the name from. “It’s a nice name.”

Lu Liangwei smiled and darted a look at Beitang Rui, who was drinking moodily on his own at the side. She suddenly said to Yuan Xin, “Wasn’t there a piece of music you prepared yesterday that you never got the chance to play? Why not take the opportunity tonight and play it for us?”

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