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Chapter 1779 - 1779 Long Yin Had Actually Gotten It Right

Chapter 1779 - 1779 Long Yin Had Actually Gotten It Right

1779 Long Yin Had Actually Gotten It Right

Yuan Xin nodded in agreement. “That’s right. We need your help to take care of them, Yin’er. Especially He’an—he is extremely playful.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Rui, Aunt Xin. I’ll make sure to look after them. I’ll come over tomorrow to pick up Xinxin and He’an.” Long Yin’s gaze fell onto Hexin’s pretty face, whose expression had sunk after he said this. He paused a minute before saying goodbye and leaving.

They all walked him out of the gates.

It was only after he left that the three family members returned to the mansion.

Yuan Xin recalled her daughter’s countless impolite mannerisms and frowned. She pulled her daughter to the side and began lecturing her. “What is going on with you today? You are not acting at all like a proper lady. All the lessons I gave you about society’s rules and etiquette have gone down the drain. It’s lucky that Yin’er is not a stranger.”

The thought of visiting White Eagle Mountain the next day with Long Yin made Hexin frustrated. Now, she had to listen to her mother berate her, which made Hexin feel a little upset.

“Since he’s not a stranger, it’s just as well that I’ve lost my manners.”

Yuan Xin listened to her reply with slight disbelief. “Do you think you’re in the right when you’ve done something like this?” She looked at Hexin with slight disappointment as she spoke.

This daughter of hers had always been a good and obedient girl since young, and she hardly talked back to her mother. Hexin had never done anything bad like this before and refused to admit her mistake with such an indignant attitude.

“What exactly is wrong with you?” Yuan Xin looked at Hexin, puzzled.

Hexin was silent for a while. Worried that her mother would read too much into this, she softened her tone and said in a coy manner, “I was just jealous because I saw how affectionate you were to Big Bro Long Yin. It made me find him quite annoying.” She hugged her mother’s arm lovingly as she spoke. “Mother, why do you like Big Bro Long Yin so much? I think he’s someone who is nothing out of the ordinary.”

Yuan Xin was taken aback to hear this and she already became less suspicious. She gave Hexin a poke in the head in exasperation. “What is there to be jealous of? It’s rare for your Big Bro Long Yin to visit the Yan Kingdom. It’s only right of me to be a good host to him. Besides, what kind of taste do you have to think that Big Bro Long Yin is nothing special? What sort of husband would you end up with if you have such standards?”

“I won’t get married. I want to stay by you and Father’s side forever.” Hexin leaned her head onto her mother’s shoulder and gently nuzzled her.

Yuan Xin felt a little melancholic as she looked at her grown-up daughter. She said wistfully, “It’s unfortunate that Great Shang is so far away. Otherwise, Yin’er would have been a good choice for you. If I had a son-in-law like him, I would be smiling in my dreams.”

Hexin’s heart skipped a beat and she immediately straightened up. “How could you think like that, Mother?”

Yuan Xin looked at her daughter’s face, which grew prettier by the day, and reached out to pinch her cheek. Yuan Xin said with a smile, “My daughter is such a beauty and has a wonderful temperament. I would hope that my future son-in-law would be one of those rare good men in this world. Yin’er is the best person I’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, his status and the distance between both countries make him an unsuitable candidate. Otherwise, I would have shamelessly written a letter to your Aunt Weiwei to suggest a marriage between both of you.”

Hexin, “…”

It was the first time she had found out that her mother harbored such an idea.

Long Yin had actually gotten it right.

Hexin quickly poured cold water onto that idea. “Mother, Big Bro Long Yin might be a good catch, but do you think he would want to marry me? You shouldn’t think so much about this.” To prevent her mother from saying something even more shocking, Hexin quickly said, “I feel a little tired, Mother. I’d better go back for some rest.”

Yuan Xin quickly stopped her. “Remember to pack a few dresses and wake up earlier tomorrow. Don’t let Big Bro Long Yin wait too long for you.”

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