Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1273 - Can You Accept This Result?

Chapter 1273: Can You Accept This Result?

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The next morning, Mo Ziyan woke up early and Gu Qingli helped her prepare for her surgery. He then held her hand and said, “Don’t be scared. I’ll be here the entire time.”

Meanwhile, not only did the entire Mo Family gather at the hospital, Mo Ziyan’s roommates were also there.

Tang Yichen followed behind Lu Guangli while he maintained a cold expression on his face. Obviously, if it wasn’t because it was the Mo Family, he wouldn’t have accepted a surgery like this. But, this was how things were like all these years; he and Tang Yichen were like the Mo Family’s personal doctors. Whenever the Mo Family had any discomfort, they would look for Tang Yichen, and Tang Yichen would grab him to handle it.

But Mo Ziyan’s condition this time was probably the most serious illness he had treated for the Mo Family.

“Everything’s ready, Dr. Lu,” the nurses inside the operating theater notified Lu Guangli.

“Let’s go inside then,” Tang Yichen said as she pushed Mo Ziyan’s bed. But, just before they entered the theater, Mo Zichen and Mo Zixi approached to comfort their sister.

“Both of us will be out here waiting for you. Don’t be the weakest in the family.”

Mo Ziyan giggled and turned to look for Gu Qingli, “When I come out, I want to eat some good food.”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you…”

“Brother Four…”

“You’ll be fine, trust me,” Gu Qingli comforted. “Don’t be scared, OK?”

“Ziyan, everyone’s waiting for you. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” one of Mo Ziyan’s roommates said with a smile. “I’m waiting for you to recover so you can take me to a concert. You better not go back on your promise!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Mo Ziyan laughed.


Mo Ziyan scanned her eyes across her brothers and friends. She then looked at Tangning and Mo Ting. Knowing that everyone was present, she finally relaxed as Tang Yichen pushed her into the operating theater.

Everyone already had their expectations for the outcome of the surgery. It was just a shame that the child had to go.

All these years, things had always run smoothly for the Mo Family, so Tangning couldn’t believe that Mo Ziyan couldn’t keep her baby in the end.

But, nothing was more important than her daughter’s life.

Tangning watched as Gu Qingli paced back and forth in the corridor and walked over to pat him on the shoulder, “You don’t need to worry. Trust in Uncle’s abilities.”

“Yes, Mom.”

While Mo Ziyan was in the theater for 2 hours, everyone waited outside for the entire 2 hours. Even though they had faith in Lu Guangli’s abilities, they couldn’t help but feel worried.

Soon, the light for the theater turned off and Lu Guangli stepped outside, his expression remaining cold as ever, “The tumor has been removed and the pregnancy was terminated as well. We will need to monitor her body for the next few years to see if she can have children again. You need to be mentally prepared for whatever happens.”

“Brother-in-law…Ziyan’s body…”

“There should be no issue,” Lu Guangli said before he left; Tang Yichen was left to explain the rest.

Everyone actually expected this result. Unfortunately for Mo Ziyan, she loved children, but she couldn’t have children in the short term and was even at risk of never having children at all.

“Qingli, can you accept this result?”

“Mom, Ziyan is the most important thing to me. I’ll let everything else come naturally. We can’t force it.”

“Good,” Tangning finally relaxed after hearing Gu Qingli’s opinion.

A moment later, Mo Ziyan was pushed out of the theater. Tang Yichen followed behind and said to everyone, “Don’t worry, as long as she attends her regular check-ups, there should be no problems. Plus, she’s young and should be able to recover well, so she won’t be staying in the hospital for long.”

“Thank you, Auntie,” Gu Qingli thanked with a bow.

“She’s also my niece, why are you thanking me? You simply need to take care of Ziyan. There’s no need for thanks. I’m not worried about Ziyan’s body, I’m more worried about her mood. So, make sure to comfort her well.”

Even if Tang Yichen didn’t mention this, everyone would have still taken note of it.

Afterwards, Mo Ziyan stayed in the hospital for close to a month before she left.

As for the fact that she couldn’t bear a child in the short term, no one kept it a secret from her and she didn’t seem bothered by it either.

But, Gu Qingli knew that she always kept her unhappiness to herself. So, he officially quit his job as a professor and stayed at home to keep her company while he invested his time into studying Chinese medicine.

After all, he knew that Mo Ziyan needed a long time to recover.

It was from that point that Mo Ziyan started smelling like Chinese medicine every so often and random bottles and jars started appearing around the house. Mo Ziyan didn’t know how to react to this, “Brother Four, don’t you think it’s too late for you to be interested in Chinese medicine?”

“As long as I have the determination, nothing is too late.”

The effects of Chinese medicine were relatively light and it took a long time to see results, so Mo Ziyan was required to cooperate for a long period of time. Gu Qingli knew this and he knew that if he didn’t keep Mo Ziyan company, it would be hard for her to remain determined.

In the end, Mo Ziyan smiled and let him have his way. After all, she knew that he only did it because he was worried about her body.

There were times when she complained that the medicine was bitter, but all it took were a few words from Gu Qingli and she’d immediately surrender, “I don’t want you to leave me like my father. I want you to stay with me for as long as possible…”

When Mo Ziyan heard Gu Qingli say this, she raised her hand and said, “Fine, I can hang in there, no matter how bitter it is.”

Mo Ziyan never asked Gu Qingli whether he selected the medicinal herbs himself or whether it was prescribed by a professional doctor of Chinese medicine.

She just drank it…

3 months later, Mo Ziyan went to the hospital for a check-up and realized that her body had recovered really well.

Tang Yichen couldn’t help but sigh, “I heard that Gu Qingli found the best doctor of Chinese medicine for you, but I never expected that the results would be so effective. Keep taking care of yourself and you may be able to have a child soon.”

“Really?” Mo Ziyan asked in surprise.

“Your results weren’t bad, keep it up…”

During this time, not only did Gu Qingli feed Mo Ziyan medicine, he also took her traveling across the country.

The couple’s hearts were with the Mo Family, but they had turned into a couple of carefree people.

As for the heavy responsibilities of Hai Rui, Mo Ting had no choice but to take it back. After all, he still looked like he was in his early 40’s, so he was going to give Mo Ziyan another few years of freedom.

In the year that followed, Gu Qingli took care of Mo Ziyan well, leaving her body in good shape.

But, he did not request for a child, not even after Mo Ziyan’s latest examination revealed that her uterus was ready for pregnancy again.

He didn’t want to discuss it with her because he simply wanted her to be as happy as she was at that moment.

A little while later, news started spreading around Beijing that Mo Ting was planning to hold a wedding for Tangning. As a result, Gu Qingli was asked to bring Mo Ziyan home.

When Mo Ziyan heard about the news, she was overjoyed, “My parents have been married for so many years but they’ve never held any kind of ceremony to celebrate it. It’s great that my father is finally making up for this one regret between him and my mother.”

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