Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 14: Putting on a Good Show

Chapter 14: Putting on a Good Show

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"Tangning, I am the president of Tianyi Entertainment. The power of decision-making stands with me, not you!" Han Yufan was filled with anger as he looked at Tangning, "Why must you take Yurou's deal?"

"You think I took the deal just because I wanted to? hf requested for the swap. I was just worried in the end, we would be left with nothing, so I tried to hold on to the contract for you. Originally, I didn't believe any of the rumors regarding you and Mo Yurou, but the fact that you'd rather make a loss than have her lose her spokesperson deal, makes me wonder if the two of you..."

"Of course not! What are you thinking?" Han Yufan immediately denied any relations, "I just felt that since we are about to get married, why can't you just stay at home and look after our family?"

"Then, will you go explain to Mr. Eugene?" Tangning loosened her grip on the phone. She had a look of disappointment, "Also, what do you mean by I TOOK the deal from Mo Yurou? Haven't I allowed her to take enough from me? For the sake of helping her, I've already offended everyone...who would have thought, in the end, she wouldn't even acknowledge my kindness..."

"Tangning, at that time, you were the one that suddenly announced you were retreating from the limelight, hence your jobs were given to me. What do you mean by you allowed me?" Mo Yurou was not backing down as she started an argument with Tanging - the thing she hated the most was people saying she cleaned up after Tangning. "Also, with your ability and popularity right now, if you were to say you allowed me to take anything from you, no one would believe it."

"Fine, if you are able to convince Mr. Eugene into changing his mind, then I step down. No comments."

Han Yufan was stuck in a difficult position between the two women. Most importantly, Tangning was still angry, or else she wouldn't have disobeyed his orders - something she had never done before. hf had indeed requested for the spokesperson to be swapped to Tangning, so, in the end, Han Yufan stepped in and split the two apart, "Stop arguing, since it was hf's request, then we will just go with what's been decided. The spokesperson will be swapped to Tangning."

"President Han!" Mo Yurou whined.

"It's decided. The two of you can leave first. Tangning, ask Long Jie to come in," Han Yufan ordered coldly. It was obvious that, although he had no choice but to swap to Tangning, he hated the feeling of being stepped all over by her.

Tangning was clever and knew exactly what Han Yufan was thinking, but, if he was expecting her to carefully consider his feelings...

...he was dreaming!

Mo Yurou followed closely behind Tangning, she was boiling up inside and it was obvious from the expression on her face, she could barely control her anger. Luckily, even though Tangning appeared to be making a comeback, in actual fact, she wasn't very popular. If she was to tear down this outdated model, it would be too easy. So, she turned to her assistant and said, "In a moment, take a few photos of me working hard to recover and post them online. Let's create some commotion amongst my fans and get them to complain that Tangning has stolen my deal. If I can't have it, I won't let her have it."

"Don't worry, I know what to do," her assistant nodded knowingly.


After returning to her room, Tangning looked at Long Jie and winked, "Don't be nervous."

"Nervous? Are you kidding me? Who do you think I am?" Long Jie rolled her eyes, "It's not my first day on the job. If Han Yufan wants to tear me down, it's not that easy. Let's wait and see..." As she spoke, Long Jie walked out with a fierce expression. Previously, Tangning had not pushed to advance, but now, the situation had changed. Long Jie no longer had to hold back.

Not long after, Long Jie made her way into Han Yufan's office and Han Yufan threw a contract in front of her without hesitation, "Prepare to compensate us for breaching your contract and leave."

"Leave?" Long Jie laughed, "President Han, you must have a bad memory. When I first signed my contract with Tianyi, my salary and Tangning's appearance fee was clearly stated. However, all these years, Tangning's appearances had been overtaken by Mo Yurou and my salary was nowhere near what was promised, so who breached the contract first? Plus, the article I released was all for the sake of Tangning, so which part of the contract did I breach?"

"You..." Han Yufan couldn't believe he was being told off by a manager. His pride was hurt.

"If you aren't afraid of making things worse, we can always take things to court, it doesn't matter to me. But, how many people in the industry will lose trust in Tianyi Entertainment?" Long Jie asked in a provoking manner.

"What do you want then?"

"I want us to end on a good note. I will sign the papers and leave, whereas you will not continue asking for any compensation. From this moment on, we don't owe each other anything!"

Han Yufan glared at Long Jie angrily, but, because Mo Yurou was involved, he couldn't argue back. Earlier on, when Long Jie and Tangning had met, they had already predicted this would happen. So, in the end, Han Yufan had no choice but to sign the papers. "Leave, I don't want to see you again."

"Han Yufan, let me give you a warning: there is no wall thick enough to block out everything. The way you have treated Tangning, you will soon have to pay it back a thousand times." After speaking, Long Jie left the office with the canceled contract in her hands. Han Yufan, who was left standing in the room thought about the words Long Jie had said, in anger, he grabbed the table in front of him and flipped it.

Tangning wasn't worried about Long Jie at all. After was so easy to find flaws in the contract. Most importantly, Han Yufan was strewn with guilt.

After canceling the contract, Long Jie didn't leave the building, instead, she stayed by Tangning's side. When Han Yufan eventually left his room, they ran straight into each other, "Why are you still here?"

Tangning froze for a moment, before she replied, "I've just hired Long Jie!"

"Tangning, your manager contract is managed by the company, how could you hire a new manager?" Tangning was driving Han Yufan crazy.

"Oh, I didn't hire a manager, I hired her as my assistant. It's my right to hire my own assistant, isn't it?" Tangning smiled calmly, "After all, Long Jie has taken care of me for so many years, I've gotten used to it."

"Tangning, what's wrong with you? Why do you keep going against me?" Han Yufan pulled Tangning to one side and asked her angrily.

"Because Long Jie is more thoughtful than you, everything she does is for my sake. Just because I took on a deal, doesn't mean she would accuse me of stealing from others..."

After hearing this, Han Yufan went silent, looking at Tangning coldly, "Tangning, you've always been supportive of my career...why are you like this?"

"I've said it before, the incident with the Crown's Star would be the last time I take on the blame for both of you." Tangning remained calm, so calm that her eyes were emotionless.

"If you really want to be this childish, I think, our wedding...should be called off." Han Yufan used their wedding as a means to threaten Tangning. After all, all these years, Tangning had been the one that stuck by his side willing to do anything.

Quite some time passed...Tangning remained silent like she was contemplating...

Han Yufan assumed she had given up and was regretting going against him...

But, who would have thought, this would be Tangning's response...

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