Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 16: Give the Contract Back to Yurou!

Chapter 16: Give the Contract Back to Yurou!

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The official contract signing ceremony with hf was to be held at 9am and would be broadcasted live as well as officially announced to the public. It seemed, regarding the war between Tangning and Mo Yurou, hf had chosen Tangning's side.

3 years had passed since Tangning last attended an event like this - she had almost forgotten how it felt. But, as soon as she put on her creamy white low-back dress and the jewelry that hf had sponsored her, she was once again glowing with confidence.

Long Jie left the house nice and early to drive over to Hyatt Regency. As she was Tangning's assistant, Mo Ting had given her special permission to enter their villa as she pleased. She had originally prepared a dress for Tangning...but when she entered the huge walk-in wardrobe Mo Ting had given to Tangning, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"He is indeed the president of Hai Rui, generous with good taste!" Long Jie praised.

At that exact time, Mo Ting came out from his own wardrobe. As soon as he saw Tangning he turned to Long Jie, "I have something I need to say to Tangning."

"OK, I'll step out for a bit." Long Jie turned around understandingly and closed the door as she left.

Tangning stood in front of the mirror smiling sweetly at Mo Ting; fresh and elegant like a blooming lily. It was hard for one not to turn all their attention to her.

"What do you want to say to me?"

Mo Ting didn't say a word, instead, he took big steps towards Tangning and hugged her from behind. He then turned her neck so he could cover her mouth with his, "I want to kiss you and even more...I want to adore you."

"I'm going to be late." Tangning also didn't want to part with Mo Ting's lips.

"I will watch the live broadcast..."

Tangning nodded her head with satisfaction. She hooked her arm onto Mo Ting's as they walked out of the villa together. Truthfully, anyone looking at the couple would believe they were a perfect match. Tangning was like white snow emanating a sense of pureness, whereas Mo Ting was alluring like a dangerous dark night.

Long Jie was captivated by the sight of the couple, this is how a married couple should look like...unlike Han Yufan the jerk, who would not be so pleasing to the eye.

A little while later, Tangning boarded the car with Long Jie's assistance. On the way, Long Jie spoke while driving, "The contract signing will be at 9am, we should arrive at 8:50am - just right."

"Your arrangements have always been on point." Tangning looked down and swiped her phone.

"The plane will be at 3pm and Mo Yurou has arranged for anti-fans to stop you at the airport. Among her fans, they have discussed a plan to make you look bad. One of them will find the chance to embarrass you and others will pretend to be passersby aiming to skew the judgment of onlookers." Long Jie screwed up her nose in disgust, this was something primary school kids did and unfortunately, childish acts like this always seemed to hurt others the most.

"All this information, how did you find out about it?" Tangning was quite surprised.

"Because I have Xiao Hao hiding amongst them..." Long Jie hummed proudly, "We'll just let these kids be happy for a bit...after the video is released, we'll see whose face gets slapped harder..."

Tangning laughed as she shook her head. Mo Yurou certainly had the ability to gather anti-fans. In comparison, her number of active fans looked pitiful. However, there were still a few that were looking forward to her appearance at the airport.

8:50am, right on time, Tangning arrived at the hotel where the contract signing was to take place and walked down the red carpet in front of the reporters.

Long Jie had selected to arrive at 8:50am because any earlier, Tangning would have devalued herself. At the same time, she had to make sure they wouldn't be late, so Long Jie timed everything perfectly.

"Tangning, after your public apology, you disappeared. When you appeared again, you took Mo Yurou's contract, was this all part of your plan?"

"Mo Yurou released photos of her working hard to stand up again this morning, is she accusing you of stealing her deal?"

"Tangning, are you planning to make a comeback?"

Tangning smiled the entire time without responding to any of the reporters' questions. After entering the hotel, she listened carefully to hf's arrangements and cooperated accordingly.

On the other hand, Han Yufan, who was originally meant to attend the signing couldn't attend because he was busy, so Tangning was accompanied by her assistant instead. This gave the public the impression that Tangning and Tianyi Entertainment were on bad terms. However, Han Yufan was indeed busy - busy being held back by Mo Yurou. There was no way she would allow Han Yufan to attend the signing and support Tangning.

Hai Rui Entertainment. Mo Ting was sitting in his office watching the live broadcast. On screen, Tangning didn't appear demanding; she was quiet and beautiful but was hard to ignore. As the contract signing reached its end, Mo Ting phoned his assistant through the intercom, "This afternoon, send 4 bodyguards to protect Tangning all the way until she boards the plane."

"Yes, president..."

Mo Ting knew, regarding this spokesperson deal, on the surface everything seemed to be smooth sailing, but in actual fact, there were rough seas ahead.

After the contract signing, Tangning and hf's founder sat down for lunch together. 1pm, Tangning left the hotel to head directly for the airport...the closer they got to their destination, the more nervous Long Jie became, "Tangning, I will try my best to protect you, you also have to protect yourself."

"Long Jie, do you think I haven't prepared myself?" Tangning smiled as usual. Right now, everything was within their control, what was there to fear? 3 years ago, she already experienced everything.

Not long after, Long Jie got out of the car first. After taking the luggage out, she assisted Tangning out as well. At first, no one noticed the two of them. However, as soon as they stepped into the airport, a bunch of fans ran over with flowers to greet them. The flowers were shoved into Tangning's hands, but before she could grab hold of them, the flowers and other gifts fell to the floor.

In an instant, everyone was stunned. Wearing sunglasses and face masks, her fans were disappointed upon seeing their gifts being mistreated, "Tangning, what is the meaning of this? We gave you flowers because we like you, how could you throw it on the floor? Even famous celebrities wouldn't dare treat their fans like this, let alone someone like you who isn't famous yet!"

Tangning knew these guys were here to cause trouble, so she immediately apologized, "Sorry, I didn't get a grip yet. It wasn't on purpose!"

"As if it wasn't on purpose, it was obvious that was your intention!"

"I saw it too! You threw it away deliberately."

The anti-fans were sparking up speculation amongst passersby as they started to speak up, "Just on your personality alone, how can you compare to Yurou? Yurou always greets her fans with a friendly smile, offering to take photos with them. Did you think, just by signing one contract, you would be able to replace her?"

More and more people crowded around and the number of curious people increased. In an instant, Tangning had roughly over a hundred people surrounding her.

Because of the increasing number of people, the anti-fans decided to initiate the second step of their plan. Gathering the crowd closer, they started to push and shove Tangning around, "Why do you think Yurou has stayed famous for 3 years while you became old news. I've realized now, it must be because you have a bad personality. Look how nice Yurou is in comparison."

"Give the contract back to Yurou!"

"I agree...originally, I quite liked you, but you actually went ahead and threw the flowers your fans gave you onto the floor. You can't compare to Yurou even a tiny bit. You don't deserve to take Yurou's contract. What schemes did you use? Tell us..."

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