Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 25: Spoilt Little Wife

Chapter 25: Spoilt Little Wife

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Most importantly, the Tang family had previously announced, if Tangning was to break up with him, she could return home at any time. From the looks of it, Tangning must have made amends with them. Han Yufan suddenly felt a sense of regret – it’s Hyatt Regency…being able to live there is proof of one’s status. So many people dreamed of it…If he had chosen Tangning, if he had held on for a little longer and married her, would he have had the chance to live in this paradise-like estate?

In reality, Tangning never even contacted the Tang family, because…after resolutely leaving the Tang family home, choosing Han Yufan and giving up on her career, all she wanted to do now was depend on her own ability to return to the top of the entertainment industry – only then would she be able to hold her head high and return home to apologize to her grandfather.

After hanging up on Lin Wei, Tangning picked up the watering can again to continue what she was doing. However, Mo Ting wouldn't loosen her from his embrace. He grabbed her cheeks and pressed his lips against hers with a violent passion.

Tangning enjoyed kissing Mo Ting, because he was always so caring towards her, plus he gave off a unique charm and aura. Tangning turned around and threw away the watering can. Atop the beautiful balcony blooming with roses, she wrapped her arms around Mo Ting tightly as she returned his passionate kiss allowing her tongue to become intertwined with his.

Mo Ting pressed her against the icy cold wall as he trapped her between his arms - his kisses became even more passionate. Tangning's face blushed red as her arms uncontrollably gripped onto Mo Ting's waist feeling the warmth emanating from his body and his body tightening as he tried to resist.

"If you resist like that, won't it be bad for your body?" Tangning whispered; her eyes twinkled beautifully like stars.

"What should I do? I kiss you every day...yet it never seems enough." Mo Ting reached out his hand and gently stroked Tangning's lips, "It's like a that makes other's completely addicted."

Tangning froze for a moment before she took the opportunity to turn around and press Mo Ting against the wall instead, "To are the same. I am frustrated; the more I tell myself not to think about you, the more I end up thinking about you...especially...the look on your face when you kiss me."

"Can you still resist not having me?"

"I can't hold on for much longer...I really want to have a taste of you."

Mo Ting was fairly built, yet here he was, being pressed against the wall as his little wife teased him. He was enjoying this as he smiled charmingly, "A good woman...would not say such frivolous words."

"And a good man would not seduce his wife and not finish things off."

"My wife says such words...are you blaming me for only getting half way through our wedding night?"

"When..." Tangning leaned in close and whispered seductively, "...will you go all the way?"

Mo Ting looked at his wife; at this usually gentle and quiet woman. It turned out, when she wanted to be provocative, she could drive a man crazy. It seemed, he had learned something new about Tangning.

Mo Ting grabbed onto Tangning's waist and pulled her against his body so she could feel his pain, "I think about it...all the time..."

The two continued to be loving while not stepping over the line until the estate security contacted one of the maids in the villa; there was someone here to see Tangning.

Mo Ting straightened out Tangning's messed up clothes and hair before suggesting, "Go upstairs, get changed and take our newest car out for a drive."

Tangning understood what he meant as she kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you hubby for your sponsorship!"


In reality, Han Yufan was really reluctant to see Tangning because he didn't want to feel even more regretful. Especially when he pulled up at the gates of Hyatt Regency and was asked to wait outside by the security, he suddenly felt like he wasn't anything special.

10 minutes later. A bright red Ferrari pulled out of Hyatt Regency and stopped right in front of Han Yufan. At first, Han Yufan didn't notice Tangning in the car because Tangning had never shown off in front of him with the fear of hurting his pride. However, she no longer had to care about that. Now she could show off whatever she wanted to show off.

Tangning opened up the roof of the car as she turned her head sideways to speak to Han Yufan, "Why are you looking for me?"

"Tangning..." Han Yufan looked at the completely different Tangning. His heart was sour; he never thought, after leaving him, Tangning would be so much better off.

"Speak," Tangning said coldly.

"E-Style Magazine. The company has already accepted the job for you, so you have no right to reject it. I don't care who you are and what background you have, you are still a model of Tianyi and I am still your boss. For the future of the company, I will organize for the team to release a statement on your behalf explaining that we broke up a long time ago and Yurou is not a mistress." Han Yufan was using his power as her boss to retrieve the pride he lost after seeing her drive out in a limited edition sports car.

"But...I've already asked Lin Wei to reject've already spread the word that I am sick."

"Tangning, do you have any regard for the company?" Han Yufan was once again enraged by Tangning making decisions on her own, "We are no longer in a relationship. You can't do whatever you want at Tianyi. Don't forget, when you originally signed the contract, the contract clearly stated you would accept all decisions made by the company. Do you want to breach the contract?"

Tangning didn't care about breaching the contract, but...she didn't want Han Yufan to benefit, so there was no way she would be stupid enough to give him money.

After all, her ultimate aim was for Han Yufan and Mo Yurou to be completely destroyed...

"In regards to the magazine, I have already rejected them, there's no turning back." Tangning retreated one step, " can ask the team to give me the statement they've prepared. At next Wednesday's event, I will announce it to the public. Compared to a written statement, I'm sure announcing it personally would have a better effect."

Han Yufan's expression warmed up as he eventually nodded, "I guess that's all we can do...but, do you truly want to help the company clear things up?"

"Han Yufan, even though you are heartless towards me, I can't be unrighteous towards you..." Tangning responded seriously, "I know Mo Yurou has been forcing you all along..."

"It better be that way." After speaking, Han Yufan opened his car door and got in his car.

He quickly disappeared from Tangning's sight because he knew if he was to stay even a minute longer, he would want to beg Tangning to take him back.

Tangning watched as Han Yufan drove off. The corners of her mouth slowly curved up. When ordering her around, how could Han Yufan not realize how unreasonable his requests were? Not only did he betray her, here he was trying to use her to clear up the relationship between him and Mo Yurou. Han Yufan, as a person, don't you feel ashamed?

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