Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 39: Getting Even

Chapter 39: Getting Even

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After returning to the manor, Lin Wei and Long Jie ran out and greeted Tangning as they excitedly held onto her arm. Tangning simply laughed. She wasn't going to disappoint their expectations; especially not the man that thoughtfully helped her so much.

Long Jie noticed Tangning's gaze was focused on the man sitting on the sofa flipping through documents. She smiled cheekily as she pushed Tangning towards him, "We won't be light bulbs anymore, hurry over and keep him company!"

After speaking, Long Jie and Lin Wei returned to their own respective rooms. However, not long after, Long Jie ran back out holding her phone towards Tangning helplessly, "Han Yufan is calling, do you want to pick up?"

Tangning took a quick glance at Mo Ting before she nodded, grabbing the phone from Long Jie's hands.

"Tangning, since the magazine has decided not to use you, you should return home first. There's no point for you to stay in the US. Don't blame my sister for being ruthless, she did it for the sake of Tianyi. The magazine wasn't happy with you, so you don't have the right to blame anyone," Han Yufan said, speaking like everything he and his sister did was right.

"After using me, you kicked me aside, now you want me to gladly accept all this?" Tangning's tone was calm but contained a slight sense of ridicule.

"Why won't you give up? Why must you go against Mo Yurou? Why can't you just let us off?" Han Yufan asked impatiently. Tangning felt like a heavy and annoying baggage that he was desperate to get rid of, but she just kept following him around.

"There is no reason for me to let despicable people off!" Tangning's tone was firm, "I know how the industry is like. Today Mo Yurou has backup, so she is capable of stepping all over me and is using me to benefit herself. But, that doesn't mean she will still be this fortunate tomorrow..."

"You already have no chance, just let it go! The fact that I love Yurou, is not her fault. My sister was right, you indeed do not have any tolerance."

Tangning suddenly clenched her left fist. Sensing the change in her emotions, Mo Ting reached out his comforting palm and pulled her into his warm embrace.

Han Yufan was indeed a heartless person, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to treat Tangning this way. He took her love and destroyed her career, now he wanted her to support his new relationship - he was practically draining her of everything she had.

"Your selfishness will only push Mo Yurou further into hell." After speaking, Tangning hung up the phone and tried her best to calm herself down.

Mo Ting put down his documents, held onto her hands and gently swayed her body.

"I'm fine. It's normal to be annoyed once in a while, it helps me train a stronger heart."

"Did you see your mentor?" Mo Ting did not ask any further as he changed the topic.

"Uh huh, it went smoothly." Tangning naturally sat beside Mo Ting as she leaned against his arms, "I also met a few famous photographers. Mo Ting, I was so happy...all that was missing was you. I couldn't help thinking, if I could attend an event like that holding your hand, how perfect it would be."

"You will have plenty of chances in the future," Mo Ting responded suggestively.

"Are you tired? Should I give you a massage?" Tangning asked as she knelt beside him. However, before she could do anything, Mo Ting turned towards her, grabbed hold of her hand and picked her up in his arms; carrying her horizontally.

"I want you to massage a different part of me..."

"Hubby...I won't make you wait much longer..." Under the moonlight, Tangning hugged Mo Ting and as the moment became more passionate, she mumbled, "...because I realized, when I think of you kissing someone else, I feel extremely uneasy."


Early the next morning. Secret's Headquarters. Mina once again notified Mo Yurou and the others to attend a meeting. After writing up the contract yesterday, today they had to officially sign it.

Mo Yurou wanted to take part in the magazine shoot as soon as possible because the child in her stomach was already over 1 month old. If things kept getting delayed, people would easily discover soon.

The Top Ten Model Awards was to take place in half a months time. She wanted to use the results from Secret's shoot to obtain an award, that way she would be able to climb up the ranks to become an A-grade model. As Secret was a weekly publication, her appearance in the magazine would be before the awards ceremony. So, whether she would be able to influence the Oriental Trend, would go towards her assessment for the Top Ten Model Awards qualifications.

5 minutes later, Mina entered the meeting room. She glared at Mo Yurou and Han Ruoxue with a mocking expression, however, they didn't realize.

"Mina, we are ready to go. We can get started with the shoot as soon as you are ready. Don't worry, Yurou is an extremely professional model, she will definitely complete the task given by Secret and ignite the Oriental Trend."

"Also, we have already organized for Tangning to fly home, she won't be causing us any more trouble...after all, you know she's not easy to deal with."

Mina sneered as she played with the pen in her hand, "What should we do now? Sorry, Ruoxue, unfortunately, I didn't ask you here to sign the contract...I...asked you here to change models again."

After speaking, Mina tore the contract in Mo Yurou's hands into shreds, "I'm no longer using either of your models. This is the condition the model I want has given me."

Upon hearing this, Han Ruoxue slammed her hands on the table angrily, "Mina, what do you mean by this?"

Han Ruoxue had never thought Secret would go back on their words.

"Can't you understand what I'm saying? I said I won't be signing Mo Yurou. For the sake of your family's personal matters, you've shoved an unworthy model into my hands. Han Ruoxue, is this how you treat your friends?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Han Ruoxue had a surprised expression.

"Fine, let me ask you one thing: why did you tell me Tangning is a newcomer? She is already internationally renowned and has received multiple awards. She is even the disciple of Royal Magazine's editor, yet you intentionally told me she's a newcomer. Were you afraid I wouldn't take Mo Yurou, so you deliberately defamed her?" Mina exclaimed loudly.

"I..." Han Ruoxue was choked up.

"Did you know, because of your selfishness, how humiliated I felt at last night's photography exhibition?"

Mina continued to blame Han Ruoxue regardless of their past friendship, "Han Ruoxue, I don't care what you do when no one is looking, but in front of me you better contain your scheming."

"But, you can't just say you don't want her like that. You've seen Mo Yurou's abilities before..."

"Regarding this matter...I have no say - I've already made a promise to the model I've worked so hard to sign. If you want to plead, go speak to her. As long as she agrees to work with Mo Yurou, I have no opinion." Mina placed the shredded contract on the table and turned to ask her assistant, "Has she arrived?"

"Yes, she's arrived."

Hearing all this, Han Ruoxue clenched her teeth, "Let me see who this model that has made you shred up our contract and sever our ties is."

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