Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 42: Killing Mo Yurou With Overconfidence

Chapter 42: Killing Mo Yurou With Overconfidence



Isn't our Big Boss being a bit overprotective?Long Jie was too intimidated to say anything as she thought to herself. On the other hand, Tangning gently laughed - Mo Ting's thoughtfulness made her heart feel warm, like the sun on a winter's day.

Tangning shared the outcome from Secret's meeting by handing over the amended contract to Mo Ting. Mo Ting sat on the sofa gently running his hand through Tangning's hair. The scene was so natural and heartwarming - like the world's most beautiful painting.

"The entertainment industry changes as often as the wind and clouds; it’s common for a newcomer to make a break every day, so it's hard to predict what would happen tomorrow. Han Ruoxue must be still dreaming about giving Mo Yurou a comeback, that's why she agreed to amend the contract so easily. She must be thinking, if Mo Yurou successfully makes a comeback, she could easily step all over you again."

"That's right, that's right! I just browsed the news and did a search for Mo Yurou's name. The search results were all about the battle between her and Tangning. All the 'so-called modeling industry experts' have started comparing the works between the two and a few 'so-called people within the industry' have stepped out to say, since Tangning has been a substitute for Mo Yurou, if they were to share a stage, Tangning would only become a second Mo Yurou. They also said Mo Yurou is the most beautiful oriental model and that she has the capability of starting up the oriental trend..."

"If that’s not enough, they are even comparing different parts of their body, saying, apart from her legs, Tangning has no advantage in any other aspect."

"They are spreading opinions like, Mo Yurou was born stylish, whereas Tangning was born dull. What a joke! Mo Yurou isn't even on the same level." Just the thought of it made Long Jie angry.

"This is what they typically do to create hype, it's not worth getting angry over. Just let Mo Yurou enjoy it while she can," Tangning comforted Long Jie.

Mo Ting remained silent as his obsidian-like eyes lit up with amusement and mockery. Tangning took a quick glance at Mo Ting and shook his knee as she asked, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Let her overconfidence kill her," Mo Ting responded simply.

Tangning held tightly onto Mo Ting's hand. As expected, there was only one person who understood her the most and didn't require her to waste time and effort to explain to - this was Mo Ting.

Since the statement that Han Ruoxue released was solely focused on supporting one while stepping on another and was obviously biased towards Mo Yurou, then they should give Han Ruoxue what she wanted. They planned to inflate Mo Yurou's ego and make everyone have high hopes for her. At the same time, they would make her become known as an upcoming superstar in the modeling industry so she gains the attention of current famous models. Like this, the higher Mo Yurou climbs, the harder she would fall after everyone sees her skills.

"When the time comes, we won't have to say anything or help others gain more popularity...all you have to do is show your skills and that would be your best attack."

Lin Wei listened to Mo Ting and then looked at Tangning. In front of Han Yufan, Tangning was sharp like a hedgehog - no one could get close enough to take advantage of her. However, in front of Mo Ting, Tangning was a delicate little woman that needed her husband to protect her. She didn't depend on Mo Ting, but she would listen attentively to Mo Ting's opinions. It seemed, deep down, only Mo Ting could make her completely submissive.

To everyone, Tangning was strong and firm; only in front of Mo Ting, did she show her weaknesses - she definitely treated him differently.

This married a perfect match, Lin Wei thought.

Looking at the intelligent team in front of her, deep down, Lin Wei was already looking forward to the miracle Tangning would create for Secret.

As for the overconfident Mo Yurou, she was curious how Tangning would be able to destroy her now that Han Ruoxue had raised her ego so high.

Inside the kitchen, Mo Ting had already rolled up his sleeves and was busy preparing dinner. At this time, Tangning had just finished washing up and was wearing Mo Ting’s shirt as she slowly approached him from behind and gave him a hug, "Ting…"

"It’s greasy and smoky in here, go wait for me outside," Mo Ting was focused on the fish in his hands.

"What should I do? You’re so nice to me, I’m starting to get scared," Tangning said as she leaned in closer to Mo Ting’s back, "You know that when it comes to relationships, I don’t have a sense of security. I’m afraid, one day, you will abandon me and run off as well…"

"Then are you going to just stand there and watch me leave? If that day really comes, the Tangning that is so ambitious with her career, won’t she have the courage to hold on to me? I also need to be coaxed sometimes…"

Hearing Mo Ting’s last sentence, Tangning smiled cheekily as she grabbed one of his hands and forced herself between his arms. She then slowly undid the top two buttons of his shirt to faintly reveal his chest muscles, before placing her head inside his shirt. From his shirt came her eyes...

"You are really distracting me from cooking," Mo Ting let out a laugh.

Up to this point, Tangning had her back against Mo Ting’s chest, but after hearing his words, she suddenly turned around, her ice cold lips pressed firmly on his chest, "Are you referring to…this?"

Mo Ting calmly washed his fishy hands under the sink before wrapping his arms tightly around Tangning, "Are you planning to give me dessert before dinner?"

Tangning's finger drew circles inside Mo Ting's shirt, "Am I sweet enough for you?"

Mo Ting stopped breathing as he pulled Tangning's finger out from his shirt. He then lifted her chin and forcefully placed his lips on hers, "I'll need to have a taste to see how sweet you are..."

Mo Ting loved how Tangning had so many different sides to her when it came to moments like this - it was so different to her usual gentleness. Sometimes she was enchanting; sometimes she was out of control; sometimes she would let herself loose. No matter how she acted, the result was the same - it always made him want her.

Their dancing tongues were mixed with ambiguous breaths - dinner had become a lot more satisfying. Mo Ting's hand brushed against Tangning's legs.

This reminded him…it was about time to give her the other surprise he had been preparing...

By the time dinner was ready to be served, 2 hours had passed. Upon seeing the feast before her, the word surprise was not enough to describe how Long Jie was feeling…never would she have expected, the famous CEO of Hai Rui, The Big Boss of the Entertainment Industry, was so thoughtful - no wonder Tangning was so willingly obedient towards him.

"Thank you Big Boss, for this reward!"

"Control your impulsive look of wanting to auction this food off," Tangning couldn’t hold back her laughter as she giggled. "How did you know I was thinking that Tangning? I feel so lucky…" Long Jie rubbed against Tangning’s arm. "By the way, what were you and Big Boss doing in the kitchen for 2 hours?"

"Hurry and eat. After dinner we have something important to do," Mo Ting quickly changed the subject.

"What do you have planned?" Tangning showed interest.

"You will know when the time comes…" Mo Ting brushed his hand through her hair lovingly. Long Jie and Lin Wei were completely envious; from their observation, no one else in this world could make Tangning so obedient and full of admiration.

However, the biggest surprise of the night, was yet to come…

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