Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1296 - 1296 Mad Journey (2)

1296 Mad Journey (2)

At the side, the Phoenix man couldn’t help but sigh. This Dragon God was indeed powerful. The incomparably powerful Lord Space Emperor and Lord Lin Feng had obtained her protection before they grew up. It was said that Shi Yu was the same. Next, the Dragon God might become the one with the most extraordinary status among the factions of the Floating Planet.

“It’s indeed been a long time.” The Dragon God nodded gently and smiled. In the blink of an eye, so much time had passed.

Now, seeing that she couldn’t see through the power of the Space Emperor and Lin Feng, and that their divine power was incomparably distant, the Dragon God herself sighed.

“Senior Dragon God, let’s talk inside,” the Space Emperor said.

“Also, this is Shi Yu, right?” He looked at Shi Yu beside him and smiled. “I’ve heard Zi Lan introduce you. Let’s go in together.”

“Alright, Senior Space Emperor, Senior Lin Feng.” Shi Yu also smiled. He had finally seen a living person.

Next, he had to have a good chat. He had many things to ask.

“Qi Mu, go back first.” Lin Feng glanced at Qi Mu and said, “I’ll call you later.”

“Yes, Lord Lin Feng.” Qi Mu nodded repeatedly and didn’t disturb the Space Emperor and Lord Lin Feng from catching up with their hometown.

In the blink of an eye, the Space Emperor and Lin Feng led Shi Yu and the Dragon God into the hall of the divine hall. Tea had already been prepared here and it was very quiet. After inviting Shi Yu and the Dragon God to sit, the Space Emperor Kong said, “Senior Dragon God, my little friend Shi Yu, what do you think of this World King Planet and this Sky City?”

The Dragon God said, “It’s indeed not bad. Looks like I can finally break through the bottleneck after being stuck for so long.”

“Hahaha, Senior Dragon God, I didn’t expect you to look so young at more than a thousand years old.” Lin Feng laughed and said, “I thought you would…”

The Dragon God cast an unfriendly gaze, making Lin Feng suddenly shut his mouth.

The Space Emperor coughed. He also knew that Lin Feng was out of place. He couldn’t hide his gaze that wanted to stab someone.

Shi Yu also revealed an awkward and polite smile at the side. Damn, this Senior Lin Feng really dared to say it. Did he want to say that he thought the Dragon God had become Granny Dragon?

“Senior Dragon God, don’t be in a hurry to break through. I heard that there’s a super competition on World King Planet that can only be participated in by those below the divine level. When the time comes, we can all participate and take a look.” Shi Yu helped change the topic.

The Space Emperor nodded and said, “Indeed, there are many special things on the World King Planet. For example, only those below the divine level can participate in the God Sealing Battle. If time and conditions allow, it’s better to try your best to reach the extreme of a realm before breaking through. This way, not only will the foundation after breaking through be more solid, but you can also accumulate a lot of foundation for the future path.”

“Back then, Lin Feng and I only came to the World King Planet after reaching the divine level, so we missed many opportunities.”

“Yeah,” Lin Feng said. “Next, you guys rest well in Sky City and adapt for a period of time. The technological civilization on the World King Planet is still relatively developed, and it’s easier to accept information. I’ll give you a data chip later. Through intelligent mechanical lives, you can connect to the virtual network here and quickly understand the local customs here.”

“By the way, Senior Dragon God, do you not have mechanical equipment?” Lin Feng said.

Although technology had also developed on the Blue Planet later, he felt that Senior Dragon God didn’t seem to know how to come into contact with mechanics.

“Well, I indeed don’t have that kind of thing,” the Dragon God said.

“It’s alright, I’ll get someone to prepare one for you later,” Lin Feng said.

“Sorry to trouble you,” the Dragon God said. “My current strength is far inferior to yours. Then I’ll work hard to increase my strength first. After breaking through to the divine level, I’ll see if there’s anything I can help you with.”

“Your goal is to let Blue Planet evolve, right?”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Lin Feng smiled and said, “There’s nothing I need help with for the time being. This is a long-term big project. You should experience the World King Planet first. This place is very big. Without the teleportation array, even if a top-notch god travels with all his might, it’s impossible to walk halfway in his life.”

“And the God Sealing Battle Shi Yu mentioned just now is also a competition very worth trying. If we can achieve good results in this competition, not only can we become a little famous in the Cosmic Sea, but we can also help Blue Planet accelerate its evolution!”

“Oh?” The Dragon God said, “I’ve heard you guys talk about the God Sealing Battle just now. I haven’t understood it yet. Can you tell me in detail?”

The Space Emperor nodded and said, “It’s a super competition organized by the World King Planet in which demigods can participate. The essence is to compete in battle power.”

“The top 10,000 have rich rewards. Among them, every contestant in the top 100 can obtain a Teleportation Key Stone. According to their ranking, they can also obtain different numbers of divine-level cosmic crystals. They are the only source and outlet of the Teleportation Key Stones.”

“Therefore, the various large factions attached to the World King Star are especially concerned about this competition.”

“Every year, millions of demigods participate.”

Shi Yu and the Dragon God were shocked. No wonder it was said that obtaining good results in this competition could accelerate Blue Planet’s evolution.

Divine-level cosmic crystals, Teleportation Key Stones… They were all good things that could allow Blue Planet to connect to the starry sky faster!

“Among them, the reward for first place is even better. Even super divine levels will be envious.” The Space Emperor said, “Guess what it is?”

“What?” Shi Yu asked.

Emperor Kong said, “The second to ten thousand are all physical rewards, but the first place is an opportunity.”

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