Versatile Mage

Chapter 3133 - Chapter 3133: The Four Spirits Killing Fields

Chapter 3133: The Four Spirits Killing Fields

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To Asha’ruiya, it did not feel like MO Fan was pruning the garden. It felt more like he was there to shop.

The Little Loach Pendant could hold a large amount of stuff inside. It could

suck in many souls filled with strong grudges.

What made it strong was not just its size or ability to convert energy, though. It also worked well with MO Fan’s Demon Element because they boosted each other.

Dealing with low-level Soul Essences and Soul Remnants was not too hard. Usually, these beings did not have strong souls. Once their bodies were destroyed, their souls would lose consciousness and become nothing more than a wisp of smoke.

However, at a higher level, their souls would become much stronger. Even if their bodies were destroyed, their souls could still linger in this world in various unique forms. It was impossible for creatures connected to darkness to die for real.

The Bright Blood King was at a very high level. The souls that she collected must have been rulers in some past era. Even after centuries of refining on the Dark Plane, their souls could still retain their original consciousness.

Most of the resentful souls were of a low level. They were usually those who were disgruntled or had been eliminated.

Those who displayed disdain, contempt, or even a hint of scrutiny were the

Einherjar Spirits of the era. They might be unable to escape the Bright Blood King’s pursuit, but that did not mean they could be easily treated as offerings by a mere human!

When they took a glimpse of MO Fan’s pendant, they noticed that its brightness seemed to hold a vast battleground filled with Einherjar Spirits. Inside this battleground, mighty beings from thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago were brought back to life in this unique vessel!

Their souls were resilient and possessed independent consciousness. When they realized how unique the vessel was and learned that it was the Totem Carrier of a National Beast, their first instinct was to eliminate the pendant’s owner and become the sole master soul of the vessel!

“What’s wrong? Are you curious about what’s inside?” MO Fan noticed Asha’ruiya’s expression and smiled.

“Just a bit.” Asha’ruiya nodded.

“Hey, we’re friends. How could I not satisfy your small request? Come here. I’ll undo my clothes and let you take a good look,” said MO Fan. He happily opened his collar to reveal his well-defined chest and physique from training.

MO Fan’s muscles were faintly visible. His physique was perfect for a mage.

Unlike other mages, MO Fan sometimes engaged in physical combat. No other Forbidden Mage could match him in terms of physical strength.

In simple terms, if all the world’s Forbidden Mages accidentally entered a zone where magic was not allowed, MO Fan could easily beat them all with his strong body!

“Who cares about your body?! I’m interested in your pendant,” Asha’ruiya said. She looked a bit shy.

This guy had no shame!

“Oh, nice excuse. Want to come up and touch it?” MO Fan said proudly.

Asha’ruiya was speechless. She ignored his vain behavior and approached his exposed chest. Then, she gently touched his Little Loach Pendant.

“Hey, you can’t touch it…” MO Fan realized that Asha’ruiya was not joking, and he quickly stopped her.

Asha’ruiya’s fingers touched the Little Loach Pendant, and she suddenly felt her soul detach from her body and fly into the world inside the pendant!

She was shocked. She tried to run away, but Little Loach was eating. So, it did not notice that it had eaten her soul.

“Uh-oh. This is bad!” MO Fan saw Asha’ruiya standing before him motionlessly.

She looked like a beautiful, elegant, and flawless ice sculpture of a woman touching MO Fan’s pendant. Her graceful curves tempted one to embrace her.

Although she looked tempting, MO Fan knew it was not the time to think about her body.

The Little Loach Pendant had absorbed many ancient Einherjar Spirits. They were being processed, which meant that they were probably ruthless and fierce. Asha’ruiya might have to deal with attacks from all of them!

The world inside the pendant was much bigger than Asha’ruiya had thought.

She saw the endless Nether Ocean. It was strangely quiet, and it had no ripples. Lanterns shaped like jellyfish floated on its mirror-like surface. These lanterns emitted different colors and glowed softly like flames. They looked like demon eyes burning with soul flames!

However, there was more in the vast Nether Ocean. Asha’ruiya saw an ancient altar at the center of it!

This altar resembled the oldest tribal battleground of Noen. It was a battlefield from the ancient totemic era. Armor pieces lay on its surface like dragon scales. Magnificent fossilized Totemic Skeletons stood around the altar and formed a structure similar to an ancient martial arts battleground!

There were ancient walls, totems, dragon scales, divine skeletons, and the duality of black and white.

There was a large octagram on the altar, and the Azure Dragon was resting peacefully at the center!

The altar was split into black and white, and the dragon’s position marked the boundary between these two parts.

It was the boundary! It was the rule!

Thousands of Bright Blood Flowers floated on the ocean’s surface like sea anemones. They drifted from afar to this altar. The Totemic Skeletons decided which Einherjar Spirits were allowed to enter the altar.

Asha’ruiya was also slowly drifting toward it.

She had no control over her actions.

She felt like a soul that was being pulled into the underworld. She had to follow its rules.

Her soul showed her six wings. Among the many souls that were sucked in, she was the most beautiful, so she caught the attention of various demons and creatures nearby.

Asha’ruiya could hear whispers. The other Einherjar Spirits were clearly talking about her.

“A female Six-Winged Fallen Angel. Hmm. She must be delicious!”

“Angel blood is tasty. It’s the ideal red wine for the Black Moon Night. And it would go perfectly with the meat of the noble Red Dragon. Ah, I miss those days.” A vampire who had clearly survived for thousands of years stuck her tongue out.

Her tongue resembled that of a red snake, and it was long. Even several meters away, Asha’ruiya could smell the foul odor of her saliva.

“Do you know who I am?” The vampire stared at Asha’ruiya. She seemed relaxed, but she was also examining Asha’ruiya closely.

“You’re Lilith, the matriarch of the vampires?” Asha’ruiya was well-versed in European mythology, and she immediately recognized her by her distinctive pupils.

Vampires were representatives of European Dark Creatures. While there were various rumors about their origins, one legend came closest to the truth. Lilith was…

Well, as the Mother of Fallen, she should have her own throne on the Dark Plane.

Asha’ruiya was surprised that the Bright Blood King had kept Lilith’s Einherjar Spirit in her collection and allowed MO Fan to take it away.

“Wait, you’re not a collectible. Did the Bright Blood King deliberately send you here?” A realization struck Asha’ruiya.

“How would I know? But you’re too weak, young girl. You need my strength. Humans, angels, fallen ones, I know them all, and you fit the bill,” Lilith, the matriarch of the vampires, said with a smile. Asha’ruiya stayed silent. She was anxious.

It was Lilith!

It was not an Einherjar Spirit that a vessel could absorb easily. Lilith’s power could destroy the world inside the pendant that MO Fan had carefully built!

It was a warning from the Bright Blood King. Even if she enjoyed talking to a human leader like MO Fan, she would not allow any random person to take her collections!

Asha’ruiya needed to tell MO Fan that the flowers were poisonous!

However, she did not know how to leave this world.

She found herself drifting toward a divine skeleton. As she looked up, she saw a Dragon Sparrow!

Even though it was just a skeleton, its three eyes could seemingly see through everything, and they gleamed with authority. This suggested that it might have been a deity in ancient China!

It seemed like the Dragon Sparrow had chosen Asha’ruiya.

Her soul floated into the altar and entered the Four Spirits Killing Fields within the ancient walls.

It felt like instant teleportation.

Asha’ruiya then somehow found herself standing beneath the ancient walls of the altar.

Behind her, a colossal Dragon Sparrow’s skeleton stood tall as if it was her Guardian Spirit!

At this moment, Asha’ruiya felt a deep connection with the Dragon Sparrow Totem behind her. Even though her soul was there, her consciousness wandered elsewhere!

She blinked as she flew through the sky. Views of mountains and rivers appeared beneath her. Although she had never been to this world before, one word stood out in her mind—Kunlun!

Kunlun Dragon Sparrow!

It was a significant figure in Kunlun that led millions of bird-like creatures!

However, despite its unmatched strength, it eventually declined over time. There were many powerful demons in Kunlun, and they saw through and suppressed its ancient magical techniques. Eventually, the seemingly harmless Jade Fox defeated it!


Suddenly, someone called out her name. It brought her wandering consciousness back to her soul.

Asha’ruiya thought that she would return to her body, but when she looked around, she was still in the Four Spirits Killing Fields. The lifelike yet lifeless Dragon Sparrow’s skeleton was still behind her.

However, someone else was before her.

It was MO Fan!

“MO Fan? What’s going on?” Asha’ruiya looked around in bewilderment. Had she entered the world inside the vessel?

“It’s the world inside the vessel,” MO Fan explained.

“B-But you’re the owner of the vessel,” said Asha’ruiya.

“I can’t help it. It’s not that easy to control. When Little Loach is eating, other people can’t touch it. If they do, this happens. They get pulled into the world inside the vessel. Back when I was in Easthaven, I once got sucked into a world inside another vessel too. It was a story about a monk and a girl by the seaside. It was quite a scare for Old Zhao. Right now, you’ve accidentally entered the world within the Azure Dragon’s vessel,” MO Fan explained.

“What do we do now? How do we get out of here?” Asha’ruiya asked. Just then, she remembered something crucial and quickly informed MO Fan, “The Bright Blood King tricked you. She sent Lilith here. Lilith isn’t a Soul Remnant. She’s the immortal and powerful matriarch of vampires!”

“Take it easy, Asha’ruiya. Your thoughts might be all over the place now, and you see memories that aren’t yours. It’s because you’ve connected with the Dragon Sparrow Totem behind you. It has chosen you to fight for it. It wants you to fulfill its long-held wish,” MO Fan explained.

“I saw it. It was once a shining presence in Kunlun, but now, it’s just a pile of bones and stones,” Asha’ruiya said.

“I anticipated this. When I decided to take the Bright Blood King’s treasure, I already knew that she wouldn’t let me have it so easily. It’s a test of my strength. No one wants to work with the weak, right?” MO Fan replied.

“But that’s Lilith,” Asha’ruiya emphasized.

“Yeah, and? Once she’s in the world of my vessel, she has to play by my rules,” said MO Fan.

“Is this an ancient battleground, where competitions from the Chinese totemic era took place?” Asha’ruiya still could not calm down from the stunning sight before her.

The ancient Greek civilization had influenced Asha’ruiya. She had always loved reading literature and had taken pride in it. However, stumbling into the ancient Chinese totemic era shocked her. Its grandeur, intensity, and ruthless competition made her realize it was another magnificent and unyielding ancient kingdom!

“After the Azure Dragon woke up, the world inside the vessel changed like this. The ancient wall you see now is made up of sixty-four divine skeletons. They were the Totem Beasts that vied for the position of the four National Beasts. They were once the greatest rulers, but the four National Beasts eventually defeated them,” MO Fan explained and pointed at the Four Spirits Killing Fields.

“The National Beasts are the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, Sacred Tiger, and Dark Tortoise?”

“Yes, these sixty-four lost, but they almost made it as the National Beasts. They might be as strong as the four spirits, but factors like fate, luck, circumstances, era, temperament, virtues, and people’s admiration back then led to their failure. They ended up as part of the ancient wall,” MO Fan explained.

“Are you serious?! There are sixty-four totems nearly as powerful as the four National Beasts?!” Asha’ruiya was shocked.

Even though Greece had many ancient gods, after they rebelled against the Old

Gods, beings like the Golden Sun Tyrant Titan were no longer as formidable as

China’s dormant National Beasts. In the battle of Holy City, when the Azure Dragon appeared, it shook the entire magical world. At that moment, many arrogant nations realized the true greatness of China’s magical civilization.

China was going through an awakening, and it would only become stronger!

“The figure behind you is the Dragon Sparrow. It dares to challenge the Vermilion Bird and even questions the Azure Dragon. It was once a supreme existence, but its spirit shattered after a battle with a fox. Otherwise, it would have been one of the four National Beasts instead of the Sacred Tiger and the Dark Tortoise,” MO Fan explained.

“I can sense it. That fox is from Kunlun in China, right?” Asha’ruiya asked.

“It should be from the earliest generation of the Greenhill. Since then, Kunlun has worshiped the Fox Mother. In the ancient totemic era, some sacred beasts and immortals didn’t get along with humans. The one from Kunlun was one of them. It was not interested in being one of the four National Beasts,” MO Fan said.

“So, the Dragon Sparrow was a candidate of the National Beasts that once competed to become Kunlun’s Demon Ancestor, and it was more powerful than the Sacred Tiger and Dark Tortoise?” Asha’ ruiya asked in amazement as she looked at the ancient Divine Beast. It appeared majestic and desolate in its skeletal form.

“It wanted everything, which resulted in it getting nothing. However, no descendant has ever denied its power. Now that it has chosen you, it’s not a bad thing,” MO Fan explained.

“What does that mean? Why are there skeletons of other totems in your Totem Vessel?” Asha’ruiya asked in puzzlement.

“Maybe that’s the totem boss’s ability. Previously, Little Loach was just a powerful vessel for gathering souls, but now it has fully awakened. It has projected a scene from the totemic era into its own world and conducted a battle to decide one’s fate with all the souls and spirits absorbed into the vessel,” MO Fan explained.

“Do you see how there’s a division between black and white in the battleground? Black and white represent opposing sides. These sixty-four divine skeletons of totems will choose a volunteer from all the absorbed souls to fight for them. It failed in the battle for the four National Beasts, so now, it wants you to reclaim that position. It’s not as the real National Beasts but as the king within the Four Spirits Killing Fields.”

MO Fan patiently explained things to Asha’ruiya, but she still could not fully grasp it.

After pondering for a moment, she asked, “So, is this why your vessel can absorb such a huge amount of resentment from the Einherjar Spirits?”

“Yes. That’s right. I make them fight each other.” MO Fan immediately nodded.

“You’re a capitalist! You and your totem are both all about looking out for yourselves!” Asha’ruiya finally understood.

“Oh God, how could you say that about me? I grew up in a society that values freedom, equality, peace, prosperity, and strength. I despise capitalists the most!” MO Fan immediately countered.

“What should I do now?”

“You need to fulfill its long-standing wish, or else you’ll fade away within my vessel and become my energy,” MO Fan explained.

“You!” Asha’ruiya glared at him in disbelief.

“Just kidding! If you don’t fulfill the Dragon Sparrow’s wish, you’ll be trapped here forever.” MO Fan laughed.

“I’ll get you!” Asha’ruiya instantly lunged at MO Fan in anger.

“It’s your fault for lusting over my body… Uh, I mean, it’s the pendant’s fault!

My pendant is just like my body. No one can touch it however they want. Alright, I’ll be honest. I didn’t anticipate this to happen. The transformation of the Little Loach Pendant is out of my expectation,” MO Fan explained.

Honestly, since the Azure Dragon fell asleep, it had not eaten much.

When it finally had the chance to eat a lot, this happened. MO Fan did not know what to do.

“You’re the owner of the vessel. You must be able to do something. Do I really have to enter this battle ground and fight to the end?” Asha’ruiya said.

“I can’t break the rules of the Azure Dragon. I’m just benefiting from it. But look, I came in too, didn’t I? My soul came in to accompany you. You should be grateful because even I have to follow the rules of the Azure Dragon after coming in,” MO Fan said.

“If it were any other day, I could deal with it. But now, the Little Loach has absorbed the souls of all the mortal world’s mighty figures, which the Bright Blood King has collected over thousands of years. After being carefully chosen by the sixty-four divine skeletons of the former candidates for the National Beasts, we’re essentially challenging the greatest figures of the past in the world inside your vessel!” Asha’ruiya said.

“This is the show the Bright Blood King wants to see. Her game has already begun. I have to go along with her game since I’m greedy.” MO Fan seemed quite optimistic.

“Is she watching?” Asha’ruiya softly asked.

“Definitely.” MO Fan nodded.

Outside the vessel, MO Fan and Asha’ruiya stood motionless in the palace’s garden.

The Bright Blood King floated silently before them. Instead of looking at them, she fixed her gaze on the thin layer of water beneath their feet.

The water was like a mirror. Instead of reflecting the palace or their skeletal reflections, it showed a mirrored image of the Four Spirits Killing Fields.

The Bright Blood King elegantly walked along the reflection of the ancient wall made up of divine skeletons. She seemed to be counting something. Most of her collection was already in place.

The Golden Sun Tyrant Titan looked just like an ordinary person, but the divine markings on its body revealed its supreme status.

There was a hellhound with a human body and a dog’s head covered in golden flames. It was a rare treasure the Bright Blood King had gotten from a game with Kongsi. The Bright Blood King believed MO Fan would recognize it.

There was also an eight-winged creature from a royal bet. The Bright Blood King was not sure how strong it was, but judging from its aura, she thought its participation would make things interesting.

Then, there was an ancient mage hanging around. From what the Bright Blood King remembered, he was a sect leader from the mortal world.

Of course, there was also the Blood Bright King’s trusted aide and friend, Lilith.

Lillith loved games even more than the Bright Blood King and insisted on getting personally involved in everything.

She would take the excitement of this game to the next level. Even the Bright Blood King, who had not felt emotions in years, looked forward to it!

“Hey, you know I’ve always been generous, right?” the Bright Blood King said with a smile.

“Brighty, you’ve already given me all your valuables. I might not have space for more.” MO Fan’s physical body could still speak.

“Just find a wav. If you can handle them, they’re yours.”

“Since you’re so kind, I’ll gladly accept it. But Lilith…” said MO Fan.

“Now that she has entered your world, she’ll follow your rules.”

“Okay. Since I’m still under your control, I’ll do as you say,” MO Fan responded.

“Your world is impressive.”

“I wouldn’t dare compare my small world to your grand throne,” MO Fan replied modestly.

“The Dark Plane also started from a small world,” said the Bright Blood King.

With that, the Bright Blood King stopped speaking.

Right then, the reflection showed that the sixty-four divine skeletons on the ancient walls had selected their own representatives from countless Einherjar Spirits.

Sixty-four great figures of the past!

A great battle for supremacy was on the horizon. After thousands of years, who would emerge as the ultimate ruler of the era? The answer was about to be revealed!

The Bright Blood King would sip fine wine and watch as she waited for the result..

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