Wizard World Irregular

Chapter 582 All Is Fair In Love And War [Part 5]

Ethan summoned his Sea God’s Trident and Lightbringer to help him fend off Lyall’s attacks. But as he was about to deflect one of them, Lyall suddenly appeared beside him, catching him by surprise.

Lightbringer, who was like a satellite hovering around Ethan, blocked her attack in time, allowing the young man to focus his attention on his opponent.

But at that exact same time, something hit him from the side of his body, which made him skid several metres backward.

“Finally landed a hit,” Lyall said with a smile.

But before she could do anything else, she found herself unable to move. A Water Snake as thin and as long as a water hose emerged from the ground behind her, binding itself around her legs.

Soon more Water Snakes emerged and coiled up around her body, holding on to her arms and legs and preventing her from moving.

At first, Lyall wasn’t too worried, thinking that she could easily break free from their hold. But after some time, she realised that she was unable to break free.

Illumina’s song, Hunter’s Mark, increased the potency of Ethan’s strength as well as the power of his magic.

This was made to solely “hunt” his target, no matter how strong or powerful it was.

Ethan then pressed his palms together, creating two giant Water Hands that wrapped around the young lady who was unable to break free from the countless water snakes wrapped around her.

Since his opponent couldn’t hear him, he decided to just make her faint due to the lack of oxygen. Read Web Novels Online Free – NovelFire Novel Fire – novelfire.net

Sebastian and Ethan’s Other Half thought that the battle was over.

But just as they were about to congratulate Ethan, the water hands that secured Lyall in place exploded.

From there, a Red Werewolf emerged, growling at Ethan as if he had done her dirty.

“Looks like all the bets are off,” Sebastian laughed because he knew that Lyall had truly gone bonkers this time.

Ethan, who also knew that his opponent had finally gone all out, decided that he no longer had to hold back.

“Grand Aria.”

As soon as those two words were spoken, Ethan and Lyall appeared above the sea, which was the young man’s home turf.

Lyall roared and unleashed several Wind Blades at Ethan who was hovering over the sea.

Ethan wasn’t surprised after seeing that Lyall was able to stand over the sea.

He had seen her do it in Queen Celestia’s Domain, so he was already expecting this outcome.

But his opponent had forgotten one simple thing.

Ethan’s dominion was the sea. So, he did what any reasonable person would do and dove down.

A storm was raging in the domain, so the sea was pitch black, making Lyall unable to sense where Ethan was.

The giant waves that were crashing against her didn’t make things easier.

She was also forced to run around in order to avoid the lightning bolts raining down on her.

‘So this is what Conall saw when he fought Ethan,’ Lyall thought as she did her best to evade the lightning bolts that were raining down on her.

However, although she managed to dodge them, the electricity that spread in the surroundings affected her, making her groan in pain.

More and more lightning bolts descended, making the surface of the sea look like a spider web made of electricity.

Lyall was very stubborn, so she refused to give up despite the helpless situation.

But being stubborn didn’t mean that she would be able to find a solution to escape her predicament.

She didn’t even have an idea as to where Ethan was. He had swam hundreds of metres deep into the sea and was looking at the pitiful Red Werewolf from where he was.

Lyall was still inexperienced in fighting in this kind of environment, so she had no way of winning against Ethan once he used his Domain.

Of course, experts like Seff and Professor Barrett could deal with Ethan even if he had dived under the water.

This was especially true for Professor Barret, who had a dimensional chain that could grab Ethan as long as he was within his range.

In the end, the raging sea devoured the helpless Werewolf who refused to give up until the end.


When Lyall opened her eyes, she found herself inside an unfamiliar room.

But the smell of medicinal herbs let her know that she was inside the Academy’s Infirmary.

She could feel a bandage wrapped around her head, which only left out her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Professor Galena, who noticed that her patient had woken up, walked toward her bed and waved her wand.

Golden words appeared in front of Lyall, telling her to just rest because her eardrums were still undergoing recovery.

The young lady nodded her head in understanding before sighing in her heart.

The last thing she remembered was all the lightning bolts congregating in one place in order to attack her.

Knowing that she wouldn’t survive such an attack, she shouted “I surrender” before losing consciousness.

That was the last thing she remembered from her battle with Ethan, and it made her feel embarrassed.

Originally, she didn’t plan on using her Werewolf Form because she instinctively knew that if she did that, Ethan would then use his Domain.

She had already seen the power of his Celestial Domain, and frankly, she didn’t like the idea of being attacked by thousands of Fairies, not to mention the Giant Hydra who had easily dealt with the Fomorians.

But she just wasn’t able to stop herself from transforming when Ethan had trapped her. It reminded her of what happened to the Fomorians, so she instinctively broke free, not wanting to suffer the same fate as them.

But she just wasn’t able to stop herself from transforming when Ethan had trapped her. It reminded her of what happened ‘I lost,’ Lyall thought. ‘He has become so powerful in such a short time. I don’t know if he can beat Father now, but even if he couldn’t, I’m sure that he would be able to do it after graduating from the academy.’

Lyall sighed a second time before closing her eyes.

Surprisingly, she didn’t feel too bitter after losing for the first time in her life.

She had fought until the end, so she could accept the results.

‘I’ll ask Father how to defeat him when he uses a Domain,’ Lyall thought. ‘I need to unlock my second inheritance too.’

Lyall had unlocked one of her Bloodline Inheritance, while Conall had unlocked two of them.

Lily had still not unlocked hers, but she was at the cusp of awakening her bloodline powers.

Unlike her brothers and sisters, she was Half Beastkin and Half Witch, allowing her to gain the power of both worlds.

But as a hybrid, she couldn’t just focus on one power alone.

She needed to Master both her Physical and Magical Abilities to make herself very formidable, which her parents were looking forward to.

This was also why they decided to send Lily to Brynhildr Academy. They wanted her to tap onto the power of her Magic and find a way to merge the two powers into one.

As Lyall was about to fall asleep, she sensed a familiar presence inside the room.

She then hurriedly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

A few seconds later, Ethan sat beside her bed and looked at her with a guilty look on his face.

He had wanted to fight Lyall without seriously harming her, but in the end, his opponent took drastic measures to win against him.

One thing led to another, and before he knew it, he was already hurling lightning bolts at her while the waves crashed against her.

The young man then put a handwritten letter beside Lyall’s bed before leaving the infirmary.

After a few minutes, Lyall opened her eyes. She waited until she could no longer sense Ethan’s presence and waited five more minutes to make sure that he wouldn’t return.

After that, she reached out toward the letter beside her and read its contents.

“You said that you haven’t ever gone on a date, right? So, let’s go on a date. I will take you to a place that I’ve always wanted to visit but was unable to go to in the past. Since it will be my first time going to that place, let’s go together. I’m sure that it will be fun.

Get better soon, and don’t be too reckless next time you fight.”

Lyall, who was holding the letter in her hand, couldn’t help but smirk after seeing that Ethan decided to go on a date with her. Follow current novels on ɴovᴇl_Firᴇ.ɴet

“All part of the plan,” Lyall said softly. “Chloe is right. You are a softie.”

Feeling lighthearted, the young lady closed her eyes and fell asleep once again.

Although she didn’t know where the two of them were going for their date, she was looking forward to seeing what Ethan had in mind.

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