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Wooing my Bodyguard Wife

Wooing my Bodyguard Wife





Wooing my Bodyguard Wife

Rating: 8.7/10 from 111 ratings

[R18 - Contains SMUT & UST]

“Fuck the rich!” Xue Ning declared.
"I'm rich - fuck me - not anyone else!”

As the second son of a billionaire, Sun Jingwei is undoubtedly rich, handsome and a playboy - but now he's been ensnared by his new bodyguard who hates rich people with a passion!

How can he insert himself into her 'fuck the rich' motto?

What happens when they end up married in the eyes of the public?

Here is the slowburn love story between a billionaire’s handsome playboy son and his new straight-laced, sarcastic wannabe-bodyguard wife that looks like a cute kitten!


“Oh good, you received my delivery!” was his excited reply.

“Did you accidentally mix my outfits with the ones meant for your girlfriend?” Xue Ning asks flatly.

“Of course not! I don’t have a girlfriend! All these are handpicked for you!” Jingwei exclaims.

“You handpicked underwear for me?!” She squawks, face red. “We’re not that close!”

“How can you say that? You’re practically my saviour! I owe you a life debt!” Jingwei argues. “Sexy underwear is the least you deserve!”

“You’re giving your saviour underwear?” She asks incredulously in return. “Do you not find anything weird with this?”