After Rebirth, Mrs. He Dotes On Her Husband

Chapter 519 - Chapter 519: Let’s Have Another Wedding

Chapter 519: Let’s Have Another Wedding

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He Xun looked at the knife and almost went blind.

“Calm down. I’ll be your hostage. Let go of my wife! I won’t come after you. I will let you go! As long as you keep my wife safe.”

Wan Yan looked at He Xun. She was filled with sadness and infatuation for him.

“Do you really not remember me? I have been studying you for twenty years.”

He Xun wanted to obliterate a wall.

How would he know who this woman was?

But if He Xun didn’t give her the answer she wanted, he was worried that his wife would be in grave danger.

“I… I remember you. You’re Wan Yan!”

Wan Yan bitterly smiled. Suddenly, she looked away.

“As long as you can remember me from now on!”

After speaking, Wan Yan tightened her grip on the dagger. If she could kill

Chen Wei’er, He Xun would definitely remember her forever!

“No!” HeXun roared.

Simultaneously, a gunshot rang out.

Wan Yan’s eyebrows were painted red, and she slowly collapsed.

Chen Wei’er was also scared stiff. Fortunately, He Xun caught her in his arms.

The police had arrived. They had aimed at Wan Yan and saved Chen Wei’er the moment Wan Yan was about to make a move!

Everything was over.

The moonlight radiated on Chen Wei’er. It was white and crystal clear—as if it was covered with a thin layer of snow.

He Xun saw that Chen Wei’er was dazed. He raised his hand to gently stroke the top of her head.

Chen Wei’er raised her head and met her husband’s eyes.

“Wei’er, I…” He Xun wanted to say something but stopped.

What did he want to say? Promise her that he will never let her encounter such danger again? Promise her that he will always be by her side? It seemed like he had said those many times.

He Xun was so ashamed that he couldn’t even hide his face.

“He Xun.” Chen Wei’er sternly called out, “Thank you for protecting me.”

He Xun felt a warmth in his heart, but what followed was self-blame.

“But I didn’t protect you well.”

“No!” Chen Wei’er shook her head. “Danger will always come. We can’t predict it. Even so, you always appear on time. This is the best protection. I have to take care of myself, our child, and you. Believe me, I will do better.”

He Xun leaned over and hugged his wife tightly.

“Let’s go home.” Chen Wei’er patted He Xun’s firm arm and closed her eyes.

After this catastrophe, the actions of Yu Han and his father were investigated.

The authorities followed the clues and discovered several cross-border criminal activities of the Yu Group.

Moreover, the plummeting assets of the Yu Group had drastically hit the bottom due to decision-making mistakes.

Yu Han, who had clamored for bail, had to face more than ten years of imprisonment.

He Qiu Shan, who was already struggling at death’s door in the He Group, had escaped punishment because he did not cause any actual harm in this incident. However, he had injured his leg and could only rely on a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

For the sake of their blood relation, the He brothers did not kick their father when he was down. Instead, they sent him to a relative overseas to recuperate.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The conspiracy to fight for power had finally come to an end.

Chen Wei’er had also recovered her spirits. She was busy with the studio matters again. When her stomach swelled up, she received another piece of good news.

He Xun had handed her the wedding invitation card! On it were the names of He Zui and Hua Runxin.

Time flew by, and the day of their wedding arrived in the blink of an eye.

The wedding was grand and magnificent.

He Zui held the white veil of Hua Runxin as he walked past everyone’s well-wishes.

The eyes of Chen Wei’er were wet as she snuggled in He Xun’s arms.

During the wedding, Hua Runxin was dressed up like a fairy. Her delighted eyes were always focused on He Zui, and He Zui did not want to look away for a moment. They were really in love. Happiness would naturally follow.

Chen Wei’er suddenly remembered that during her wedding, she had lowered her head the entire time—not wanting to see He Xun’s face. After that, she didn’t even look at the videos and photos of the wedding. It was just a coincidence that she found a memory card when she was packing up at home. She opened it and realized that it was her wedding photos.

In the photos, her face was dark. The custom-made wedding dress was gorgeous and reserved.

Chen Wei’er was beautiful, but she was like a piece of wood. She did not lift her head in any of the photos, but He Xun in the photos was looking at her the whole time.

All the guilt and regret lingered in her mind. Chen Wei’er had once let down someone who loved her so much.

He Xun noticed her tears and gently comforted her with his strong hands. He pulled her head closer to his chest.

“He Xun, let’s have another wedding.” Chen Wei’er said, “There’s no need for anyone else to witness it. It will be just the two of us.”

“Alright.” He Xun’s voice was gentle and loving. “However, Wei’er, in my heart, every time you stand with me, I consider ourselves wedded..”

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