After Rebirth, Mrs. He Dotes On Her Husband

Chapter 520 - Chapter 520: The End

Chapter 520: The End

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As tears streamed down her face, Chen Wei’er flashed a smile. She leaned against her husband and nodded. What else could she even ask for? How fortunate was she in this life! She could never properly repay He Xun, but she could spend the rest of her life loving him.

Time gently passed.

Four years later!

The sun shone through the glass windows of the church, creating a sacred and solemn scene. The rays landed on the pure trail of a wedding dress.

The surrounding flowers were all over the ground. Everything looked splendid and dreamy.

There was not a single guest in the spacious church, but it was not just the ‘bride and groom’ either.

Two healthy and adorable children were also present.

The ring bearer looked like he was only four years old, and the flower girl was less than two years old. The older one was a boy, and the younger one was a girl.

The little girl swayed as she was held by someone. She followed the hem of the wedding dress. She was so cute that it was hard to resist from hugging or kissing her.

The colors on the glass window were mottled and lively. The two little children were also excited to follow the changes in the light and shadow.

It was not until He Xun bent over and held the small one in his arms that Chen Wei’er reached out to hold the bigger one.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

“Aiwei, don’t mess with your brother.” He Xun held his daughter with one hand and kissed her furry little head. His other hand held his wife’s hand.

No matter what, He Xun would not let go of his wife’s hand.

“Muxun, don’t be naughty. Don’t let your younger sister trip.” Chen Wei’er lowered her head and pouted at the boy.

“Yes, yes! I know!” The boy quickly became well-behaved. His dark eyes were exceptionally beautiful. Then, he said loudly, “1 want to protect you and my sister with Dad!”

The eyelashes of the little girl in He Xun’s arms fluttered as Muxun seriously said, “Mom, I’m not messing around. I’m scattering flower petals with Aiwei! Mommy is so beautiful!”

With that, the little girl waved her two chubby hands in the air, and the petals hidden in her skirt fell down one after another.

Chen Wei’er turned around to look. On her skirt, there were flowers, and light scattered like colorful clouds in the water.

He Xun also grinned.

Chen Wei’er stared at her husband’s face. Her beautiful eyes curved into crescents. They looked at each other again. In this life, they would never be separated again.

“He Xun,” The priest solemnly said, “Are you willing to take Chen Wei’er as your lawfully wedded wife? To live together in matrimony, to love her, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, for richer or poorer, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?”

“I’m willing.” He Xun paused every word.

The priest continued to ask, “Chen Wei’er, are you willing to marry He Xun? To be the love of your life, to be loyal to him, regardless of wealth, sickness, or illness, to never give up until death?”

“I’m willing until death do us part!” Chen Wei’er confessed with tears in her eyes.

The priest looked at the two children. “Chen Muxun, He Aiwei, two little angels, are you willing to witness their happiness?”

“We are willing!” The two children agreed in unison.

The symphony echoed in He Xun’s ears. There was no noisy crowd, no grand display—only the crystallization of the couple’s love.

He Xun and Chen Wei’er had been waiting for this moment for too long, and it had finally come true.

The light enveloped Chen Wei’er. Her skin was almost transparent, and her eyes were shining. She was a gentle prelude but also a subtle poem—dreamy and ethereal—as she floated in He Xun’s heart.

He Xun’s fingers were tightly interlocked with Chen Wei’er. It was as if he was afraid that she would fly away.

“This is not a dream.” He Xun was a little dazed.

Chen Wei’er smiled brightly. “I’m here.” She tiptoed and kissed He Xun.

He Xun’s heart instantly melted, and all his worries disappeared. The sweet dream that had accompanied him had completely become a reality, and it had also become the other half of his life.

“Daddy, Mommy, 1 am sleepy.” Aiwei was small. She rubbed her eyes and leaned on He Xun’s legs unsteadily. “Let’s go home and sleep then, okay?”

“Let’s go home.” He Xun smiled. As he spoke, he hugged Aiwei tightly with one hand and Chen Wei’er, who was hugging Mu Xun, with the other.

Chen Wei’er leaned on her husband with peace of mind.

The sunlight emitted a warm scent.

He Xun and Chen Wei’er both knew that they had already embraced each other’s lifelong dreams.

Oh right, He Zui and Hua Runxin had a daughter named Tuantuan.

He Zui no longer had a bad temper. In the past, he didn’t dare to do it in front of Hua Runxin. Now, he was even more reluctant to have an outburst in front of his daughter.

Whenever little Tuantuan cried, it was like a sound wave attack…

He Song, Bi Xinduo, and Youyou were still a happy family of three.

Qin Dandan and Ma Qiang also got together. However, Qin Dandan didn’t want to have children, so the two of them decided to indulge in marital bliss!

Although they didn’t have children, they were not lonely, because Huo Yijia and Xiao Zhang were also married. Their union blossomed with a child and expanded into three.

As for Lu Haiying and Gu Xiao, they had a daughter. Lu Haiying felt a little regretful, but Gu Xiao’s love dispelled her worries.

Meanwhile, Assistant Yang was still single! However, he got a raise.

Therefore, everyone was exceptionally happy!

(End of the Novel)

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