Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2335: Pink Memories

Chapter 2335 - Pink Memories

Guchi Xiaoyin was still summoning his warbeasts. As his arms had been destroyed, his soul eyes had been transferred to the stumps that were left behind, which made it take longer to summon them.

Ji Ji's Vaporize, on the other hand, was incredibly fast.

The gigantic pink star rumbled, then shrank at a rate the eye could see! From tens of thousands of meters in diameter, it shrank to the size of a palm, which was quite terrifying to behold. Space and time seemed to distort as the little pink ball spun faster and faster, letting out a loud whirring sound. It almost sounded like an ant roaring as loud as it could.

Tianming had a feeling that the Primordial Chaos Beasts that hatched later had more frightening qualities. Ji Ji, as one of the later Primordial Chaos Beasts to hatch, was far more reliable than the traitorous Sixth. Surely, its capabilities weren't just limited to Spiritual Attachment, and this time, it was out for him to see.

Time itself seemed to have stopped. Tianming watched as the tiny ball twisted the fabric of space as it approached Guchi Xiaoyin. Though it was still some ways away, Guchi Xiaoyin's astrons started simply... disappearing. Waves of fear and pain flooded his mind, but he wasn't scared. Instead, he was completely dumbstruck and nothing made sense to him. It felt like something out of a dream. How could a twelfth-level stellaminor have one insane move after another like this? His life was a lie. Reality was a lie.

"Protect me!" He finally snapped out of it when Vaporize arrived. His warbeasts had also finally been summoned, each looking more terrifying than the next. Yet all of them were stunned the moment they appeared. The pink ball touched the body of the frontmost beast, and its flesh was instantly transformed into powder. All the astrons that made up its body scattered.

"Huh?" Guchi Xiaoyin was utterly floored. He watched as the ball approached him and exploded, engulfing everything.

"Lin Feng!" His shriek was cut off all of a sudden, as if his sound had been completely absorbed.

The explosion of Ji Ji’s Vaporize far outstripped Tianming's imagination. The sound itself shook his organs. Even with the protection of his prime wonder, he was sent flying off, bleeding, let alone Guchi Xiaoyin and his warbeasts. Damn, that's scary. He found himself a little bit terrified as well. Was this how powerful a Primordial Chaos Beast using a double-edged attack was?

At the moment of the explosion, Ji Ji's spiritform within his lifebound space yawned and slumped to the ground. It then shrank back into a small, pink egg, completely unmoving. "Pleasure... balls...." Its voice eventually vanished completely.

After the explosion of the pink star, two shockwaves followed in its wake from the reflections of the force within the tough room. Tianming was shaken so hard that he ended up incredibly bloody. Eventually, the pink light subsided and there was peace once again.

Without another word, Tianming charged in the direction of Guchi Xiaoyin. He saw chunks of beast flesh along the way, still crumbling from the remnant energy from the First Aeonic Ancestral Star. Was Guchi Xiaoyin finally dead?

"Given the power of Ji Ji's Vaporize, even if he used the Oldgod Ring to block, it would be eradicated in an instant and wouldn't save his life at all." Soon, he was able to see it with the Sky Plundering Eye. The warbeasts that had just been awakened were completely defenseless and had been wiped out in a gruesome manner. Thankfully, Tianming had made his decision quickly enough.

"There!" He finally saw Guchi Xiaoyin, or at least what appeared to be his remains. There was half a head remaining, completely charred. His soul eyes had retreated to the sides of his face.

"Uuuuggghh...." Still somewhat dazed, he finally saw Tianming calmly looking at him. "Lin... Lin Feng... Spare me... I won't dare to do that anymore... please...." Finally, he knew to yield.

No way in hell! Tianming kept his silence the entire time. He had used both his trump cards and he didn't want anyone finding out. He didn't give Guchi Xiaoyin any chances and swung the Grand-Orient Sword toward him, unleashing its cosmic impulses with the Imperealm Sword Formation.

"Lin Feng, my dad will eradicate the Swordgod Lin Clan!" Tianming descended upon his final astral organ, the brain, right after he uttered his last words.

"Phew." He took a deep breath. Though Ji Ji and his totems were part of his arsenal, they weren't standard in the sense that he could use them all the time. Even he was quite shocked that he could take out someone in the seventh rank.

"Found it!" Yin Chen had scattered not long ago and finally found Guchi Xiaoyin's spatial ring. The Oldgod Ring within it was still in good shape, which meant that he hadn’t even had a chance to bring it out. The spatial ring itself was still looped around a charred finger. The other item Tianming found was the ring of the astral giantess. He picked up the spatial ring first.

"Damn, he was rich." Aside from the hundred pieces of ordered manna Guchi Xiaoyin had picked up, he’d also been carrying a lot of treasures on his person, including more than ten cosmic artifacts. There were eight six-aperture ordered manna among them!

Tianming breathed a long sigh. "His Oldgod Ring wasn't on, so there's no way the Infinitum Stele managed to pick up on the battle. I bet Guchi Xiaoyin won't show up as dead, either, and I wouldn't be recognized as the one who defeated him. Our rankings won't change."

One had to be wearing the Oldgod Ring or fighting within the vicinity of someone wearing one for the battle to be recognized by the Infinitum Stele. "In other words, even if someone outside knows that Guchi Xiaoyin’s dead, they can't tell if it was me that killed him. There's no way they'd ever believe I was powerful enough to do so."

When the two of them had put away their Oldgod Rings, they were still talking relatively amicably. Tianming looked back and saw that Yin Chen had brought him the mysterious ring. "If I'm seen holding this, the ebons will eventually find out. I wonder if that'll be a good or bad thing."

It didn't seem like it would be possible to hide it, seeing how Guchi Xiaoyin had worn it like a dog collar around his neck. He had been the son of the tenth rex mundi. While Tianming had wanted to avoid a confrontation, he hadn’t been left with much of a choice.

There were some lines that he wouldn't cross no matter what.

"Hmph, let's see how the Swordgod Lin Clan intends to become a dog of the ebons after they learn that I killed Guchi Xiaoyin."

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