Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2336: Guchi Xiaoyin is Dead

Chapter 2336 - Guchi Xiaoyin is Dead

Lin Jie raised his brows, perplexed. "Every one of those rooms has a path that stretches out, which meet like a river delta. The final destination they lead to should be the same."

Lin Xiaoyun had gone to pick Lin Jianxing up. When Guchi Xiaoyin's Oldgod Ring had stopped broadcasting, the others in the chamber had nothing to pay attention to anymore. Even Chi Hun was in a leisurely state. As Guchi Xiaoyin's father, he knew why his son had removed the Oldgod Rings. He was quite dissatisfied with his son succumbing to his desires at a time like this, but there was nothing he could do to discipline his son, as he was far away in an ancestral world.

"If they haven't set out yet, they might lose some opportunities. If those paths really connect to the same place, the creator of this space must intend for it to be the focus of this round," Chi Hun said. There was a hint of a chill within every single word he said, as if his voice was sent straight into the souls of everyone listening.

"Rest assured, Rex Mundi. He probably just wants to toy with Lin Feng for a bit. Whether he kills him or not, he probably won't waste too much time," Lin Yun said, understanding Chi Hun's dissatisfaction.

"While Lin Feng's combat prowess keeps growing, he isn't much stronger than Qi Xuanzi or Lin Jianxing. Even though Guchi Xiaoyin's only a level higher than Lin Jianxing, each level or phase in the Order stage represents a huge gap. He should be able to take care of Lin Mu's son with no issues. It’s probably only lasted this long because Lin Feng offended him in some way, causing him to prolong his torture," Lin Wuyi said. She had heard of Guchi Xiaoyin's temperament as well. Even though it was a fight between juniors, she still felt incredibly excited about it and her gossipy heart thumped in anticipation.

"Let's see whether Lin Feng can still find it in himself to smile after all this." Lin Wuyi laughed for a second before hurriedly clearing her throat and sitting down. She probably felt that the others were finding it a little inappropriate of her to talk about juniors this way.

"Apart from Guchi Xiaoyin, the others in the top twenty are slowly gathering. I wonder what awaits them at the destination?" Lin Jie was more concerned with the ancestral world itself, and he knew that Chi Hun was the same. He also felt unhappy about Guchi Xiaoyin not showing back up on screen.

The atmosphere in the Swordsoul Chamber grew colder and colder. Chi Hun said, "He's messed around so much that he forgot what's important. When he gets out, I'll have to skin him."

His words caused the entire chamber to fall silent. People looked at each other at a loss, then Lin Jie said, "Rex Mundi, it's in a child's nature to mess around. He’s already performed really well. On account of the fact that he'll be bringing the mysterious ring out—"

Chi Hun suddenly stood up and interrupted Lin Jie, his expression completely changed. "What?!"

The Swordsoul Chamber was the quietest it could ever be; a chill had set upon all their souls. Even someone of Lin Wuyi's level felt a soul-chilling sensation that had nothing to do with her physical body.

Chi Hun stretched out his hand and took out his spatial ring, taking a snow-white jade bead from it. It cracked and crumbled to dust the moment he took it out, scattering in the wind. Nobody dared to take even a single breath, even Lin Jie. His expression was frozen stiff and he didn't dare to even bat an eyelash. All of them had been flabbergasted by Tianming quite a few times, but none of them felt as grave as this.

"My son...." Chi Hun clenched his fist, revealing black, insect-like veins that wriggled under his skin. A soul storm was brewing on his face under the hood, shattering the frost inside the Swordsoul Chamber. All the other elites inside furrowed their brows as they felt the frost and pain, as if they had been swept inside the storm!

"Rex Mundi, our condolences," Lin Jie said on behalf of the clan, taking a cold breath.

"Who.... Who could have that kind of power? The others in the top ten have their Oldgod Rings on, and none of them encountered your son!" Lin Yun babbled, his beard all messy.

"Our condolences...." The others didn't dare to say any more and merely backed away with their heads lowered. From time to time, they exchanged glances with each other, only to see looks of terror and doubt.

In an infinitum-class world, elites usually considered reproduction one of their key tasks, especially after forming their heptastar organs. As astral gods, it was incredibly difficult to produce talented offspring. Everything, from preparing for the pregnancy, impregnation, and birth took a lot of effort. The reason that their offspring were born as normal gods was all because of the energy, effort, and treasures they had used to nurture their seeds inside their seventh astral organ.

An elite like the tenth rex mundi definitely had many wives, all of whom were also powerful people. Though he had as many as twenty children, the loss of even a single one was still a huge blow! Astral gods had a hard time reproducing, after all. Otherwise, with a lifetime of a few millennia, they would have tens of thousands of children if they could reproduce as quickly as the mortals of the Vermillion Bird Kingdom. The universe enforced its own balance in that regard. The same principle applied to how quickly rats and cockroaches proliferated relative to humans.

Once Chi Hun had received word of Guchi Xiaoyin's death, he felt utter disbelief and a searing pain in his heart. His descendants were one of the factors that ensured the stability of his position as the tenth rex mundi. All astral gods desired to have many descendants, which also served as a good foundation for their clans and legacies. As such, everyone knew how much Chi Hun cherished his son.

"What in the world is going on...."

They could do nothing but express their doubts with their eyes. Guchi Xiaoyin was dead, and there wasn't anything they could do even if they went to the Oldgod Domain now. Even if Chi Hun went, he wouldn't be able to go to the ancestral world.

Chi Hun heaved a long sigh as he sat back into his seat. "Are there any leads from the many broadcasts we can see?" His voice was filled with killing intent, unlike the apathetic frost from before. Even those who weren't directly addressed were terrified, let alone Lin Jie and Lin Yun.

The two of them shook their heads. "I was paying attention to them, and your son wasn't in any of them. Lin Feng didn't show up, either," Lin Jie said.

"Are you suggesting that he was killed by Lin Feng?" Chi Hun asked, turning to look at him.

"That possibility can't be overlooked, but there's no way Lin Feng has that kind of power on his own. Perhaps it has something to do with the oddity of the bees' nest itself," Lin Jie explained in a rational tone.

"As long as Lin Feng’s alive, it most likely has something to do with him. Should he survive, our clan will immediately hand him over to you, Rex Mundi. Given the ebons' prowess at manipulating the soul, it shouldn't be much trouble to pry the memories from his soul, which is at the fourth imperial level at best. The truth will be revealed," Lin Yun said. Compared to the upstanding-seeming Lin Jie, he seemed outright dastardly as he gave quite a riveting performance.

"Uncle Yun is right. Whether Lin Feng was the one who caused his demise or not, he's got to be related in some way. He has to be punished. Handing him to the rex mundi is only reasonable," Lin Wuyi added.

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