Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 7

Will serve you

“That guy is stubborn.”

Gyeongwan spoke while he was heading to the prison.

When the guy was put inside the prison, he was interrogated, but he didn’t react to the painful torture.

Gyeongwan looked at Taesan’s face.

However, Taesan appeared happy.


As Gyeongwan stopped speaking, Taesan turned his head and looked at him.

“If you want to say something, say it clearly. I’m very generous today.”

If someone heard the conversation, they might have made a weird face.

However, Gyeongwan couldn’t do so. It was a bit strange, but if Taesan did it, it seemed alright.

“Thank you for helping.”

Actually, it was a bit confusing. Did Taesan know what he was saying?

Probably not. He was just lucky while saying random things. It was more reasonable to say it was right by coincidence.

That’s how Gyeongwan justified himself.

“It’s not a help.”

“Nope. It really helped me.”

Taesan stopped walking and looked at Gyeongwan up and down. He studied the man in detail.

“I thought I saw something wrong. What are you thanking me for?”

Taesan waved his hands to tell him to continue walking.

Gyeongwan’s face appeared confused.

Still, Gyeongwan couldn’t ignore Taesan’s gesture and continued to walk.

Until they arrived at the prison, they didn’t speak anymore.

As someone desperate to take action, Gyeongwan commenced the conversation.

“Did Mr. Prince see something wrong?”

“Huh? Did I say that?”

“Yes. You surely said it before…..”

“I thought I saw wrong. I didn’t see anything wrong.”

Gyeongwan put his head down in front of Taesan.

“Please guide me.”

Although he acted and spoke like that, he didn’t understand why he was doing that.

As an excuse, Taesan’s atmosphere had changed from the past.

It felt like Taesan could guide Gyeongwan going up the cliff.

It was like looking at the top of the mountain towards the bottom.

Taesan looked at Gyeongwan mysteriously.

“I didn’t expect that. You do have good senses.”

As Gyeongwan heard him say that, he was awakened as if he had taken a cold shower.

He slowly lifted his head and looked straight at Taesan.

It was the 2nd prince he always saw from the Golden Wall clan.

However, his facial expression and eyes weren’t the same.

“From now on… you have decided not to hide?”

It could be interpreted in different ways depending on the listener, especially from Taesan’s perspective.

“Huh, how should I handle this……”

As Taesan mumbled, he was still thinking.

Taesan didn’t have any intent to hide his abilities or feelings. He didn’t even try to do so.

Nobody could stand above Cheonma. He was on the top of this world, so he didn’t bother to look out for anything.

However, he didn’t have any intent to disclose that he was Cheonma.

Also, he was in a weak state where he didn’t know when he was going to die. Moreover, it became a hassle when people knew he was Cheonma.

Didn’t he commit himself already when he died? Once he is reincarnated, he will live quietly and peacefully.

When he discloses that he is Cheonma, everything will be ruined.

It is doubtful that Gyeongwan knows that Taesan is Cheonma. However, he knows that Taesan isn’t his real form.

So, it was best to kill him and keep things a secret.

“You will become a genius if you have a good heartbeat.”


“Honestly… I was thinking like that, but I was doubtful. That’s because the things you have shown me, Mr. Prince, are like that.”

Gyeongwan looked at Taesan with an eager look.

It was really surprising considering that his face was emotionless.

“I have committed myself to keep low until I achieve my goal.”

“Uhh… I see. Keep it that way.”

Taesan understood the misunderstanding Gyeongwan had about him and decided to go easy on him.

If you think about it, how would anyone know that someone took Taesan’s body?

‘I almost made things complicated by going too fast.’

Taesan waved again at Gyeongwan.

“I understand, so let’s go. I need to see him.”

However, Gyeongwan wasn’t done speaking.

He got on his knees all of sudden and put his head down.

“Help me, Mr. Prince.”


Taesan looked Gyeongwan, wondering what was going on.

The brothel owner just looked at Danyoung.

‘Was she always this pretty?’

It was known that Danyoung looked pretty. If she wasn’t, then he wouldn’t have scouted her to work in the brothel.

Still, even she didn’t know she was this pretty.

As her unique grim was gone, she looked ten times prettier.

“Is everything okay?”


“Do you remember anything?”

“Yes. I feel like my spirit was taken away.”

Every lady who slept with Taesan said the same thing. Every time the owner heard such a story, she hoped she could spend a night with Taesan.

How good was it that they said such things?

“Also… he reincarnated me.”

All the ladies said that as well.

“Okay. I’m glad you are fine. Perhaps… did the second prince say anything else about the brothel?”

Danyoung shook her head.

“He didn’t say anything.”

He really didn’t say anything. When she woke up, she was standing outside the residence.

It was really shocking. Her memory disappeared just like that.

Only the extremely happy feeling was left behind.

Also, she thought that she didn’t have to die.

“That’s fine. Go and get some rest. You must feel tired as you have to work later.”

Although the owner made a comment, Danyoung didn’t move.


“What’s wrong?”

The owner looked at Danyoung with curiosity. Danyoung appeared committed.

“I want to leave this brothel.”

The owner frowned a bit.

“What are you talking about? Do you think this place is a playground? You think you can just leave if you want to?”

All the ladies working here owed a debt.

So, the best way to keep ladies in here was to make them owe more debt.

Of course, the owner faithfully did the same.

“I will constantly pay the debt by any means. So, please allow me to leave.”

“Why are you doing this?”

The owner felt frustrated as Danyoung became prettier so she could be popular among guests, but she was acting up all of sudden.

“I want to serve Taesan.”

The owner laughed.

“Huh! So Taesan asked you to leave. Did he tell you to come to him as he will pay for your debt? Wake up, girl. Do you think those people will take care of us until the end? We are just ladies in the brothel. It won’t do us any good if you go and see him!”

Danyoung turned her head.

“He didn’t say anything. It’s just because I want to do so.”

The owner’s face turned more mysterious.

“It’s just you who is doing this? That makes no sense?”

However, Danyoung’s face looked very deep and serious.

As the owner kept talking with Danyoung, she decided that she couldn’t convince Danyoung.

“Hmm. Let’s think about it after taking some time. You should think about it again. Think about what is best for you. Also, even if you leave, will this be good for Taesan? Do you know who his fiancée is?”

“Yes, I know.”

Taesan’s fiancée was the daughter of the one leading the tourney hall.

She was also the most beautiful lady in Muhan.

“If you know it, think about it well.”

As Danyoung gently greeted her and left, the owner bit her lips.

“A weak man has made our brothel hopeless.”

The owner pressed her head while recalling what happened last night.

The most useful warrior in the brothel was captured.

‘He probably won’t come back. Even if he comes back, I have to deny the relationship with him.’

‘I had no choice in order to avoid the brothel from collapsing.’

‘However, will the Golden Wall clan believe me?’

“Probably not.”

‘Then, I need to find a different solution, but there is no solution.’

“I have to keep myself low.”

That was why it was more annoying.

If Taesan demanded Danyoung for compensation, the owner had no choice but to accept it.

“If I will lose it anyway…..”

The owner’s eyes looked sharp.

Taesan entered the prison.

The smell of mildew and fungus entered Taesan’s nose.

There was a prison inside the Golden Wall residence, but it was left abandoned.

That was why it was in bad condition.

Perhaps anyone could escape if they dared to do so.

That was why they blocked the blood pathway.

The prisoner was located in the middle prison cell.

Gyeongwan was standing more politely than normal behind Taesan.

He seemed somewhat satisfied, and that was because he shared the things he wanted to say. Thus, he felt really good.

Taesan pretended to listen and ignored some, but Gyeongwan still shared every single part of his story.

The content wasn’t that important.

It was that he wanted to get revenge after becoming stronger.

Taesan listened to his story until the end and said one thing: “Not interested.”

He didn’t know how Gyeongwan took such a response, but since then, he treated Taesan very politely.

Taesan didn’t care about how Gyeongwan acted.

“Have a good life there.”

The prisoner was sleeping on the floor.

Of course, his body didn’t seem to be in the best condition.

“Although I stimulated the blood path and gave him extreme pain, he was so stubborn that he didn’t move.”

“Really? That’s good.”

“You don’t need to do it yourself, Mr. Prince. I can do this.”

“It’s fine. Step aside.”

“I can’t. Although I blocked his blood path, he knows martial arts. What should I do if something bad happens to you?”

“What do you do? What trouble? Huh! You think he can do something to me?”

Taesan was angry. Although his body was in poor condition, how could Cheonma be defeated by such a person?

‘He doesn’t know I’m Cheonma, though.’

“Nope. Still… How can I watch Mr. Prince doing such dirty work with noble hands?”

“So, don’t look and step aside.”

Taesan waved his hands towards the outside.

Gyeongwan hesitated but left the prison with a distressed face.

Taesan turned his head and looked at the guy pretending to sleep inside the prison.

“So many dirty things are attached to you. Wow, there are lots. You did live a filthy life.”

As Taesan looked at his soul, it was full of chances.

If Taesan didn’t connect his major heartbeat using Danyoung, he couldn’t dare to challenge the captured warrior.

However, it was fine now.

Because the major heartbeat was connected, it was possible to retain an unclear soul.

“Huh, look at this guy moving his eyeballs.”

He knew that the guy was pretending to sleep since he entered the prison, just like how he sensed the guy hiding on the ceiling, it sufficed to say that he was quite good.

Of course, it was not outstanding, just useful.

He was quite good at pretending to sleep as he deceived Gyeongwan.

Taesan entered the prison and kicked the guy’s side.

“Hey, stop pretending you are sleeping and wake up.”

Then, the guy opened his eyes.

“I won’t say anything.”

Taesan nodded.

“Please do.”

Actually, he didn’t intend to ask anything. The circumstance was clear by looking at the situation.

The brothel owner would deny everything.

The guy lying on the floor stubbornly kept his mouth shut.

“Couldn’t tighten the acupoint properly. Gyeongwan did a poor job… tsk.”

Although the level wasn’t high, he knew how to tighten the acupoint.

That’s why he poorly oppressed the acupoint.

He pretended to be sleeping and tried to open up the acupoint.

However, such an attempt was over.

There was a reason why Taesan came up next to the guy and hit his side.

It was an attempt to straighten out the twisted acupoint with minimum impact.

Surely, the acupoint was clogged.

It was possible as Gyeongwan had put strong energy into it.

The guy looked frightened.

Taesan laughed as he saw the guy.

“Why? Now you’re scared?”

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