Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 8

This life is…

Gyeongwan was waiting at the entrance of the prison as Taesan had ordered.

Still, Gyeongwan paid attention to what was happening inside the prison with his senses.

If something happened, he was getting ready to go inside the prison.

In order to do so, he constantly channeled energy to his legs and shoulder.

It was not easy to constantly use the energy, but it was better than having something happen to Taesan.

Also, Taesan had a body where it wouldn’t be strange if he died at any time.

He lacked a heartbeat. He seriously lacked a heartbeat.

Dozens of doctors tried to diagnose Taesan’s heartbeat.

Strangely, all doctors gave different interpretations. However, one common diagnosis was that Taesan lacked a heartbeat.

To sum up, what the doctors interpreted, Taesan was lucky to be alive.

How could others not worry about him?

Actually, Gyeongwan didn’t believe that people lacking heartbeats were geniuses until now.

The evidence was Taesan.

However, that wasn’t it. He was arrogant. Lacking a heartbeat means the person is a genius — a genius who can break solid walls.

As his senses were fully concentrated inside the prison, there was a scream coming out of the prison.


It was a really tragic scream.

Gyeongwan shivered unconsciously. It wasn’t a normal scream.

It was a real scream coming out from deep inside one’s soul.

“Ahhhhh! Uhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!”

The screams that followed were very intense.

Was someone about to die?

Gyeongwan thought that when he died, he would make such a noise.

As he continued to listen to it, his legs started to shake.

‘What is the Prince…. doing?’

Would simple torture make the guy yell like that? That stubborn guy?

He didn’t moan a single time when Gyeongwan tortured him.

Perhaps, Gyeongwan’s torture wasn’t perfect. Still, it wasn’t light to not moan even once.

What did he do to drag out such a drastic moan coming out the guy?


The screams continued uninterruptedly.

It was literally constant.

He was worried that the prisoner’s throat would rip.

Time ticked. 15 minutes, 30 minutes…

The screams ended after 45 minutes.

Surprisingly, the screaming continued until then.

When a person screams like that, their voice would crack and they wouldn’t be able to talk.

However, the guy inside the prison screamed for 45 minutes but his voice didn’t crack.

After a while, Taesan came out from inside.

“Are you okay? Mr. Prince?”

Instead of saying “I’m okay,” Taesan looked inside the prison.

“Release him.”


Taesan didn’t speak anymore and began walking as if he didn’t want to repeat himself.

Gyeongwan quickly went inside the prison.

The guy was exhausted and lying on the floor.

Gyeongwan woke him up by shaking his body.


Although he must have been tortured, there were no wounds on the body, not even a single fingermark. In fact, the skin became better.


The guy slowly opened his eyes. However, his vision looked somewhat unclear. It felt like looking at a crazy person.

Not only that–


Gyeongwan stepped back in surprise.

The guy’s skin melted. At least, it appeared that way.

It was fine when Gyeongwan looked in detail.

However, he was certain that something happened. There was a reason why Gyeongwan had such a misunderstanding.


The guy made an unknown noise.

Gyeongwan began releasing the acupoints. Still, he was still being cautious.

That’s because the guy who had free acupoints may do crazy things.

However, once the guy was freed, he just moved his body.

It felt like someone who was a bit crazy.

“Hey, are you okay?” Gyeongwan asked the guy, but the guy didn’t reply and stood up.


The guy began walking while making a sound that a stupid person would make.

Gyeongwan opened every door so the guy could move freely.

The guy left the prison and continued to walk after leaving the Golden Wall residence.

Gyeongwan thought to follow the man for a bit and he did.

That’s because he needed to know where the guy was heading.

It wasn’t far.

The guy was heading to the brothel.

Taesan returned to his room and thought about what happened just now.

First, he felt good because such a filthy spirit meant lots of gains for him.

It felt good when he took out and burnt the filthy spirit because a strong power was absorbed.

It would be great to absorb it immediately, but if he did so in his current status, he would faint so he had to accumulate it inside his body.

Burning the soul meant purifying the soul.

Purified power came after burning the soul which was left inside the body.

Halfway through the process, a problem occurred.

This guy’s livelihood was so filthy that the soul was severely contaminated.

For ladies, the pureness left after removing the unclear soul.

However, he was different.

Such a filthy spirit would be strongly attached to the original spirit that the two would assimilate.

The Magical Spell of increasing Spirit blended all the spirit and absorbed the power.

Of course, if the filthy spirit assimilates with the soul, it would become strong enough to remove the soul.

So, he did so.

He removed part of the soul along with the filthy spirit.

From the beginning, there was no need to feel pity for someone who lived such a life.

The problem was the pure soul that came along with it.

Taesan threw the soul away.

After purifying and burning with the Magical Spell, he let the pure soul fly away.

Taesan had already experienced this in his past life. He knew how purifying the soul could create side effects.

Also, accepting such power in a weak body would make the body burst after a few minutes.

Taesan raised his hands and looked inside while opening and closing his fist.


Although it had been purified, the soul was mixed.

Actually, it would be wrong to even say mixed.

Just a small trait existed.

However, even accepting such strength became violent.

If such things are repeated, side effects will accumulate and the body will explode.

Taesan turned his head.

There was only one solution: continue to purify and purify again before accepting the stored energy inside the body.

By doing so, he must burn off the pure soul.

Taesan frowned.

“I was relaxed.”

He was relaxed due to the power obtained while purifying Danyoung’s soul.

He didn’t expect a mixed soul due to contamination.

Still, it was good that he knew about it now.

If he did it to someone who knew about the Spell, there would be a side effect for even storing the energy.

“Then…I have no choice.”

He had to visit the brothel.

Perhaps this life was all about scent rather than the smell of blood.

“Boss. You may have to come outside.”

The owner stared at the man for a bit who entered the room without any movement.

He was also a wise warrior working for the owner, although he was way inferior to the one who was captured.

“What is going on?”

“The guy who got captured is back.”


He would only call one man his older brother.

The owner frowned. What was she supposed to do if she had to deny the relationship with the guy, especially if it was in the middle of the day?

“Who saw that?”

“Don’t need to mention that. Everyone is watching.”


The owner stood up.

“Are you crazy?”

“I think it’s not right that’s why I told you to come out.”

The owner frowned as the guy was impolite.

‘These guys…want to challenge me.’

However, she couldn’t do anything now. She left the room with a firm face.

She stood still after seeing the guy waiting in front of her room.

Then, she understood what her warrior was saying to her.

The guy who she cherished the most was standing there. However, he didn’t appear normal.

He couldn’t standstill. He was looking here while standing awkwardly, his vision looked unclear and anybody could sense that he was not normal.


What was this noise he was making with his mouth? What made him turn out like this?

“What should we do?” the warrior standing next to the owner asked. He also looked confused.

Of course, the calmness shook as someone who he called big brother returned like this.

“What else should we do? Let him in.”

At that moment, he made an unknown noise and turned his head.

The sound of a breaking bone made his neck twisted.

“What are you doing? Hurry up!”

As the owner shouted, the warrior assisted his older brother inside. He brought the guy inside the owner’s room.

While the guy was brought inside the room, the owner just looked at the guy. She wanted to know what happened after making the guy stay awake.

She needed to know something in order to handle things.

“Stimulate his blood path so he can wake up.”

“Huh? If something goes wrong, he can become an idiot.”

The owner was irritated.

“I think he is already. Isn’t it better to give it a try?”

The warrior hesitated a bit but went to his older brother while turning his head.

Afterward, the warrior stimulated a few blood vessels connected to the brain.

At that moment, the guy’s body started to dismantle.


The skin was trickling down and the bones and muscles broke out.

The owner observed in shock.

“What’s this?! What is going on!”

The guy’s eyes had eye contact with the owner while breaking down.

The owner lost her energy while watching the guy.

He was coming closer to her.

The owner turned pale. She couldn’t think of anything. She was just scared and afraid.

Also, she thought of one person in her mind.


As the owner became conscious, she lifted her finger and pointed at the guy. Her fingers were shaking.

“What are you doing? Put him away!”

As her voice seemed like she was having a seizure, the warrior looked at her and began to move.

However, there was no need. The guy’s body collapsed in front of the owner and was separated on the floor.

The owner fell to the ground as she lost her balance. Then she did her best to calm herself from shaking.

Endless fear rose up from deep inside.

“What should I do?”

As the warrior saw everything, he asked a question with a grim face.

“What else? We should clean up well.”


“Ah, also.”

The warrior tried to go outside but stopped and looked at the owner.

“How is Danyoung doing?”

“Didn’t you say you will be handing her over to Red Dragon’s owner. She is getting ready.”

Of course, Danyoung didn’t know about it.

Red Dragon owner Jeoksim Wi was part of one of the strong clans in Muhan.

Jeoksim was one of the regular customers of the brothel.

Today morning, he coincidentally saw Danyoung.

In the past, he didn’t pay attention to her but he couldn’t resist giving her attention this morning.

Jeoksim fell in love.

It was more accurate to say he wanted to spoil her pureness.

It felt like he would be in trouble if he couldn’t do so.

Recently, there were a few ladies who gave off similar feelings but it wasn’t like that at the time.

Ladies who regained pureness through Taesan stimulated Jeoksim’s desire and Danyoung made him maximize this desire.

It was certain that Danyoung would be ruined if she went to Jeoksim.

However, the owner didn’t hesitate at all while processing such work, even from this morning.

However, now things had changed.

“Cancel it.”


“Cancel it.”

The warrior couldn’t reply and just looked at the owner. He understood how she felt.

He would make the same decision if he was the owner.

However, looking at the situation from afar, he couldn’t agree with the decision she made.

“The Red Dragon group won’t be happy.”

Jeoksim, the owner of Red Dragon group would use any means to completely destroy the brothel.

The owner turned her head.

“Send Danyoung to the Golden Wall residence. Right now.”

Then, the warrior shook his head.

They’d divert Jeoksim’s anger towards the Golden Wall clan or Taesan instead of the brothel.

‘Hmm.. will Jeoksim fall for it?”

He was a bit doubtful but this seemed to be the only choice.

So, the warrior shook his head towards the owner.

“I will do so.”

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