Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 2137 - Chapter 2137: Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All Techniques With Purely Strength! (2)

Chapter 2137: Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All Techniques With Purely Strength! (2)

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How could someone’s aura be so powerful and complex?

Moreover, that aura involved the concept of time, and it couldn’t be understood with conventional perspectives on aura.

The geniuses present were not ignorant. From Wang Teng’s aura, they could perceive that it carried an ancient meaning, a time-based aura that ordinary people couldn’t comprehend.

Whatever it was, once it touched the realm of time, it wasn’t something ordinary martial warriors could grasp. Its difficulty was several times, even hundreds of times, higher than ordinary auras.

“What’s happening?”

“Am I seeing things? It seems like Wang Teng’s aura is overwhelming all ten of them!”

“What the heck! Is it real?”

One against ten, it seems possible for Wang Teng. I’m getting excited!”

“I’m getting excited too. He’s so strong!”

At this moment, the audience had no idea what was happening. They only saw Wang Teng’s aura erupting as if lightning was flashing in the void, and then all ten of the other martial warriors retreated.

But anyone with eyes could see that Wang Teng had the upper hand in this clash of auras.

Many people were completely exhilarated.

Even though Wang Teng had not defeated the ten geniuses yet, at this moment, he had the upper hand in the clash of auras, giving many people a glimmer of hope.

A glimmer of hope to create a miracle!

“Aura is too abstract. You might as well just fight directly.” Wang Teng beckoned at Yuan Mu and the others and said with a faint smile.


Lu Tian, Zhulong Shan, and the others’ expressions were not good. Without further ado, they charged out, turning into streaks of flowing light, charging towards Wang Teng.

“Wang Teng, take my punch!”

“Solar Dragon Fist!”

With a roar, Zhulong Shan’s body suddenly surged with the fiery dragon flames, gathering at his fist, forming a terrifying burning fist imprint that slammed out.

“Oh? It seems like the Solar Dragon Flame has become much stronger!” Wang Teng sensed something and showed a hint of surprise in his eyes. “Since you want to play, I’ll play with you.”

Instantly, green flames erupted from his body, also condensing on his fist, and he threw a punch.

Five-element fist!

The fist imprint burst forth, a terrifying force surging from his body. The fist imprint violently collided with Zhulong Shan’s attack.


The clash of their attacks reverberated in the air.


Suddenly, a crisp sound of shattering echoed, and Zhulong Shan let out a miserable scream. His fist imprint disintegrated, the Solar Dragon Flame scattered, and his arm twisted grotesquely. His body was forcefully sent flying under the impact of a formidable force.

“How is this possible?” Zhulong Shan’s face showed an expression of disbelief, struggling to accept this harsh reality.

With the singular intention of challenging Wang Teng, he found himself utterly defeated in the first round of their confrontation.

It was a slap in the face.

Lu Tian and the others were shaken, but before they could contemplate further, they were already closing in on Wang Teng.

“Wang Teng!”

Lu Tian roared, wielding his battle sword and slashing it towards Wang Teng. A black sword light swept across the void.

God Slayer First Stance!

He didn’t hold back, directly employing this divine-level battle technique, incorporating the Bloodlust Domain, unmatched in its power.

On the other side, Raynolds also charged forward, wielding a war blade. He swung it with a resounding force, lightning flickering around the blade, transforming it into a lightning weapon.

Tai Beisha’s sword traversed the air, radiating an overwhelmingly brilliant light. Fierce sword energy surged from all directions.

The three attacks arrived almost simultaneously.

Wang Teng’s gaze remained tranquil to the extreme, his expression indifferent. He formed fists with both hands.



The onslaught of Lu Tian’s slaughter sword light and Raynolds’ lightning blade crumbled simultaneously. Both of them were sent flying by Wang Teng’s mighty punch.

Then, Wang Teng stamped his foot, transforming into a radiant figure. His body gracefully danced within the onslaught of sword light surging from all directions, deftly evading each luminous strike.

“Light-element footwork!”

Tai Beisha’s eyes widened in astonishment. She hadn’t expected Wang Teng to wield such a sophisticated light-element footwork. The speed was beyond the comprehension of even her, a light-element martial warrior.

“You’ve let your guard down!” Wang Teng’s voice suddenly echoed behind Tai Beisha.

Her expression changed abruptly, sensing the ferocious force rushing from behind. She attempted to dodge, but it was too late.


Wang Teng’s fist landed squarely on her.

However, he furrowed his brow unexpectedly, feeling that something was off.

It seemed like his power had been disarmed.

Tai Beisha’s body surged forward. The pristine white wings on her back were now spread open. In the pure radiance, those snowy wings appeared exceptionally divine.

“Are you using your wings now?” Wang Teng expressed a hint of surprise. “Indeed, the speed is remarkable!”

With the beating of her wings, Tai Beisha left behind a residual image in the air. Surprisingly, she managed to evade most of Wang Teng’s punch force, reappearing in the distance.

Yet, a trace of blood escaped her lips, and her gaze held a wary look as she stared at Wang Teng.

Had she not utilized these innate wings, she wouldn’t have stood a chance against that particular attack.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

At this moment, faint yet distinct breaking sounds echoed from behind Wang Teng. He might not have noticed it if it weren’t for his formidable spiritual power and acute hearing.

A sly smile curled at the corner of his mouth. In an instant, a green flame erupted from within him, forming a defensive dragon made of fire behind him.


Jet-black arrowheads shot out from the void, but they were instantly engulfed by the fire dragon, emitting a hissing sound.

Wang Teng turned around to find Wu Yan standing in the distance, wielding a colossal jet-black longbow. It became apparent that the previous onslaught had originated from him..

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