Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 2138 - Chapter 2138: Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All

Chapter 2138: Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All

Techniques With Purely Strength! (3)

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Wu Yan was a formidable archer!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a powerful archer!” Wang Teng remarked.

“Then today, I’ll let you witness it firsthand,” Wu Yan replied with a smile.

“Come on, I hope you don’t disappoint me,” Wang Teng challenged.

At this moment, Yuan Mu stood in the distance, his gaze gloomy as he watched Wang Teng.

This person was indeed formidable!

After a round of exchanges, not only were several talented martial warriors unable to make a dent in him, but they were also pushed back, finding themselves at a disadvantage. It was truly unbelievable.

Zhulong Shan halted in mid-air, his eyes locked onto Wang Teng. The Solar Dragon Flame enveloped him, aiding the swift recovery of his arm. Soon, it was restored to its original state as if he had never been injured.

He, too, gazed with an intense focus. A surge of battle intent rose within him. Wang Teng was truly his lifelong adversary. Only by defeating him could Zhulong Shan tread further on his path.

Raynolds and Lu Tian flew back, their hearts filled with profound shock. They couldn’t believe they had been sent flying by a single punch from Wang Teng.

At this moment, the ten exceptional talents no longer harbored any illusions or feelings of disdain. They all regarded Wang Teng with the utmost seriousness. This guy was simply a monster!


Words were unnecessary. Everyone surged forward once again, erupting into a fierce battle with Wang Teng.

This time, Feng Mo, Yu Yunxian, Boret, and the others acted too.

Feng Mo wielded his war sword, utilizing the powers of ice, water, and poison simultaneously. The force of his domain erupted, transforming into sweeping sword lights.

Yu Yunxian executed the Twelve Swords of Tyrant. Majestic and overbearing sword lights crisscross in an unparalleled display, completely blocking all of Wang Teng’s possible paths. Since they had already engaged, he didn’t show any mercy just because Wang Teng was the president of the Constellation Society. Giving his all was the greatest respect for an opponent like Wang Teng.

Boret harbored the same mindset. He unleashed his three Forces, employing both the Wood Flame Spear and the Lightning Wood Spear simultaneously, displaying unparalleled might.

Zhulong Shan roared, his body expanding, directly transforming into a colossal Solar Dragon Physique. Knowing that even with the absorption of Solar Dragon Blood, there was still a considerable gap between him and Wang Teng, he wasted no time and revealed his Solar Dragon Physique.

Raynolds swung his blade once again, gathering the power of lightning. The force of the fifth-rank lightning domain surged out, slashing towards Wang Teng.

Tai Beisha flapped her wings, swiftly maneuvering around Wang Teng, continuously emitting white sword lights at a rapid pace.

Baichuan Liu wasn’t idle either. He directly utilized his Baichuan Divine Physique, creating three clones, each wielding a sword and displaying the Nine

Essence Baichuan Blade Skill.

Wu Yan strung his bow and shot arrows, poisonous lights emanating from the arrows as they shot toward Wang Teng from cunning angles, making them nearly impossible to defend against.

“God Slayer Second Stance!” Killing intent erupted from Lu Tian’s eyes. He slashed his battle sword out, and an even more terrifying black sword glow slashed towards Wang Teng.

“Good move!”

A hearty laughter erupted from Wang Teng’s lips, and he threw his head back in a triumphant manner. His jet-black long hair danced freely in mid-air, unaffected by any wind, moving to an unseen rhythm.

True Dragon Battle Physique, activate!


The next moment, an endless sea of green flames surrounded him, forming a protective barrier at the center. He looked like the king of fire.

Dragon-like scales of green flames appeared on the surface of his body, creating an otherworldly and mysterious aura.

Ancient God’s Body, activated!

Simultaneously, within his body, a torrent of golden light emanated from his circulating blood, flowing from his heart and sweeping through his limbs like a mighty river.

Every muscle, bone, and even the connective tissues underwent a transformation, possessing an unfathomable strength.

A potent and terrifying force gestated and emerged.

In the middle of his forehead, intricate golden runes manifested, exuding an aura of solemnity and ancient power.

All of this, though it might sound lengthy, occurred within the span of a mere breath.

There was no conflict between the activation of the True Dragon Battle Physique and the Ancient God’s Body. Hence, they were executed almost simultaneously.


In an instant, the transformed Wang Teng slammed his foot onto the ground. His figure turned into a fleeting afterimage, nearly impossible to perceive.

At this very moment, relying solely on his physical strength, he showcased such a terrifying speed.

“So fast!” Lu Tian and the others exclaimed, their pupils contracting dramatically.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Teng didn’t employ any other means. It was a complete eruption of his physical prowess, transforming it into a fist imprint that surged toward the attacks of the group.

The tenth-level Strength of Ultima was added.

Wang Teng glanced at the attributes board. He added some blank attributes to his Blank Attribute and raised his Strength of Ultima to the perfected stage.

Countless insights emerged, and the perfected stage Strength of Ultima unleashed a terrifying might.

The Strength of Ultima couldn’t be compared to a normal Ultima. After reaching the perfected tenth level, it was almost as strong as the power of domain.

Attack after attack crumbled, shattered by Wang Teng’s immense strength.

However, the assaults from the nine genius martial warriors were still too formidable, and Wang Teng couldn’t simultaneously crush all of them.

Several attacks continued to bear down on Wang Teng.

Among them were Wu Yan’s venomous arrowheads and Tai Beisha’s swift white sword lights.

One attack came from a cunning angle, and the other was incredibly fast—two of the most unpredictable strikes.


Wu Yan and the others witnessed this scene, a trace of delight appearing on their faces.

Wang Teng was too arrogant, daring to face all of them at once. Now, he would inevitably face the consequences of his recklessness.

However, at this moment, a strange event unfolded.


An extremely peculiar and subtle force radiated from within Wang Teng, forming a unique and intricate field that momentarily froze the surrounding space.

At this moment, Wang Teng had activated the Space Domain. Even though it was only a first-rank domain, it was sufficient to momentarily stifle the attacks of several geniuses.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seizing the opportunity in an instant, Wang Teng fiercely threw a punch, shattering the remaining attacks without mercy.

“What’s going on?” Wu Yan and the others’ expressions changed drastically, completely unaware of what had happened.

Wang Teng didn’t give them a chance to react. Taking advantage of the situation, he pursued them aggressively, his figure bursting forward, and his fist imprint mercilessly hammering towards them.


Lu Tian, Raynolds, Baichuan Liu, and the others were completely unable to dodge, directly sent plummeting toward the ground by Wang Teng’s punch, blood continuously spewing from their mouths.

Wang Teng then pursued Zhulong Shan, once again unleashing a fist imprint, releasing terrifying power onto his colossal Solar Dragon Physique.


Zhulong Shan roared in agony, his entire body pulsating with pain. Blood sprayed continuously, and the scorching Solar Dragon Flame emerged from his body, attempting to shake off Wang Teng.

However, as an expert in manipulating flames, Zhulong Shan’s Solar Dragon Flame was child’s play under his divine flame. It couldn’t harm him in the slightest.

“Go down!” Wang Teng coldly shouted, smashing his fist hard onto Zhulong Shan’s head, forcibly slamming him into the ground.

Then, with a stomp, another burst of terrifying power erupted. The ground exploded into countless dust particles, shrouding the surroundings completely.

Following the recoil, Wang Teng charged towards Tai Beisha. His figure turned into a streak of white light. The explosiveness of his physical strength coupled with the speed of Light Bolt instantly surpassed the pristine white wings behind Tai Beisha.

“Oh no!” Her expression changed drastically. She tried to pull away and retreat but was still caught up by the pursuing Wang Teng.


Wang Teng struck directly, showing no shred of mercy. His fist imprint ruthlessly slammed into the abdomen of the feathered beauty, contorting her delicate frame into an arch, reminiscent of a shrimp. She coughed up blood.

The onslaught, like a spark igniting dry tinder, had left five of the prodigies completely helpless against Wang Teng’s overpowering assault.




At this moment, Wang Teng emanated an aura of sheer force.

In the observing space, countless spectators, whether they were new students or old, fell silent. Only one thought echoed in their minds.

Pure strength shattering myriad techniques!

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