Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 46 - You’re an Outer Sect Disciple!?

Chapter 46: You’re an Outer Sect Disciple!?

“Junior Brother, I was too reckless. I mistook you for a water demon and even damaged your artifact. I’ve really offended you.”

“I am Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak’s disciple Yin Qiu, Junior Brother Jiang Li, can you get up from me first?”

After all, persisting like this was unsightly. Jiang Li only felt the flying sword on his neck loosen. Clearly, this was the other party’s sincerity.

After all, this was their territory. Jiang Li naturally could not attempt to kill him.

Immediately, his right hand that was holding the other party’s throat loosened. He turned around and grabbed Yin Qiu’s shoulder, pulling him up.

“Junior Brother Jiang Li, you’re really strong. What’s with your outfit?”

Yin Qiu first caressed the sword with extreme heartache for a long time. After he confirmed that there was no irreversible damage, he turned around to look at Jiang Li’s tattered clothes.

“No, my brute force is nothing. Senior Brother’s flying sword is the real deal.”

After Jiang Li praised him, he looked at his naked body and had a helpless expression. He could endure the bite of the piranha, but his clothes could not.

“I accidentally fell into the water and met a group of piranhas underwater. I’m already lucky to be able to come up like this.”

He had only brought one set of outer sect disciple robes. There were no clothes to change into.

However, he could not stay like this. Helpless, he could only use his Wood Armor Technique to produce a relatively thin wooden armor to cover his body.

“Right, Senior Brother Yin Qiu, my sense of direction is slightly bad. Senior Brother, please guide me in which direction all the senior brothers and teachers of my Scripture Storage Valley are in.”

As Jiang Li spoke, he also picked up the broken chain. With a pained expression, he gestured at the two broken ends and attempted to match them.

That action made Yin Qiu’s expression twitch.

“Swim downstream for ten… Forget it, I’ll send you there. It won’t be good if you get misunderstood by my Senior Brothers and Uncle-Masters and they attack you again.”

He had not expected that Yin Qiu was so warm-hearted. As he spoke, he even helped Jiang Li out, causing Jiang Li to involuntarily sigh. There was warmth everywhere in the cultivation world.

However, this also made him sigh with emotion at the good cultivation atmosphere of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was different from the other large sects. They did not have an internal division at all. Their disciples would directly become disciples of the five peaks and learn from their masters.

Perhaps in order to maintain a pure heart of the sword, although their sect had its own competition among the five peaks, there were very few internal conflicts.

The elder of the Outer Sect Cultivation Hall had also said that the disciples of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak were the easiest to get along with.

“Send me over. Senior Brother Yin Qiu, are you bringing me on Sword Kinesis Flight?”

Jiang Li subconsciously thought that the flying sword could definitely enlarge and fly with people.

“My sword… still can’t carry the weight of people. We’ll board a ship!”

Yin Qiu: Even if I can bring people with me, they must be my Dao companions. How can I bring you?

Jiang Li followed the Five Elements Peak disciple, Yin Qiu, along the river bank for a period of time, and he quickly saw a long and narrow small boat that was leaning against the shore.

Yin Qiu was the first to jump over, landing lightly on the small ship that was only slightly thicker than wood.

The water under the ship rippled twice, but the ship did not shake at all.

This was a movement technique… Jiang Li felt so bitter and jealous at this moment.

This was the difference between having a master and not having one. The other party’s skills were clearly arranged for him. As long as he followed the prescribed order and continued learning, it would turn out well.

On the other hand, Jiang Li could only do things blindly. It was really miserable.

However, if he could win the sect competition, he would be able to enter the inner sect. At that time, he would have to find a reliable elder to acknowledge as his master.

“Junior Brother Jiang Li, why aren’t you coming up?”

Yin Qiu clearly saw Jiang Li’s embarrassment and urged with a smile.

“… I’m coming!”

Jiang Li rolled his eyes at the other party before suddenly stepping on the back of the small ship.

Jiang Li himself was a body cultivator, and his muscles and weight were not light. Coupled with the dozens of kilograms of iron chains around his waist, when he landed, the stern of the ship sank, and the bow of the ship rose up, almost causing Yin Qiu to be thrown out directly.

“You! You! You!”

The sword cultivator, Yin Qiu, finally stabilized the small ship with his qi. It seemed that he was indeed a sword cultivator. His Qi Nourishment skill was indeed astonishing.

“Forget it, forget it. Stand firm! Don’t blame me if you fall!”

Yin Qiu used his foot to pick up a bamboo pole by the side. After grabbing it in his hand, he pulled it towards the water surface. The small boat shot out like an arrow.

Jiang Li had long guessed that this fellow was up to no good. He threw out the chains and tied them to the ship. No matter how fast it was, he would not fall off.

“Senior Brother Yin Qiu, what are those bamboo poles on the river?”

As the small boat sailed across the water, Jiang Li noticed that there were a few bamboo poles erected on the river from time to time.

One end of the bamboo pole was painted black and the other was painted white. The bamboo pole would rise and fall in the river from time to time, arranging in a disorderly manner. However, one could faintly see a pattern within.

“That’s Yin-Yang Bamboo. It’s used to detect Yin qi underwater. Didn’t your master tell you?”

Yin Qiu did not suspect that Jiang Li was not from the Scripture Storage Valley. If that was the case, why would he be foolish enough to fall into their trap?

“Sigh, I’m just a small outer sect disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley. Who would teach me such things? Look at the artifact I’m using. It’s barely worth anything…”

Jiang Li was complaining to himself here, but Yin Qiu did not want to listen anymore. He stopped pushing the boat and turned around to glare at Jiang Li.

“Outer sect disciple? You’re actually an outer sect disciple!”

‘I was actually pressed to the ground by an outer sect disciple!’

A dignified disciple of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had actually fallen prey to an outer sect disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley. If word got out, he would be embarrassed.

If he knew that Jiang Li had only entered the sect for a few months, he would probably overturn the ship.

The flying sword on Yin Qiu’s back trembled non-stop. He pulled out a small segment and stabbed it back again and again. He really wanted to prove himself.

However, there was not much space on the small ship. As a long-range fighter, he had experienced the consequences of fighting like this.

“When did your Scripture Storage Valley become so formidable? Even an outer sect disciple like you has such standards…”

Yin Qiu expressed his doubt, but after looking at the chain, he still agreed with Jiang Li. How could inner sect disciples be so poor?

“This is for you. Consider it your compensation.”

As a disciple of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, his strong confidence was shaken at this moment. After holding it in for a long time, he did not know what to say. He took out a stone from his body and threw it to Jiang Li.

[Name: Kun Steel Ore]

[Type: Ore]

[Metal Content: 57%]

[Formation: Slow Dripping Water]

[Description: Hard]

[Elementary Element: Kun Steel]

[Secondary Element: Silicon Dioxide]

“How can I accept this? I’ve also caused Senior Brother’s flying sword to be damaged. I can’t accept this.”

As he spoke, he placed the ore into his pocket.

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