Hidden Marriage

Chapter 22: Calling In Emergency Support

Chapter 22: Calling In Emergency Support

“Brother, we can’t go on like this. Just ask Ning Xi to come over?”

“No need.” Lu Tingxiao rejected the idea coldly.

Lu Jingli earnestly tried to sway him, “Brother, Little Treasure is just a child, not one of your subordinates. You’re being too harsh on him, what’s the problem with spoiling him a little? All children have times where they’re stubborn or cause trouble.”

“It’s not your place to interfere with how I educate my child.” Lu Tingxiao’s face was frosty. It seemed that he was determined not to let Little Treasure get used to the bad habit of throwing a tantrum to get what he wanted.

Lu Jingli was feeling awkward being trapped between this pair of father and son. This was such a headache!

If things worsened to the point that their parents would hear about it, the matter of him taking Little Treasure to a bar would be completely exposed once they started investigating.

Gods, please send someone to save him!

When Lu Tingxiao went to capture Little Treasure, Lu Jingli hurriedly found his phone and secretly called Ning Xi……


At night, Ning Xi was at home reading a script while half-heartedly chatting with someone online.

Corrupted Devil King: Little Ning Xi, can’t you change your outdated QQ name? It hurts the eyes!

My Lonely Empty Loss: So Corrupted Devil King doesn’t hurt the eyes? You don’t feel embarrassed scolding me?

Corrupted Devil King: Cough, I’m coming back to China next month, come pick me up at the airport!

My Lonely Empty Loss: Not going, not free.

Corrupted Devil King: Pick me up!

My Lonely Empty Loss: I already said I’m not free!

Corrupted Devil King: Are you coming or not?

My Lonely Empty Loss: The person you’re contacting doesn’t want to talk and throws a dog over

Corrupted Devil King: The person you’re contacting screws your dog

My Lonely Empty Loss: The dog feels that it’s been violated by a needle

Corrupted Devil King: ****! How are you even more nasty than I am! Also, who are you saying has a needle!

My Lonely Empty Loss: You’re the one who started acting dirty, I’m not wasting any more time with you. I still have to read my script.

Corrupted Devil King: It’s just a small supporting female lead role, what’s there to look at! We used to have feelings for each other, are you really going to be so heartless?

My Lonely Empty Loss: There are tons of people who used to be together with me, what number are you?

Corrupted Devil King: Little Ning Xi! You just wait for laozi!!!

Ning Xi closed her laptop and wholeheartedly started studying her script.

After reading for a while, her cell phone suddenly sounded. It was a unfamiliar number.

She was worried that it was the drama crew calling, so she picked up the call immediately.

“Hello, Ning Xi, save me!!”

“You are……”

“I’m Lu Jingli, come quickly to the Platinum Palace, something’s happened to Little Treasure!”

“What? What happened to Little Treasure?” Ning Xi’s heart immediately tightened.

“It’s extremely urgent, come over quickly, hurry… B-b-brother, calm down… He’s still young… Little Treasure, Little Treasure, you can’t smash that… Ah……”

Lu Jingli made it sound so serious, and with the sounds of things falling and smashing coming from the phone, Ning Xi became even more tense. She hurriedly changed as she said, “I’m coming over immediately!”

Even she didn’t know what had happened to her. As soon as she heard something had happened to Little Treasure, she couldn’t sit still anymore.

She had only known him for several days, yet he was already in her heart and she couldn’t let him go.

This place was pretty far from Platinum Palace and taking a taxi would take at least forty minutes. Ning Xi was worried that something would happen if she took too long so she pushed her motorcycle out and blazed off towards Platinum Palace.

Ning Xi only took ten minutes to make the forty minute trip.

Lu Jingli had most likely notified the security guards, as they let her in as soon as she gave her name. There was already a maid waiting to bring her in when she arrived outside Villa No. 8.

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