Hidden Marriage

Chapter 23: Picking a Fight with the Boss in Rage

Chapter 23: Picking a Fight with the Boss in Rage

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Ning Xi wore black skintight leather pants to make it easier to ride the bike. She took off her helmet and gloves after she rushed over hurriedly. Her long hair fell onto her shoulders like a waterfall and her whole person looked unrestrained and handsome. She was unbelievably beautiful.

Lu Jingli almost couldn’t hold back his whistle watching her entrance.

“Lu Qingyu, do you really think I don’t dare to touch you?” Lu Tingxiao trapped his son in a corner of the living room. He caught him in one movement. The little guy was struggling fiercely in his hands like an extremely angry little beast, frantically waving his soft little arms.

“Don’t!” Ning Xi rushed over upon seeing the situation and snatched away Little Treasure.

Little Treasure’s expression went dazed for a second as he tilted his head up and looked at the newcomer. Then his big eyes reddened as he buried his head in Ning Xi’s embrace, refusing to let go no matter what.

Ning Xi’s heart ached fiercely as she saw the little bun that had been so cute, soft and lovely yesterday with fear in his eyes and his body trembling.

She could no longer care that her opponent was the fearsome Big Boss once her temper had been raised. She fired off words like a machine gun, “Mr Lu, I know that I don’t have the right to say anything as an outsider. I really want to say something though, there’s a huge problem with the way you’re raising him. Children need warmth when they’re this small. Furthermore, Little Treasure’s situation is a little special. He’s been through a huge fright and he doesn’t have a mother by his side. How can you be this fierce towards him? You should be more patient and forgiving with him. Didn’t you see how scared he was? You were even going to raise a hand against him!”

Lu Tingxiao: “It was my fault.”

Lu Jingli: “…” Ha ha.

Lu Jingli’s expression was full of joy upon hearing his own brother admitting his fault this readily.

You showed me a black face when I told you there was something wrong with your education method. Yet you accepted it so obediently when Ning Xi said it!

Little Treasure was like a little puppy that had found its owner ever since Ning Xi had come. He let Ning Xi lead him back to his room obediently. A totally different person from the little lion cub that had been going crazy earlier.

Ning Xi patted Little Treasure’s head reassuringly, “What happened today? Wasn’t he doing just fine this morning?”

Lu Jingli sighed: “What else could it be? Little Treasure missed you and wanted to meet with you or call you. Afraid that he’d be disturbing you, my brother wouldn’t let him do either of those things. So that resulted in Little Treasure causing a ruckus; running all over and breaking everything in the living room. My brother doesn’t want to condone such bad habits, so the two were at a stalemate when you came in…”

“This was all because he wasn’t allowed to meet me or call me?” Ning Xi found it a little hard to believe. Lu Tingxiao had told her that Little Treasure was quite reliant on her right now. But she didn’t think she had this much impact on him?

“What else did you think? You’re seriously underestimating your influence!” Lu Jingli brought up one example after another seeing that she still didn’t understand, “Remember that day in the storeroom? Little Treasure refused to let anyone touch you when you fainted. It was my brother who personally carried you to the hospital in the end!”

Ning Xi subconsciously glanced at Lu Tingxiao. Uh, Lu Tingxiao had personally carried her to the hospital…?

“Little Treasure thought you had died when he woke up in the hospital and saw that you weren’t there. He immediately went on a rampage and nearly jumped out the window. He had only calmed down when my brother gave him the note that you had left. Little Treasure used a hunger strike to force my brother to bring him to meet you last night. As for tonight, he ate too much because of your call. He couldn’t use his all-powerful hunger strike, so he came up with this…”

Uh, ate too much? She did tell Little Treasure to eat more in the call tonight. So was this her fault now?

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