Hidden Marriage

Chapter 40: Baby, I Really Want to Marry You

Chapter 40: Baby, I Really Want to Marry You

Lu Jingli coughed, “Er, it’s not strange though. Ning Xi wasn’t being serious with all those people she was dating overseas. She would dump them when she was done with no hesitation at all. However, this Su Yan is probably the only man she has ever truly loved.”

Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned even uglier after his explanation.

Lu Jingli was somewhat speechless at this. He thought inwardly, you guys aren’t even together yet, what right do you have to massacre everyone she’s ever dated?

“Bro, even if you’re prepared to stick around and wait until she falls in love with you, at least bring her over to Golden Age first. It’s so inconvenient that she’s in our rival company, Starlight! From what I know, she’s being bullied terribly by Ning Xueluo there!” Lu Jingli grumbled.

Lu Tingxiao watched the girl who had become quiet after hugging Little Treasure with an unreadable expression, “It’s not time yet.”

After finally reaching their home, a problem arose as they were getting out of the car.

Ning Xi had spotted the silvery white sports car at the side, and her eyes had lit up like a hungry wolf. She clung to the car and refused to leave, and her expression was like a little girl who had finally found her dream man, “Oh! Little White! My darling!”

Lu Tingxiao’s expression was changing furiously like traffic lights.

He had gone through such a hard time fetching her back, even risking his reputation to bring her out of the female restroom. However, she hadn’t shown any gratitude, and had even called him an evil demon king. Now she was actually hugging a car and calling it her darling?

“Hahaha… Bro, surely you’re not jealous of a car! See, why did you just have to drive this car out? Little Xixi loved racing cars when she was overseas, and she’s actually a pro at racing! Of course she wouldn’t have any resistance against the number one sports car in the world!” Lu Jingli was gloating in his brother’s misfortune.

However, he soon found that there was someone was even worse off than Lu Tingxiao.

That person was Little Treasure.

Seeing that his personal nickname ‘darling’ had been stolen by a car, the little guy was close to tears.

However, the cause of all the trouble, Ning Xi, was still touching the car all over with infatuation, “Darling you’re too too too cool… You’re simply too irresistible! I want to marry you!”

Lu Tingxiao’s knuckles cracked, and he had the sudden urge to curse.

She had reacted like he was a rampaging wild beast when he had proposed to her, but now she was actually proposing to a freaking car?

Lu Tingxiao rolled up his sleeves one by one, “Old Zhang, bring me a hammer.”

Lu Jingli, who had been laughing until he was out of breath, immediately jumped up, “Don’t! Bro, calm down! This car is almost 20 million yuan! If you don’t want it, then give it to me! I’ll bring it away right now! I guarantee that it won’t appear in front of your eyes ever again!”

Just as he said so, Lu Jingli’s whole world flipped over as he was thrown over the shoulder by the frail-looking Ning Xi.

“Who dares to touch my Little White!” Ning Xi’s beautiful face was currently full of murderous intent, as if she would kill even the gods.

Lu Jingli held onto his injured waist, “Good sir, please spare me, I was wrong…”

It felt like this girl was a seasoned practitioner of judo. He felt like he had lost half his life just being thrown by her!

After getting rid of the threat, Ning Xi immediately dove into the driver’s seat and hugged the steering wheel, “Little White, don’t be scared…”

“Eldest Young Master, this…” Old Zhang, who had been squeezed out of the driver’s seat, was stupefied.

Lu Tingxiao pinched the center of his brows and waved him away, indicating for him to leave.

He looked at his son, “Little Treasure, it’s late. Go back first and sleep.”

Little Treasure, who had been immersed in the feeling of losing the affection of his favourite person, immediately shook his head like a rattle.

Lu Tingxiao didn’t get angry, but calmly spoke, “You should know that girls don’t like showing their worst sides to the person they care most about.”

The person they care most about…

Little Treasure looked like he was in deep thought for a few seconds, then he obediently turned and left.

Lu Jingli’s eyes bulged out, “Bro, you’re too shameless! You’re lying to kids!”

“Is there anything else?”

“Of course, I want to let you feel the burning of this giant mega-watt light bulb!”

The icy cold gaze of his dear brother pierced deep into his bones.

“Fine, I’m leaving, I’m leaving…” Lu Jingli turned back to look at them dubiously right before leaving.

Leaving this couple and that sports car alone, nothing was going to happen, right…

Heh heh, that 63x zoom long range camera was going to come in handy!

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