Hidden Marriage

Chapter 41: Do You Want More?

Chapter 41: Do You Want More?

“You… what do you want to do?” Seeing Lu Tingxiao suddenly seating himself in the front passenger seat, Ning Xi hugged the steering wheel as if she was protecting her food.

Lu Tingxiao leaned against the seat, his expression darkening.

Ha, what did he want to do?

She had best never find out.

Currently, he only had a white shirt on his upper body. He suppressed the fire burning inside and roughly unbuttoned his collar… then the next button, and the next button after that…

Ning Xi was watching the man next to her cautiously from start to end. Seeing the man slowly unbuttoning his shirt and revealing that solid, fine chest, she became so entranced she even forgot about her little White for a moment…

Lu Tingxiao had not noticed her expression at all. He was strongly suppressing his uncontrolled emotions from this night- he had actually gotten jealous of a car. He lit up a cigarette and fiercely took a drag, then blew out a long trail of smoke.

The moment Lu Tingxiao had taken out the cigarette, Ning Xi was already past the point of resistance. She stared at him unblinkingly, at that smooth throat and the white cigarette held by his thin lips, and at the smoke slowly rising…

Due to the burning gaze from beside him, Lu Tingxiao finally turned his head and saw Ning Xi’s thirsty expression.

With a lapse of concentration, Lu Tingxiao almost misunderstood her gaze, until he realised that her gaze was not focused on him at all.

What had made her ‘thirsty’ was not him, but the cigarette he was holding.

The only thing Lu Jingli was good at was gathering information. In the background information he had sent over, all the details from her family background to her hobbies and even the small fact that she was currently trying to quit smoking had been included.

Lu Tingxiao immediately understood that she was relapsing.

It was fine that he couldn’t match up to an old flame. It was also fine that he couldn’t match up to a car. However, now he wasn’t even on the same level as a cigarette.

Lu Tingxiao had never felt this defeated and had never felt this much self-doubt in his life.

He had wanted to have her all to himself from the moment he had met her, yet he always had to think twice over every single step in consideration of her feelings. However, she had never even considered him as a potential partner, and had always drawn the lines between them clearly.

She would rather go find someone else to be her sugar daddy than be his wife.

People said that if someone was unable to forget an old flame, it was because the new partner wasn’t good enough. Could he be the problem? She got this drunk because of the old flame that had abandoned her?

He knew that the best way to court her was to do it step by step, so he had always suppressed his urges and followed this principle. However, he hadn’t thought that his rationality was so weak that it would fly out the window the moment there was just a tiny spark.

Lu Tingxiao smoked the cigarette as his emotions churned. The red glow of the cigarette’s lit end was reflected in his eyes as his low voice rumbled in the car, “You want to smoke?”

Ning Xi nodded without hesitation, she could no longer tell if she was being attracted by the cigarette, or this man in front of her.

Lu Tingxiao flicked away the ashes, then took in another drag of the cigarette under Ning Xi’s fervent gaze. In the next instant, he suddenly leaned over and pressed his tobacco-flavoured lips against the girl’s lips…

Ning Xi’s eyes widened. She could only feel the strong scent of tobacco and the cold air of the man enveloping her before her lips were pushed open by something soft, and a mouthful of smoke entered her mouth without any obstruction.

Being entirely unprepared, she choked and started coughing nonstop.

Lu Tingxiao took another hit of the remaining half of the cigarette with a calm expression and watched the girl cough until she teared up. She looked even more alluring like this, tempting him to bully her even more. He asked, “Do you want more?”

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