I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

Chapter 49 - I Think You Did Something Wrong

Chapter 49: I Think You Did Something Wrong

When he first entered the room, he did notice that An Yu didn’t look too good, but he thought that it was because she had been too high for the holidays and hadn’t slept for half the night. Who would have thought that she would suddenly say something like that.

Wei Zihang’s tone was a little serious. “What happened? What happened that night?”

He remembered that An Yu had told him that she had something to say to Lu Bei’s stepmother. Could it be that something happened between the two of them? Lu Bei’s stepmother had bullied An Yu?

An Yu’s eyes were red as she recounted everything that had happened that day from beginning to end. However, as a girl, it was inevitable that she would make herself sound better and perhaps intentionally blamed the other party.

“After I said those words to Lu Bei’s stepmother, I also realized that my request was too much. I quickly apologized to her and said that I was wrong. I was drunk and spouting nonsense. I told her not to take it to heart. However, Lu Bei’s stepmother said with a straight face that this was her matter and that I was meddling in her business.”

“I didn’t want Lu Bei’s stepmother to have a problem with Lu Bei because of my unintentional mistake, so I begged her not to tell Uncle Lu and not to implicate Lu Bei. However, she told me that the car had a recording function, so Uncle Lu would know… Wei Zihang, I really didn’t mean what I said. Moreover, I had clearly apologized, yet she still held a grudge against me…”

Wei Zihang frowned.

An Yu looked at him expectantly, waiting for his comment.

After a long while, Wei Zihang said seriously, “An Yu, I think you did something wrong this time. You shouldn’t have said that to Brother Bei’s stepmother.”

An Yu opened her mouth wide in shock.

“Brother Bei is our friend. If he asked me to help him, I would go through fire and water.” Wei Zihang did not know how to explain to An Yu, or perhaps he did not understand what An Yu did wrong, he just had a feeling that she did not do it right. “I’m like you. I don’t want Brother Bei’s stepmother to have a baby, but this is our thoughts. We can have this kind of thought in private, but we can’t say it in front of people, let alone in front of Brother Bei’s stepmother… this is too impolite.”

An Yu cried and defended herself. “But I also said that I drank too much and I apologized.”

The moment she cried, Wei Zihang grabbed a tissue in a flurry, “About that… Don’t cry. Uncle Lu has so many cars. He doesn’t know which one he drives every day, and he wouldn’t particularly check the car recording. So, he won’t know about the conversation between you and Brother Bei’s stepmother. Don’t worry.”

An Yu choked, “But what if Lu Bei’s stepmother told Uncle Lu? She was really angry that day.”

Wei Zihang was not sure, “Brother Bei’s stepmother… doesn’t seem like she would complain…”

“How so? Do you think she’s a good person just because she looks good?” An Yu was angry, “Forget it, I can’t get anything out of you. After I clean up, I’ll personally visit them and apologize to her and Uncle Lu.”

After saying that, her tears started to fall again, “What should I do? My parents will definitely be angry if they know what I did. I’m so sad.”

Wei Zihang could not bear to see her cry. He could only comfort her. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Leave this matter to me. You sleep well and don’t stay up late.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan had been very busy these two days. The convenience store was about to open soon. She thought that she had to inform the customers. Two days ago, she had ordered the kitchen to make more desserts and bought many exquisite and beautiful packaging boxes. She wanted to give them to the ‘secret’ customers in the villa area.

Although in the Internet era, she could just tell the group that she was opening a business, Xiang Xiaoyuan thought that it would be more sincere to personally send a small gift. Nowadays, people were too calculative, and they liked honest people who were sincere.

There had to be a gift as well as a greeting card. Xiang Xiaoyuan laid on the carpet in the living room and rolled up her sleeves to write a greeting card. She had a plan to handwrite every greeting card to show sincerity, but she overestimated herself.

Since she graduated from university and entered society, she had few opportunities to write with a pen. She relied on the keyboard for work and communication. Now, she had only written more than twenty cards, and her wrist was starting to feel sore.

She rubbed her wrist and looked around, trying to find someone who could help her write a greeting card. Unfortunately, the servants in the villa each had their own duties to perform.

At this time, she began to regret why she did not just write one card by hand and print the rest with a printer!

Perhaps it was because this was her first shop, she had too many expectations, so she wanted to do everything herself. Just as she was cheering herself up in her heart and planning to continue writing, the villa’s door opened from the outside, and someone stood at the door to change his shoes.

Xiang Xiaoyuan recognized the person as Lu Bei’s best friend, Wei Zihang.

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