I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

Chapter 50 - : I Wish You A Prosperous Business

Chapter 50: I Wish You A Prosperous Business

“Lu Bei seems to have something on and is not at home. You can sit and wait for him for a while.” Xiang Xiaoyuan poured herself a glass of water and greeted Wei Zihang.

“Yes, yes.” Wei Zihang’s gaze wavered as he nodded. “I called Brother Bei before I came. He said he would be back soon.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan did not care anymore. She drank some water to quench her thirst and continued to stare at the greeting cards on the table. She thought that Wei Zihang would go upstairs to wait for Lu Bei, but she did not hear him go upstairs, she raised her head and saw Wei Zihang standing there like a pillar.

Xiang Xiaoyuan was puzzled but did not ask. She picked up the pen and was about to continue writing on the greeting card.

Wei Zihang stood there for a while and took the initiative to come over and ask, “Aunty, are you writing a greeting card?”

Xiang Xiaoyuan didn’t even raise her head. “Yes.”

Wei Zihang was bold. He glanced at Xiang Xiaoyuan, who had her head lowered, and secretly picked up a greeting card that had been written. When he saw the words on it, he was a little surprised. “Aunty, you want to open a convenience store?”


“You even write a personal greeting card for your customers? !” Wei Zihang’s tone implied that he was shocked.

He did not expect Xiang Xiaoyuan to open a store, let alone a convenience store. Brother Bei’s stepmother was too down-to-earth. Which woman who married into a wealthy family would open a convenience store? They all started a company and did charity.

Xiang Xiaoyuan was too lazy to answer his useless question.

Wei Zihang did not feel awkward either. He saw Xiang Xiaoyuan move her wrist after writing for a while. He remembered that he still had to ask for her help later, so he blurted out, “Aunty, if you’re too tired, let me help you write it?”

The key to solving the An Yu matter was still Brother Bei’s stepmother. If the stepmother did not say anything, Uncle Lu would not know. He felt that Brother Bei’s stepmother was not a person who talked too much, but he could not guarantee it.

He had to play it safe. Once he made Brother Bei’s stepmother happy and begged her, the incident involving An Yu would probably be over.

Xiang Xiaoyuan looked at him in confusion. Wei Zihang in the novel was indeed very good-tempered, but he was not good enough to fawn over Lu Bei’s stepmother. His kindness was only limited to Lu Bei and An Yu.

Wei Zihang was still trying to please Xiang Xiaoyuan. “Aunty, when your shop opens, I’ll definitely bring my friends over to support you. I wish you a prosperous business.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan liked hearing that.

To be honest, writing so many greeting cards by herself was indeed a bit burdensome. She didn’t want to waste the free labor. In the end, she decided, “Are you really going to help me write?”

Wei Zihang nodded very seriously. “Yes, of course! There’s something wrong with me. I like to write. If I don’t write for a day, my hands will feel uncomfortable.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan: “…”

The free labour was full of sincerity. If she refused again, it would look like she was being unreasonable, right?

Although she did not know what Wei Zihang was trying to do, she did not care. She had to finish writing the greeting cards in front of her first.

When Lu Bei returned from outside, he just happened to see this strange scene.

In the living room, his best friend, Wei Zihang, was obediently sitting by the coffee table and writing. His stepmother was quietly instructing him, “This one here, the handwriting should be neater.”

“Over here, the full stop should be rounder and this smiley face should be a little more curved. It will make it look more lively.”

Wei Zihang nodded with a serious expression, “Okay, Aunty, I got it.”

Lu Bei: “? ? ?”

What happened? Why did his brother, who usually did not even bother to flip through his books and did not even have a pen in his backpack, obediently write in his living room? !

Lu Bei’s appearance made the originally harmonious atmosphere become inexplicably strange. Wei Zihang did not expect Lu Bei to return so early. He did not even have the time to talk to Brother Bei’s stepmother about the matter.

Lu Bei walked forward and glanced at the greeting cards piled up everywhere. He asked in a deep voice, “You came to me to write these things?”

Wei Zihang: “…”

He was not. He did not. He just wanted to find an excuse to get close to Brother Bei’s stepmother and bring up the incident involving An Yu at the same time.

However, he did not know how to tell Lu Bei this. He did not speak, and Lu Bei did not pursue the matter. He turned around and slowly walked upstairs. Xiang Xiaoyuan thought that Wei Zihang would follow him, but she did not expect him to look at Lu Bei’s back for a while and lowered his head to continue writing on the greeting cards.

Xiang Xiaoyuan: “? ?”

What was going on? She had a bad feeling about this.

As she stamped the greeting card with the cute stamp that picked. She asked casually, “Lu Bei went upstairs. Didn’t you come to look for him? Why aren’t you going upstairs?”

Wei Zihang scratched his head, revealing a mouth full of big teeth. He looked sunny and comical. “Didn’t I promise Aunty that I would help? I’ll go to Brother Bei after I finish writing on the greeting cards.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan: “…”

The ominous feeling became stronger.

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