I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 14 - Knock on the Door, Lin Mo Makes a Move

Chapter 14: Knock on the Door, Lin Mo Makes a Move

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Lin Mo gave Wu Jin a comforting look.

“Give it to him, but I won’t let anyone leave without paying.”

These words were very direct. However, Scarface was indifferent when he received the item. He even pretended to be dumb.

This was a very awkward situation.

Lin Mo calmly said, “Are you trying to go back on your words?”

The scar-face man snorted coldly and said in a confident tone, “Your small auction house should feel honored for having me here. You dare to ask me for spirit stones?”

Lin Mo’s pupils were clear and bright. He was not shaken at all. In fact, Scarface felt a faint chill when their gazes met and he quickly looked away in an embarrassed manner.

He said angrily, “This is just a lousy auction house. Are you guys stupid? Why don’t you all just directly rob it? Pay with actual spirit stones? Seriously? Lin Mo does not have any strength. He’s merely fooling all of you!”

Everyone in the crowd looked at each other. They did not know how to respond.

Scarface spitted disdainfully at the side.

“You’re all a bunch of spineless fools. None of you even dare to make a move against this piece of trash.”

Upon hearing that, some people’s expressions did change.

As the scar-face man said, Lin Mo had never really shown his strength. In fact, he looked just like an ordinary person.

‘How did an ordinary person like him manage to collect so many resources? He even got a tier 5 item.’

Those thoughts filled some minds. Lin Mo had probably used some special method or magic tool to conceal his power level.

At first, they thought Lin Mo was simply keeping a low profile. After hearing Scarface’s words, they felt that something was a little strange.

When the Blood Harvest leader, Qingyang City’s lord, and other powerful patrons saw the tense atmosphere, they got a little excited. They were not local factions, so they did not mind if things fell into chaos.

Moreover, they had no plans to participate in the feud between Lin Mo and the group of robbers. The more chaotic the situation became, the greater the possibility of them profiting. They might even be able to take a share of the spoils.

On the other hand, Li Yunfei could not sit still. He shouted angrily, “You’re going too far! There’s no such thing as a free meal in this world!”

This caught Lin Mo off guard. He turned around and looked at Li Yunfei. There was a look of admiration and gratitude in the latter’s eyes.

“Whoever dares to cause trouble here will have to face the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group!”

Li Yunfei greatly admired Lin Mo because he stood up against the robbers all by himself. Moreover, the low-grade tier four worry-free grass that he obtained from this auction house previously had brought him a lot of benefits. It even helped him reach the peak of level six.

The scar-face man had level seven strength. Although Li Yunfei knew he was no match for him, he still wanted to help Lin Mo. It was a way of paying the latter back. He was willing to fight by his side.

Scarface revealed a disdainful expression.

“The Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group? You’ve only reached the peak of level six. Yet, you dare to challenge me? You’re digging your own grave.”

He continued to say ferociously, “To anyone else who isn’t afraid of death, feel free to step forward.”

The crowd subconsciously lowered their heads. They dared not meet Scarface’s gaze. Other than Li Yunfei, no one else stood up for Lin Mo.

This was not unexpected. After all, when it came to life and death, no one was willing to meddle in other people’s business.

Scarface secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was infamous. Otherwise, if this many people joined forces, he might not be able to win.

Lin Mo remained calm on the surface, but he was quite moved by Li Yunfei’s righteous words. At the same time, he knew that after leaving Chuxin Villager, he would face more danger as such or worse.

“So what if your level is higher than mine? We still don’t know the outcome!”

Li Yunfei was the leader of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group. How could he allow others to look down on him? If word got out, not only him but even the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group would be shamed.

Just as he was about to make a move, Lin Mo stopped him.

“I appreciate your help, but I’ll deal with him.”


Li Yunfei was a little worried. However, before he could say another word, a white light appeared on Lin Mo’s hand. A shadow jumped out rapidly, creating gusts of cold wind. The shadow was moving so quickly that almost no one could see it clearly.

All of a sudden, they heard a scream coming from Scarface’s group.


The air was filled with a strong smell of blood.

“My face! My face!”

One of the robbers had blood dripping down his face. A large piece of flesh had been torn off, revealing his white bones. It was a terrifying sight.

There was a row of sharp teeth marks. It was likely that he had been gnawed on by some kind of animal. Despite that, nobody had seen such a mark before.

Everyone could not help but touch their faces. They could almost feel the pain just based on the robber’s cry. They kept looking around, but all they could see was a vague shadow. Even the outline of that creature was not apparent.

“What creature is that? It’s so powerful!”

“What’s going on?!”

Scarface did not even see how that thing attacked. Then, another wave of miserable cries could be heard. All his lackeys’ faces had become completely unrecognizable.

The scene was simply ghastly. Some of the robbers did not even have a single piece of flesh on their faces. Only teeth marks could be seen. The robbers fell to the ground after losing too much blood.

“Be on guard! Everyone, don’t panic!”

Scarface shouted hysterically, but it was ineffective. The robbers tried to escape. They were so desperate that they even trampled on their fallen comrades.

The white creature kept following them like a ghost. Death was inevitable.

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