I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 19 - Qingyang City

Chapter 19: Qingyang City

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The green city gate was somewhat discernible. It was like a towering mountain range. The grayish-white walls looked worn out. Some parts had even fallen off and become mottled. These were all traces of time. Even so, it was difficult to conceal its former grandeur.

There was a stone tablet covered in moss not too far away. The word “Qingyang” was written on it.

Since the word was written with dragon and snake-like strokes, it exuded an ancient charm with indescribable pressure. Apparently, it was personally written by the first Qingyang City lord and had a hundred years of history behind it.

“Qingyang City is just in front of us.”

Lin Mo and Wu Jin could not help but quicken their steps. They arrived at the city gate and after paying a certain amount of spirit stones, both of them successfully entered the city.

“Come and take a look! This fur belonged to a tier 3 demonic beast. It’s impervious to weapons, water, and fire. It’s most suitable to be made into a defensive robe!”

“Recovery pills are essential when traveling. Try one and you’ll definitely want another!”

“Sky splitter, star shattering hammer, and top-grade weapons are on sale! Don’t miss this opportunity!”

There were hawkers everywhere. They filled up both sides of the street and were lined up in a row. It was a lively sight with people coming and going.

Wu Jin rarely went on long journeys. His eyes could barely keep up with everything. He looked around and said excitedly, “There are so many things here.”

On the other hand, Lin Mo was much calmer.

It was a little strenuous to collect tier three items in Chuxin Village. However, they were not particularly precious here. This was enough to show that the city had an abundance of resources.

‘My decision to come to Qingyang City wasn’t wrong.’

Perhaps it was because of the unfamiliar environment but after his excitement died down a little, Wu Jin became cautious.

“Young master, what should we do next?”

Lin Mo already had plans. Since they were new to the city, they did not know the prices of things.

“Go and get more information about Qingyang City and its clans.”

Wu Jin was a little worried. With his level of strength, anyone could easily kill him. Finding more information and returning safely would be an issue.

Lin Mo noticed he was anxious, so he added, “Don’t worry, I’ll get the lookout fish to protect you.”

Even if the lookout fish could not beat Wu Jin’s opponent, they could still escape because of the fish’s speed.

Lin Mo’s words reassured Wu Jin.

Anyway, Lin Mo walked towards the center of Qingyang City. He wanted to see if there were any good shops.

The center was the most bustling area. However, there were fewer pedestrians. It was not as lively as earlier. The people walking around this place were all well-dressed. With just a glance, one could tell that they were wealthy.

Lin Mo’s clothes were ordinary, making him seem a little out of place. His luck was pretty good and he found a medium-sized auction house that was not doing well. The owner wanted to sell it off.

After explaining his purpose, the staff hesitated for a moment before letting Lin Mo in.

It was probably because his clothes were ordinary and his body did not emit a strong aura.

When the owner looked at Lin Mo, he had a disdainful expression on his face.

“What brings you here? Do you want to just look around? This is not a refugee camp.”

The staff who had let Lin Mo in felt awkward.

“He said that he wanted to buy the auction house.”

The owner glanced at Lin Mo and continued to look down on him.

“Him? He could go bankrupt by just buying the bricks in that corner.”

Although he was ridiculed, Lin Mo stayed calm. He was used to people looking down on him.

 “How many spirit stones?”

“100,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The owner casually announced the price, thinking that it would scare Lin Mo away. He patiently waited for Lin Mo to reveal an embarrassing expression but when that did not happen, he said in a sarcastic tone, “Is this a wet market to you? The price is not as cheap as cabbages. Why didn’t you ask around…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Mo interrupted him.

“Count and see if there’s enough.”

He handed the owner his interspatial ring.

The owner immediately recognized the item to be at least tier seven. His expression quickly changed. After all, no ordinary person could afford such a ring.


Lin Mo took out one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones without even batting an eye. The owner did not expect something like this to happen at all.

In any case, the location of this auction house was not bad. There were already a few people who had inquired about the price, but they felt that it was too expensive. Thus, nobody bought it. Who knew that Lin Mo would agree to this price.

“You really want to buy it?”

Lin Mo did not want to further waste his breath. So, he directly asked, “Is it enough?”

The owner stammered.

“It’s enough.”

Now, he felt embarrassed for mocking Lin Mo. This young man in front of him had just transformed into his biggest customer. He tried to say something to remedy the situation.

“Previously, I didn’t know…”

Before he could even finish his words, Lin Mo interrupted indifferently, “Alright then. This is my territory now. You can scram.”

His words were not polite at all.

However, it was the owner’s own fault for looking down at him earlier. His face turned red. Lin Mo was probably a rich and powerful person with an impressive background. Offending him would be a bad idea. Hence, the owner could only swallow his anger and walk out of the auction house.

The commotion earlier had attracted a crowd. People began to wonder about Lin Mo’s identity.

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