I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 20 - Selling the Auction House for 100,000 Low-Grade Spirit Stones

Chapter 20: Selling the Auction House for 100,000 Low-Grade Spirit Stones

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“No wonder the owner had to sell the auction house. He was so tactless and mean. I bet he offended many people. It would be strange if he still had business.”

“I wonder if the new owner can bring this auction house back to life.”

The people surrounding the auction house were discussing among themselves. They had a rough understanding of the original owner’s temper. Based on what they said, it seemed that the auction house declined because of his horrid personality.

Besides, the auction house was situated in a good location. There was no way it struggled for no reason.

Anyway, after hearing the auction house was under new management, people came to check it out.

Lin Mo took this opportunity to build up momentum for his first auction in Qingyang city.

“Our auction house will have tier five top-grade resources. We await your patronage.”

This announcement caused quite a stir.

Even in Qingyang City, there were not many resources at this grade.

“Really? Tier five top-grade resources? Is he just bragging?”

“This person took out 100,000 low-grade spirit stones without batting an eye. It should be true. He wouldn’t lie unless he had no plans of continuing his business.”

“Exactly! No one would do something so foolish to ruin their reputation, right?”

“There are two large-scale auction houses in this city and they form a barrier between each other. One of them belongs to the royal family while the other belongs to the Miao family. Is he actually from one of them?”

Everyone was speculating about Lin Mo’s background. He was basically shrouded in a layer of mystery. They were excited for this auction house to be reopened.

Just as Lin Mo was reorganizing the auction house, Wu Jin and the lookout fish returned.

At first, Wu Jin thought the lookout fish had brought him to the wrong place. When he saw Lin Mo, he was quite taken aback. Wu Jin could not help but ask, “What is this place?”

“The auction house that I just bought.”

Upon hearing that, Wu Jin’s expression turned dreamy.

“I think I haven’t woken up yet…”


A crisp sound could be heard. The lookout fish swung its tail mischievously and hit Wu Jin on his face. A wave of coldness swept over him, waking the wistful man up.

Who knew that Lin Mo would take over such a large auction house in such a short period of time. In comparison, the auction house in Chuxin Village seemed insignificant. It was like heaven and earth. There was no competition.

Wu Jin got extremely excited. He looked around the place like a child in a candy store. When he thought about how he could auction items in such a large venue, he became a little eager.

“How’s the situation on your side?”

Lin Mo’s voice pulled him back to reality. Wu Jin rubbed his head embarrassedly. He almost forgot about official business.

“There are a total of four great families in Qingyang City. They are the Wang family, the Du family, the Huang family, and the Miao family. The strength of each family’s head is peak level nine. There’s also the possibility of elders in the family who have already broken through.”

Most of these elders cultivated behind closed doors and had not made a move for decades. Other than the core members of the family, ordinary people would not be able to get more detailed information about them.

Wu Jin’s expression became a little mysterious.

“Additionally, I’ve heard that these four big families are all related to the royal family in the Imperial City. They keep sending top-quality resources to them. All the outstanding disciples of the family will also be recommended to the royal family. Among them, the Miao family is the most high-profile and powerful. Apparently, the Miao family has a unique secret manual that allows them to complete the refinement of medicinal pills, herbs, and inner cores of demonic beasts. Even the resources that many of the younger generations of the royal family used for cultivation were provided by the Miao family. Therefore, the resources that the Miao family provide to the auction house does not lose out to those the royal family used.”

Wu Jin was overwhelmed with emotions. He did not expect Qingyang city to have so many hidden talents.

“The other three families kept a low profile. It’s difficult to obtain more detailed information. However, they have connections with the royal family. This means they have their own strengths. Perhaps they could breed demonic beasts or own exclusive martial arts manuals. Maybe they can even tamper with weapons.”

After listening to Wu Jin’s explanation, Lin Mo had a rough understanding of Qingyang City’s circumstances.

“Oh, that’s right!”

Wu Jin seemed to have remembered something.

“The lookout fish can completely turn invisible in the air but when I was out and about, it appeared to have been seen by someone.”

These words immediately piqued Lin Mo’s interest.

“Oh? There’s actually someone with such abilities?”

Even though they had only brushed past each other, Wu Jin could still clearly remember that person’s gaze. It was filled with pressure, so he left a particularly deep impression.

Wu Jin nodded and said, “Although I don’t know that person’s identity, I did memorize his appearance.”

Lin Mo did not take it to heart. There were countless powerful people in Qingyang City. It was not strange that a few of them were able to discover the lookout fish.

“Oh right. The previous owner’s staff are still working in this auction house. Take good care of them and avoid unnecessary trouble. Also, see if they can carry out their tasks properly. They must pass based on your standards.”

Wu Jin was Lin Mo’s only attendant. He did not have enough manpower. So, for the time being, he decided to keep the previous staff. After all, the next auction was imminent. He might as well make do with them for now and slowly work his way up.

These people had worked in the auction house for a long time, so they should be familiar with the process. They probably did not need further training and could immediately resume their posts. This would save Lin Mo quite a bit of time.

Despite the heavy responsibility, Wu Jin was clearly thrilled.

“Don’t worry, young master. Leave it to me.”

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