I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 25 - Fight! A Peak Level 9 Bandit

Chapter 25: Fight! A Peak Level 9 Bandit

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Lin Mo had been constantly receiving auction items. At the same time, he was also getting along well with other auctioneers.

On the other hand, the four great clans stayed quiet. Wu Jin tried to get some information but failed. This made Lin Mo feel very uneasy.

‘Am I overthinking?


Lin Mo shook his head. Based on Miao Yan’s actions, he had a rough idea about his personality. Moreover, the Miao family valued their pride the most. There was no way they would stay indifferent.

‘This was basically a calm period of time before the storm.’

Lin Mo did not take any action either. All he did was spend his free time cultivating.

It was nighttime. The moon could barely be seen and the stars were sparse. As for the skies, they seemed to be covered by a black curtain. There was hardly any light. Most people had already slept. Meanwhile, a black shadow sneaked into the auction house.

He was like a ghost traveling in the dark. It was difficult to spot him. This man was actually a bandit from the level nine foundation establishment faction.

The bandit snuck into the auction house’s warehouse. There was a dazzling array of items on the shelves. He could not help but click his tongue.

“He had already collected so many auction items in such a short time.”

The bandit’s hands did not stop moving. In just a short time, all the auction items were transferred into his bag.

While he was busy working, the bandit did not notice a layer of faint frost forming on the ground. It was probably because the light was too dim.

“Huh? Why did it get chilly all of a sudden?”

The thief almost sneezed. He sensed an impending danger and rolled to the side. Even so, a sharp sword aura had cut through his clothes and the faint smell of blood was in the air.

It was as if the air had been sliced into half by a sharp blade.

The bandit turned his head around with lingering fear. There was a black shadow standing behind him. If he reacted any slower, his injury would have definitely been worse.

“Who is it?!”

Lin Mo held the Frost Sword in his hand. A small drop of blood slid down the blade. In a blink of an eye, it was frozen into a blood-colored ice crystal.

“Haha, I thought it was something serious. It turns out to be just a little mouse.”

Hearing this calm tone, the bandit could not help but feel a chill down his spine. Then, he got a little angry.

“You’re courting death!”

Since the bandit was exposed, it was unlikely that he would be able to escape unscathed. He might as well kill this person. Perhaps he would even get more rewards.

Without wasting any time, the bandit launched an attack. However, the light blue crystals around him spread rapidly. In an instant, the temperature became extremely low. It was as if he was at the north pole. This affected the bandit’s speed.

The blue crystals got ahold of the bandit’s leg and made their way up, causing him to cry out in alarm.

“My leg!”

White spiritual energy emerged from his body. He shook violently and struggled to break free, but failed.

The Frost Sword was right in front of the bandit. Somehow, he narrowly dodged it.

Lin Mo looked at him coldly. His attacks became increasingly fierce. From time to time, ice shards would fall, obstructing the bandit’s movements even further.

The power of the Frost Sword coupled with the Frost Sword Manual could change the surrounding environment. It did not matter even if the bandit was very agile.

If this continued, the bandit would probably die from exhaustion. He decided to retreat and began to think of ways to flee.

However, Lin Mo saw through his thoughts.

“Ice crash!”

He shouted loudly and the Frost Sword swept up the surrounding air currents. As it spun rapidly, countless icicles appeared in the air. They flashed with sharp cold lights and charged toward the bandit.

There was simply no way for the bandit to escape.

As he was about to be pierced by the icicles, the bandit’s body suddenly split into many copies. Several shadows appeared and they all ran in different directions.

Despite that, his actual body had suffered quite a bit of damage.

Lin Mo was distracted by the clones and lost the real body.

Upon seeing that the exit was just a short distance away, the bandit leaped up. He felt as if he had just escaped a calamity.

Followed by that, he heard a cold voice.

“Did I give you permission to leave?”

The bandit’s body stiffened. A chill rushed towards him from behind. He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late.

Lin Mo brandished his Frost Sword and a huge icicle fell from the sky, piercing the bandit’s body.

He was pinned to the ground.

Lin Mo had deliberately held back and did not aim for the bandit’s heart. The bandit spat out blood, but he was still breathing.

“Spare me…”

Lin Mo looked down at him.

“Who sent you here?”

“It’s the Miao family…”

The Miao family had sent someone to steal the auction items in hopes of telling everyone that Lin Mo had failed to protect them. This way, Lin Mo would lose his source of goods. Furthermore, the compensation alone would be enough to bankrupt him.

“What an excellent plan.”

The Miao family was indeed vicious.

Lin Mo did not take the bandit’s life, but the icy cold air had already circulated through his meridians. After a short while, the bandit could no longer breathe and his face was covered in a thick layer of frost.

At this moment, if someone were to look at his body, they would definitely be severely shocked because the bandit’s internal organs were all covered with frostbite.

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